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Duke Nukem 3D: Legacy Edition MOD [Annoucement]  "Return to the legacy on October 20th"

User is offline   Marcos 


Hello guys, I hope everyone is great!!
This is my new Mod which aims to not only rebalnce the game but to make "the old and the new become one" (it's not a BETA/ALPHA recreation).
Mixing elements of Alpha and Beta versions of the game with new features and elements without messing too much with the core game design, this mod will bring you a fun way to play the game!

Watch the trailer:

This mod brings new variants to some enemies and, not only new weapons, but altenate fire modes as well, for some of them!
It features a score system and new skill levels, one of them being the "Get Medieval", that makes you play the game without mouse aim, keyboard only, like the old days (I know it was meant to be played with mouse, but I've always found the game difficult to be calibrated for keyboard only).

The project is in the final stage of development, I waited until I had finished 95% of it to announce.
This will be my first mod ever released, I'm so glad that I could make it... It has been the way I found to deal with my depression, by accomplishing something that I always wanted, but never could!
Hope you guys enjoy it!



User is offline   Striker 

  • Auramancer


Looks neat, and good job at getting a lot of the visuals to look faithful to the betas, like the rotation on the weapon bob. Looking forward to it.

Also man, I can relate to you when it comes to depression. It makes it hard to get things done, but good to see you pushing through it. It's such a nice feeling once you accomplish something, it's a big reason why I work on mods to begin with.

User is online   OpenMaw 

  • Judge Mental


Great work, man. Fantastic stuff. I can feel your passion in this.

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