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Polymer public builds errors/issues

User is offline   Trooper Dan 

  • Duke Plus Developer


View PostDanM, on Feb 4 2010, 11:27 PM, said:

I believe that is the dukeplus flashing point light effects, correct me if i am wrong tho

Yes. I don't know why it would hurt framerate, but those numbers in the log were for testing the flashing point light effect, and they accidentally got left in. I have just removed them, and if you download the latest code they will be gone.

User is offline   Sobek 

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That's really strange. At first I thought "Flashing point light? I don't use that!" but I did a run through of the map and for some reason, one of my point lights has randomly changed to the flashing one. I tried changing the EXTRA and such to stop it but it refused, so I just deleted the silly thing and put a new light in its place, which now works fine. I also installed that latest code, however performance hasn't really changed, so I'm guessing that little weirdness with the flashing light wasn't the cause.

I've still got a few things to try so I'll keep at it and see if I can find some other cause.


The cinema floor in E1M1 is distorted upwards. My guess is an attempt to add depth effect gone wrong?

User is offline   Plagman 

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Sounds like you're using an old version.

User is offline   Klaymen 



Iīm getting random crashes whenever polymer is activated, with using duke3d_hrp or polymer_hrp. Donīt know if it will crash without using any addon packs at all, should I try? I have all latest builds. In my log-file it say that it is unable to cache the textures. Please have a look and see if you understand what is happening. Thanks.

edit: Why isnt my log-file text included in the message? Too long??

edit2: And why canīt I upload the log as an attachment??


EDuke32 2.0.0devel 20100122
addsearchpath(): Added C:/Duke3D/
OS: Windows XP (5.1.2600) Service Pack 3
Loading opengl32.dll
Loading glu32.dll
Initializing DirectDraw...
Using config file 'eduke32.cfg'.
Scanning for GRP files...
Using group file 'duke3d.grp' as main group file.
Using group file 'autoload/duke3d_hrp.zip'.
Using group file 'autoload/eduke32_mus.zip'.
Using group file 'autoload/eduke32_mus105.zip'.
Using group file 'autoload/eduke32_psxmus.zip'.
Using group file 'autoload/eduke32_xsound.zip'.
Using group file 'autoload/HQSP_fix.zip'.
Using group file 'autoload/hrp_update.zip'.
Using group file 'autoload/maphacks.zip'.
Using group file 'autoload/polymer_hrp.zip'.
Compiling: GAME.CON (151190 bytes)
Including: DEFS.CON (35992 bytes)
Including: USER.CON (45482 bytes)
GAME.CON:3968: warning: found `else' with no `if'.
GAME.CON: In state `pigshootenemystate':
GAME.CON:5891: warning: found `else' with no `if'.
Found 2 warning(s), 0 error(s).
Resizing code buffer to 16187*4 bytes
Relocating compiled code from to 0x7e540014 to 0x16c06afc
Script compiled in 14ms
Compiled code size: 16179*4 bytes, version 1.4+
Pointer bitmap size: 2024 bytes
1918/11264 labels, 321/2048 variables
125/16384 quotes, 0 quote redefinitions
0/88 event definitions, 207 defined actors
Initialized 32.0M cache
Loading 'duke3d.def'
Definitions file 'duke3d.def' loaded.
RTS file DUKE.RTS was not found
Initializing OSD...
Switching kb layout from 0000041D to 00000409
Initializing DirectInput...
  - Enumerating attached input devices
	* MOUSE: Mouse
	* KEYBOARD: Keyboard
Executing "eduke32_binds.cfg"
Disabling desktop composition.
Setting video mode 1024x768 (32-bit fullscreen)
Enabling ATI FBO color attachment workaround.
Enabling ATI R520 polygon offset workaround.
OpenGL Information:
 Version:  2.1.8544 Release
 Vendor:   ATI Technologies Inc.
 Renderer: Radeon X1950 Pro
Cache contains 10709280 bytes of garbage data
Initializing Polymer subsystem...
PR : Board loaded.
PR : Initialization complete.
Initializing music...
Initializing sound...
No cached tex for tile 3281 pal 0.
Error: glGetTexLevelParameteriv returned GL_FALSE!
No cached tex for tile 2503 pal 0.
Error: glGetTexLevelParameteriv returned GL_FALSE!
No cached tex for tile 2817 pal 0...............

....No cached tex for tile 4498 pal 6.
Error: glGetTexLevelParameteriv returned GL_FALSE!
No cached tex for tile 4498 pal 251.
Error: glGetTexLevelParameteriv returned GL_FALSE!
Cache time: 8958ms
PR : Compiling GPU program with bits 66673...
PR : Compiling GPU program with bits 66937...
Fatal Signal caught: SIGSEGV. Bailing out.

 2451:  1298 enda  0
 2453: 93193 findnearsprite3dvar  0 0
 2456:  1301 state 
 2457: 93193 defineskillname 
 2458:  1302 enda  0 0 8 0
 2463:  1305 ifpdistl  3084 381718936
 2466:  1306 ifrnd  24 381718936
 2469:  1307 spawn  661
 2471:  1308 enda  0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 -10 -36 -10 -52 0 381718940 381718980 14
 2490:  1317 ifaction g_errorLineNum: 1308, g_tw: 4
Uninitializing DirectInput...
Wrote eduke32.cfg
Wrote eduke32_binds.cfg
Uninitializing DirectDraw...

This post has been edited by Klaymen: 13 February 2010 - 05:12 AM


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