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Doom corner  "for all Doom related discussion"

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View PostWieder, on 14 February 2016 - 05:38 PM, said:

A few missions in and it's pretty nice. The weapons are impressively satisfying to use.

That is the number one thing FPS'es tend to flop on - crappy weapons.

The SMG in Half-Life for example feels like shooting a pop gun. Whereas the classic DooM shotgun feels like you've got some oomph behind it.

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Everything in Half-Life feels like shooting duds.


Shadow Warrior had a couple bad weapons too. The Shotgun has no range and the SMG has too little damage per round.

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View PostDaedolon, on 14 February 2016 - 11:00 PM, said:

Everything in Half-Life feels like shooting duds.

When watching Freeman's Mind, I noticed that Ross Scott upped the damage value of the weapons so that it would kill enemies faster. I guess he realized that having to fire 20 SMG rounds to take down a human grunt wasn't exactly realistic.

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>be me
>playing Half-Life
>bind "fov 25" to right-click
>headshot all humanoid enemies with revolver

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>implying revolver ammo is easy to find

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Some stuff datamined from the recent test build: http://imgur.com/a/XeVYb

"Snap Coins"
Cosmetic armor with placeholder pricing
Bethesda.net login



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They've confirmed there will be no microtransactions; if there's anything related to coins to purchase unlocks, its all earned in game I presume, before anyone loses a gasket.

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View PostHulkNukem, on 15 February 2016 - 01:12 PM, said:

They've confirmed there will be no microtransactions; if there's anything related to coins to purchase unlocks, its all earned in game I presume, before anyone loses a gasket.

Because that promise has never been broken before.


Bring back some good DOOM related things.


The Goddamn Doomguy
http://the-goddamn-doomguy.tumblr.com/ Since 2011

Well known for news on various ID software franchises and development, reports on new and old wads/mods, reblogging of fanarts and humor.

http://onemandoom.blogspot.com/ Since 2011

Onemandoom and co. always offer the most detailed reviews on new and historic wads, composed of first general impressions followed by an excursion on each level.

http://doommonsters.tumblr.com/ Since 2012

What is the answer to the mysteries of hell and it's fauna? What does it mean all that stuff around the levels? What demons do in their life and spare time? How they do what they do? ask them! Arborix gives a voice to the monsters, and the response may be surprise you. (see also http://arborix.tumblr.com/ and http://crabwithglasses.tumblr.com/ for other great art of this cartoonist)

Knee Deep In The Memes (aka Ask Doomguy)
http://askdg.tumblr.com/ Since 2014

Ask something to the main character, eh could have something to say. But it is not the only one: There are also Bj Blazkowicz, Ranger and Billy "Commander Keen" Blaze.

Youtube Channels

https://www.youtube....ser/Lingyan203/ Since 22 dic 2007

An old DOS game? FPS? action? platform? even the didactic ones? yeah. And their modern counterparts like RTCW, DOOM 3 etc.? too. And the mods for Keen? the wads for DOOM? the levels and custom episode for Wolfenstein 3D? If it exist, he played. Literally thousands of playthroughs make this canadian guy the best best resource if you search for a solution or simple entertainment.

https://www.youtube....user/Balames87/ Since 09 dic 2009

Initially started as Wolfenstein 3D only, but then even DOOM it's entered as occasional argument. And play series like AReyeP's Wolfendoom makes your channel quite DOOM related I guess.

Web sites and goodies

Gamers.org idgames public levels archive Since 1994

It's the most famous and old DOOM wad archive even for Heretic and Hexen. Given that all the download mirror links on Doomworld went 404 (cacoward included), you have to the direct source and navigate manually until you find what you searched for.

Doom Wad Station

Even today it looks like a messy mid-90's site, but still one of the best DOOM sites around.

