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Sprite Transparency  "Importet Sprites show pink BG in 3D view, build-in Sprites work"

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I've started to do some graphics I need (using the original editart.exe).
For start, and to test them, I included a buffalo skull on a pole into a level (the pole is a small rised sector, the skull is a spritte).

Now, the skull looks exactly the same in Mapster 3D view as in Gimp and Editart: the "transparent" color is still opaque pink, the sprite is an rectangle.
Sprites with the original graphics work (the transparent color is really transparent), so it can't be a bug or some setting of the editor software.

I'm at work now, I can post images when I'm back home.

Any ideas what went wrong?

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Editart hates it, just copy the transparency color from an existing tile and apply it to yours with C. Use the key U or whatever it was.

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I use dosbox, log on editart use the last color "last pink or transparent"
then export the art and upload with DukeRes if your art is beyond the editart limits or little over tile 6000+. Note don't touch the reserved tiles.

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to first post: for more questions and since you are using Editart, here is the master FAQ

or download the FAQ here

Just in case, I use BAFed, since I do a shitload of tiles and sprites right now. Everything goes from the GIMP straight into .art files, including transparent sprites.

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