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Reputation: 804 My posts turn threads into gold
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965 (0.46 per day)
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Duke Nukem 3D maps & level editing (274 posts)
16-November 13
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Turok Nukem
Age Unknown
October 12
Male Male
Turok, Duke, Blood, Shadow Warrior, many N64 games, Diddy Kong Racing, Rise of the Triad, Wolfenstein, and Doom.

Love level design

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Website URL  http://www.turokforums.com/

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Sixty Four  I AM TUROK

May 26 2015 02:45 PM

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Sixty Four  Aug 18 2015 07:33 AM
heheh :P
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Sixty Four  DN64 FTW

Oct 23 2014 06:47 PM


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  1. Photo 11 Oct 2015 - 20:43
    Hey thanks dood :P
  2. Photo 11 Oct 2015 - 15:11
    Happy Birthday! Have fun! :)
  3. Photo 20 Sep 2015 - 06:35
    Thank you :D
  4. Photo 31 Aug 2015 - 08:37
    Thanks! :D
  5. Photo 17 Jul 2015 - 22:12
    You are crazy xD Shia Do it!
  6. Photo 15 Jul 2015 - 16:22
    Museum of Total Destruction :D
  7. Photo 10 Jul 2015 - 22:17
    Sure museum of natural disaster :P
  8. Photo 10 Jul 2015 - 10:59
    hue hue i hope soon that this message is some how put in a museum :D <3
  9. Photo 21 Jul 2014 - 18:41
    Hey, thank you, Duke64Nukem!! :)
    Don't know why the forum was blocking me from posting in threads and all. I couldn't even accept your friend request. The mods should look into why it did that. Perhaps an auto-anti-spambot obstacle of some sort?
    Anyway, everything is working great! :D
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