Freedoom Project

Quote: "The Freedoom project aims to create a complete free content game based on the Doom engine" it has his custom episodes and it's even fully compatible with commercial and fan-made wads.

http://www.doomworld.com/cacowards/ see also Five Years Of Doom http://5years.doomworld.com/ and Ten Years Of Doom http://www.doomworld.com/10years/

Annual selection of best wads created by the community last year, now arrived at 22, sometimes creating controversy. Just exactly like the Oscars.

User is offline   Bloodshot 


The dude who was digging through the alpha content said snapcoins were tied into snapmap, im guessing rewards for playing custom snapmap content or stuff like that.




-SnapMap has a currency named snapCoins. These are not microtransaction bound, and are entirely just to keep you mapping.
-There are a fucktonne of variables you can edit on everything ever in SnapMap.
-There are modding tools named idStudio. These may not be available to the public immediately.
-idStudio is very powerful, with its own scripting, action chaining, map tools, and much more.



Now-now, looking at the design of Doomguy, the design of the monsters...

Don't reminds you something?

Attached Image: Power Rangers Doom.png

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View PostBloodshot, on 15 February 2016 - 02:02 PM, said:

The dude who was digging through the alpha content said snapcoins were tied into snapmap, im guessing rewards for playing custom snapmap content or stuff like that.



More like reward for making maps If I had to guess.

User is offline   Micky C 

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Let's hope it doesn't encourage people to produce a large amount of low quality maps for these points whatever they are.

User is offline   Lunick 

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Unsurprisingly, Bethesda is not thrilled about this thread. I have edited out all images / videos / pastebins that contain copyrighted content. I'm closing this now since this thread is more trouble than it's worth.

:dukeaffirmative: :) :teehee: :P :( B) :lol: :lol: :lol:

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At least I've already seen it all :dukeaffirmative:

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Is any of the info posted anywhere else?



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I'm starting to get a bit of a Lars Ulrich vibe from Bethesda here.

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Working on this randomizer mod for Doom.

Attached Image: DukeForDoom1.png

Attached Image: DukeForDoom2.png

Credits to Jet_nick for that Fat Assault Trooper.

User is offline   Mr. Tibbs 


Data mining has revealed 17 single player missions and the "id tech 6 (developed exclusively in Frankfurt)" splash screen. Who needs hell when you have UAC?

Edit: Also, the alpha leaked if anyone's interested.

This post has been edited by Mr. Tibbs: 18 February 2016 - 01:05 AM


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This came from the forum Mr. Deviance runs interestingly enough.


Davi Doom, an italian doomer with a relatively recent channel but that has already proven to be an expert on the subject, has reviewed the Ultimate DOOM, DOOM II and two of the commercialized addons. In the final part of each he did a detailed ranking of which levels, according to him, are worst and which are the best in every single game. Here is the full translation of that part of the videos.

Ultimate DOOM

Knee-Deep In The Dead

Worst Map: E1M9 Military Base

Although it is an optional map, believe me that is really a pity that this map doesn't shine for absolutely nothing else if not because it's the secret map. Seriously, it has a good architecture? No. The rooms are pretty? Everything else, they are dull and empty. They are just a jumble of rooms full of monsters that do environment. There's not a computer, NOTHING that recalls the chapter that we are playing. In addition the map it's simply a "Take the key, open the door 5 meters away from the key" really bad as idea of secret map.

Best Map: E1M7 Computer Station

I love every single zone of this map it makes you understand how much is gradual the passage from level begin to zone of level end in very little time. The ambush are deserved and funny, there is a good quantity of bullets and do backtracking does not weigh you because the map is builded
in such a way to see where go and what to do. Simply gorgeous.

The Shores Of Hell

Worst Map: E2M3 Refinery

The design of this map looks made really quickly and without any care. Long corridors leading onto empty rooms, textures that change room to room without a logical reason and worst thing is that the map doesn't look like at all a refinery. You ever seen in a refinery a room full of pillars without a logical reason? Not me.

