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The Post Thread

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Forgive and forget. Blood's not on your hands. You tried.

I had a friend years ago that I used to do tons of stuff together with. We had a shared interest in computers, games, modding, mapping, film editing (I messed with it for a while), movies, etc. At one point we choreographed our own lightsaber duel that we were going to film and add effects to when Star Wars fanfilms was in its youth (anyone remember Duel, Duality, PA Wars, and Legacy of the Jedi?). He also introduced me to Half-Life, Action Half-Life, and Counter-Strike. And playing 3D FPS games with a keyboard and mouse (I still play 2.5D shooters with a keyboard only because there's no point/capability in looking up and down). Anyway we moved away from the east coast to Manitoba in 2004 and I lost contact with him. Recently in the past few months I found him on Facebook and tried to reconnect with him (it took so long because the last time I had talked to him he had sworn off the internet entirely....he could be a bit weird). I added him and we messaged back and forth a bit. I was excited to speak with him again but he just seemed very cold and "meh" about it at all. The conversation was short and over quite soon. The next day I decided to check and he had unfriended me. No explanation and no warning. Guess he figured I wasn't worth his time. He must have really changed. I don't know what it was, but it hurt. It hurt a lot. I had a lot of great memories with him that I was shocked to see that he apparently didn't value in the slightest. But I refuse to be mad at him. That taints the memories I had with him which are sacred to me. So I'll just hold on to the memories and wish him well. I must always give people the benefit of a doubt. I don't know what he's gone through to make him this way so it's impossible for me to pass judgment. All I know is I tried.

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Everything is porn.

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Found some of my missing pictures on an old camera of mine that somehow ended up at my dad's place. No idea how it got there.

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something positive about video games :)

Video games could cut dementia risk in seniors
from the article
"Speed of processing training resulted in decreased risk of dementia across the 10-year period of, on average, 29 percent as compared to the control," said lead author Jerri Edwards, a researcher at the University of South Florida.

(so maybe give your grandparents a video game)

The things I don't know could fill libraries.

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