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The Supreme Topic of Miscellaneous Knowledge  "Trivia, Research, etc."

User is online   Marphy Black 

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Finishing off my Redneck kick, I've taken a gander at the internals of Redneck Deer Huntin'. I think there are some interesting graphics left in the ART files, but before I finish scrutinizing those, here's the interesting stuff I found in the code.

  • The acronym "RRGH" appears several times in the game files: one con file is named RRGH.CON, "RRGH" is used in several variable names, and most tellingly, this comment appears in DEER.CON:
    // RRGHBETA 1.02 - space btwn leavetrax for walk is now actioncount 4

    Based on this acronym, I think it's reasonable to assume that the original working title for the game was Redneck Rampage Gone Huntin'. The "Rampage" was dropped possibly to eliminate any suggestions of overt violence (it's just a T-rated hunting game, after all), and the "Gone Huntin" was changed to "Deer Huntin'" almost certainly to make it more closely compete with the successful Deer Hunter series of the time.

  • In USER.CON, two difficulty settings are defined:
    defineskillname 0 AMATEUR
    defineskillname 1 EXPERT

    However, no such difficulty selection is available in the game.

  • Also in USER.CON, a seventh map is referenced:
    definelevelname 0 0 e1l1.map 04:45 03:53 LAKE SWAMPY
    definelevelname 0 1 e1l2.map 04:05 03:46 SAGEBRUSH FLATS
    definelevelname 0 2 e1l3.map 00:00 00:00 OZARK FOREST
    definelevelname 0 3 e1l4.map 00:00 00:00 SNOWBUSH RIDGE
    definelevelname 0 4 e1l5.map 00:00 00:00 NORTH RANGE
    definelevelname 0 5 e1l6.map 00:00 00:00 SOUTH RANGE
    definelevelname 0 6 e1l7.map 00:00 00:00 TEST MAP

    No e1l7 is included in the game files, however.

    Also of note here are the non-zero par times, both of which are taken from Redneck Rampage Rides Again. Lake Swampy's comes from RA's e1l1, while Sagebrush Flats' comes from RA's e2l1. Hence, Sagebrush Flats probably occupied the e2l1 map slot at some point during development.

Formerly RinyRed
aka Revenant100

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User is offline   Tea Monster 

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Just to let you know, we have added an MD3 with sixteen separate objects with individual UV maps into EDuke and it works.

User is offline   Fox 

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This texture is present in Zero Hour 3rd level:

Posted Image

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