Best Map: E2M8 Tower Of Babel

Although it is short because there is the boss fight, the map is is builded
in such a way to make afraid of the beast that you will face. But in the same time (if you are fast) avoid it and shoot him repeatedly. It's a perfect arena for confrontation because if you can take advantage it can be your salvation, but if you get stuck it will be your damnation.


Worst Map: E3M6 Mt. Erebus

Let's be clear, I never liked maps where you never know where you have to go. Mt. Erebus despite being similar as an island for layout it's too dispersive and many times you'll find yourself asking the question "And now where I have to go?". Unfortunately many players of DOOM as soon they reach
this map you know what they do? They sling themself directly towards the exit for the secret level because the map does not push you to explore, but in do backtracking hundreds of times to see if pulling a certain lever, something changes.

Best Map: E3M9 Warrens

Ok I know that this one you didn't expect, but i love the concept of this map. Be serious eh, I know that is a banal copy of "E3M1 Hellkeep" with some small addition. But you have to admit that even you when you found yourself in front of a similar map (if not the same as the first map in some ways) for then crossing the teleporter and confront the Cyberdemon...
Well there is clear as the sun that programmers has pointed on the surprise effect. And how has taken root for the first time? So for me this one is the best.

Thy Flesh Consumed

Worst Map: E4M6 Against You Wickedly

Whats wrong with this map? EVERYTHING! Not kidding, If the difficulty in "E4M2 Perfect Hatred" it was excellent because right, here we fall too much in the banal; let's start with say that elevator in the center of the map it's the worst part of it because it forces you to go there anytime you fall. In addition on the road for the elevator we will have a flooring that damages us. And guess what: Very few radiation shielding suit. To not talk then of the very tiny catwalks where you can't avoid nothing, the unjustified deaths from enemies that hitted you behind invisible walls, the Cyberdemon at end map... I could stay here until tomorrow but i prefer be silent and not go further.

Best Map: E4M8 Unto The Cruel

For me this is the best map of 4th episode for a simple reason, the difficulty is growing, the map is gorgeous to see and has a bossfight that makes the Spider Mastermind less booby and more dangerous than what in reality is. It should not be taken lightly, it's the perfect conclusion of this game as opposed to "E3M8 Dis".

DOOM II + No Rest For The Living

DOOM II: Hell On Earth

Top 3 Worst Maps

3 - MAP10 Refueling Base

"Why?" You will say, because it has the highest difficulty. This damn map it's a nightmare. To make it simple, there is too much enemies and not enough shots for killing them and too much times you will be forced at do do a run, take the keys and exit. Don't misunderstand me it's a gorgeous map to see but not having enough shots you will never explore it properly, and it's really a pity. On my channel I show you how complete it but you have to follow an obligatory road to have enough shots not only to complete the map but also for beat a Cyberdemon towards the end. Crazy stuff.

2 - MAP23 Barrels o' Fun

I hate this map because once activated all the traps there's no way to not notice how much the creators have been lazy on the realization of this map. Once all the barrels are exploded the map remains completely bare, then the rest is a jumble of random rooms without any logic scheme and without any recurring theme. It is understood that you have to rush, but if you give me the possibility of going back, unfortunately you will notice even more these flaws on which I'm not willing to overlook.

1 - MAP24 The Chasm

Probably you have already guessed. Worst map ever, it forces you at walking on tiny edges while you get attacked by enemies. If you fall you will suffer damage from the acid of which it's completely sprinkled and, naturally, you can fall even if get hit. So if you're in a hurry you risk falling but even if you go slow. Worst map ever, it's just frustrating and it's rendered in even worst way because it is the succesive to the map "Barrels o' Fun".

Top 3 Best Maps

3 - MAP7 Dead Simple

Map incredibly difficult but damn fun. Eight Mancubus at the beginning that throws you fire balls and once you killed them, the map opens further revealing some Arachnotron that shoot everywhere. If we want summarize it the entire map is an ambush but you will have the resources to survive or
even come out well. If you want to know how, I invite you to look the map on my channel, it's fast but it does not forgive the smallest mistake. I Love it.

