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***Please Read This Before Posting Problems Or Bugs.***  "What you need to do to get help."

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Troubleshooting EDuke32 article on EDukeWiki

Original post contents, merged into the wiki:


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I took the liberty of replacing the OP text with a link to a wiki article containing it and other relevant information that was scattered. The original remains in a spoiler tag. I thought I enabled the "Edited by" message but I guess it was not.

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I updated the text on the wiki. The "tips for quicker bug handling" are a must-read for anyone reporting bugs. Otherwise, I may react irritated, grumpy, or not at all. You've been warned.

Of course, the intention is not to scare people away from reporting bugs by making the hurdles too high, but rather to make their handling as quick as possible. Some of those tips should take less than a minute, but save a lot of time asking questions afterwards.

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