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Duke's ride is missing (LINUX)

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I thought I'd post here it's probably a Mesa bug but I wondering if anyone can replicate.

Upon starting Hollywood Holocaust I don't see Duke's ride crash but the speech line still plays.

I've recorded a video using SimpleScreenRecorder @ 720p windowed:

Other than this minor issue I haven't noticed any other problems.
Altering resolution or fullscreen/windowed or the renderer used (classic, polymost, polymer) doesn't make any difference.

My Duke3D game data matches the known good hashes i.e:

22b6938fe767e5cc57d1fe13080cd522  DUKE3D.GRP
9d29f9673bbdb56068acf7645c13749c  DUKE.RTS

I'm building the latest EDuke32 from source on Debian Testing - currently EDuke32 r8031

I've got a AMD R9 285 and build the latest Mesa from source against LLVM 8 - glxinfo attached.

I also compile the mainline kernel from kernel.org - although I'm currently using:
Linux debian 5.2.0-mainline-amd64 #1 SMP Mon Jul 8 08:57:03 UTC 2019 x86_64 GNU/Linux

I've attached the output of dpkg -l which lists all the Debian packages I have installed.

I did try several previous versions of EDuke32 going back at least a year but it didn't make any difference.
I'm certain I've seen the car crash in the past but not sure how long ago it was - would've been an earlier Mesa version with LLVM 7.

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User is offline   mwnn 


Sorry to double post - I tried commenting out some lines in my /etc/environment file which reverts me back to using the Mesa driver provided by Debian. (Mesa 19.1.4)
But that didn't make any difference!

What did make a difference is hitting Escape when starting the map.
Hitting tilde to drop the console down and turning on NOCLIP.
If I quickly drop out of the map I can see the car crashing below the building.
This video shows what I mean:

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