2 - MAP8 Tricks and Traps

You want to see how make maps to put the player into difficulty without making him feel? Play this map. Every single enemy, every single cartridge, every single... oh well you have understand it's perfect. Let's begin with that you don't be forced to explore it all to complete it and then keep going saying that the ambushes are fast, infamous but feasible, just use a little of brain and the infighting of the monsters, for the rest it is very feasible even in the first run. Or maybe not if you get killed by the traps that the level throws literally at you, you will never feel safe and it's all about the incredible level design of this map.

1 - MAP 15 Industrial Zone

Probably who is subscribed by long time on my channel knew that this is one of my favourite maps, but did not know that is my favourite. Well, this map has really everything: A not frustrating interesting platforming, a great level design, dozens and dozens of enemies that can be scythed by your double barreled shotgun and a progression very simple and effective. The fact that there are much enemies does not weigh you because the map is huge and it's chock full of medkits, of shots and powerups. Furthermore if you explore well there will be even a little surprise that will bring you to the secret level. Being that huge you can better noting the verticality of the map and the incredible architecture that allows you to jump from building to building, the enemies are placed magnificently and they will never break you the boxes if you know how to deal with them. In short, if it's the first time that you play this game been confident that playing this map you will have fun.

No Rest For The Living

Worst Map: MAP6 Inferno Of Blood

You know that I'm not the king of DOOM but that I'm not even the last of the clovens, just say that I manage. Well, recording this map and bring it on the channel it was a nightmare: At the hardest difficulty it's almost impossible to finish it took me three hours and a half of attempts, just think ahead how much shots use in a certain weapon, in a determinate zone and then keep going. That because the resources are reduced to the bone, there are just the shots for kill enemies and then survive at two ambushes, the problem is that in this map the ambushes are over the dozen and the survival is also quite random. In what sense "Quite random"? you will say, well in every zone will open some walls with squads of enemies with much behind placed at some Archviles, If you don't know those last enemies that I just nominated are able to make respawn the dead enemies and and have a very powerful attack so the success of the level it's much randomic, imagine the frustration of have to face dozens of enemies and then see them respawn under your eyes. Oh, and then don't talk about of Revenant, my goodness! They everywhere and ever in inaccessible zones. Seriously I would spend some good word for the architecture of this map because it is really gorgeous, but the placement prevents and cover the vision of any detail, enemies that exit from the walls in quantities that rivals the soccer teams, Archviles, Pain Elemental... In short this map is a mess, if you're about to face it in "Ultra-Violence" like I did, good luck.

Best Map: MAP8 Tomb of Malevolence

Perfect boss-battle. The Cyberdemon will be your nightmare because holed up in a maze where a minimal wrong move you die. Cuz you take one his rocket in your face, or you die otherwise for the splash damage of the above mentioned. It's incredible think that a so simple idea be also so effective. The only way to win this map it's knowing in advance where the structures could lowering, in a way to create at least an arena for the clash but even in that way you have to be very careful, as you know the Cyberdemon don't forgive. In addition in "Ultra-Violence" difficulty the Imps get in the way, hindering you in the maze. In short the fear is a great thing, if you success in this map you have concluded "No Rest For The Living" and you can finally say to have witnessed at one of the most funny and fast boss-battles of DOOM II.

Master Levels

Top 4 Worst Maps

4 - The Garrison

The reason is very simple: It is one of the worst maps from the architectural point of view because you can get stuck inside the map, look my video about this. The balance is horrendous because sometimes you have too much shots and sometimes you don't have it. Finally we have a beginning zone impossible to handle, too much enemies and too few shots.

