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Duke3D HRP: new/updated art assets thread  "Post and discuss new or updated textures/models for the HRP here"

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Thanks Mark, I thought it's an EDuke32 issue. Thus, normals are fixable. :) See below
Attached Image: ductOpt2.jpg
The diffuse has now a faked depth added and the normal is a more common normal with a simpler height map.

For those that like the looks
it contains tiff files, so you can use any compression you want.

in your .def file, I recommend the following
texture 342
	pal 0 { file "textures/0342_d.png" }
	normal { file "textures/0342_n.png" parallaxbias 0 parallaxscale 0.01 }
	// the other textures are called from the HRP set!!

Those did not look right when lighting is applied. So I fixed the faked depth effect to a fair compromise, I think, and added the banked-up duct tile 343 into the set. The broken tile # 341, I simply set the parallaxbias and parallaxscale to 0.

new file

new image
Attached Image: ductOpt2b.jpg

Those that still want the first version, just PM me and I'll send it. :)

The things I don't know could fill libraries.

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