3 - Mephisto's Mausoleum (Shortened as Mephisto)

Oh-my-god, what is this map? It's one of the most unjust maps at who will play because although it is very small there's no preparation that takes to main area: An arena full of Revenants that shoot rockets everywhere and teleporters that if revenue who knows where they take you. In addition once you killed the Revenants, despite you are half-dead, you will have to confront another wave of enemies then exit and hitting the Icon of Sin that is protected by a wall made of enemies. And all this while you getting attacked by hords of Mancubus and casual spawns of Icon of Sin ready to let you out. I think I made well the concept.

2 - The Express Elevator To Hell (Shortened as TEETH)

Start zone of panic and thrilling, four Hell Knights and four Chaingunners that attacks you at the same time on an elevator that will make you vomit as how it goes up and goes down continuously without ever stop. Then narrow corridors where you can't avoid the shots, enemies hidden behind walls that you can shot through specific slots, that unfortunately will respawn because behind those enemies there are some Archviles in, addition Arachnotrons, Revenants, Chaingunners at full blast. Finally the biggest stupidity it's have to get help from a blaze of an Archvile, that remind you it procures from 70 to 80 percent of damage if you don't know, In order to reach the platform that leading to the secret level. In short, a nightmare.

1 - Bad Dream

The secret map of Master Levels obtainable only if you reach it through the previous level. Welcomes a Spider Mastermind and much Cyberdemons (more than thirty) in an arena where you have to search three keys that are located right in the middle rabble of enemies. Not only you have to avoid thousand n' thousand of rockets that come at you but you must even avoid that ceiling crushes you! I cannot do justice in words at this map, you have to play it to understand how much it's incredibly unjust and especially unbalanced. I will ask always to myself "How did this map to get into the compilation?"

Top 4 Best Maps

4 - Paradox

Beautiful architecture, enemies everywhere, right weapons and right shots to confront any occasion. Although the area isn't very large you are always in control of the situation from any position you are, you can dodge, you can hide behind the natural obstacles, you can escape... In short despite It is really small it's a jewel. Really.

3 - Attack

What saying? It is one of the few really balanced maps, so well that you can begin at "Ultra-violence" and don't feel absolutely the difficulty. I love it, it is one of my favourite maps not only for the reason already expressed before but because there is that feeling of DOOM II map, only playing it you will realize it and it's not a case that is always chosen as the begin of Master Levels. Is perfect under any point of view.

2 - Vesperas

It 'came into my heart by force, it's beautiful to see and play. I will not lie it's very difficult but is that kind of difficult that entertains and breaks you the boxes at the right point to make you want to continue. There are very much things that you cannot foresee and it's true, you have right, but however it is a personal rating no? The great architecture, the placement of the monsters and of the objects, the final boss-fight... As I said before: Frustrating but at the right point.

1 - Black Tower

Oh-my-god, what it's not this map? Perfect from the architectural point of view, difficult, with a pressing boss-fight and a very simple purpose: Climb to the top to reach the key and then get down the tower to reach the door that will allow you to escape the nightmare. Sincerely if I have to give you advices on how to overcome it I can not help but tell you fear the last two floors because before the top both uphill and downhill, they can do a mess of damage with very little.

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Heh, the leaked Alpha runs better on my machine than the official Alpha. Strange.

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Is Ben 10's new game on Steam (from the creators of Chip's Challenge) ripping off Doom's keycard design?



http://store.steampo....com/app/437510 Store page is region locked and doesn't work for Americans.

The game also borrows assets from their previous game, Chuck's Challenge 3D http://store.steampo...com/app/262590/

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Well, I suppose if you're going to rip something off you might as will rip it off from the best. :dukeaffirmative:

User is offline   Mr. Tibbs 


Neat interview with Greg Punchatz about creating the monster maquettes for Doom.
Revisiting Doom highlights just how lightweight Nu-id's efforts are. Modern IP management is all about remixing a set of vague callbacks and mental associations to sell something without any actual thought behind it.

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  • The Sarien Encounter


Rip-off or clever homage?

User is offline   Inspector Lagomorf 

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It has to be an homage. You don't "need" to rip off a block design. A ripoff would be something like copying an enemy or sound near-verbatim.

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