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Is Redneck Rampage actually a good game?


View PostK1n9_Duk3, on 10 January 2019 - 01:58 PM, said:

I'm not sure how anyone else feels about this, but my opinion on what frame rate is "alright" or even "acceptable" has changed drastically in the last decades. I still have the PCs on which I first played Duke 3D, Shadow Warrior and Blood. I remember playing them in 800x600 back in the day, but nowadays even 320x200 seems too slow on these machines.

You could be right. And I still have low standards in that regard, haha.

User is online   Zaxx 


I love looking at old benchmarks from the early days of 3D acceleration and guys, the internet existed in those days too so it's easy to find that stuff just by using Google or archives. It's insane to find out some of your old framerates and thinking about that at that time you considered them absolutely smooth and playable. :D To think about how many hours I've played Doom locked at 35 fps while nowadays I get in a bad mood if I see Quake Champions drop below 120...

User is offline   leilei 


Even PCem plays Quake2 faster on emulated slow 97 machines+Voodoo than your DF BS video.claim.. I'm done playing "debunk-the-dork", someone else can pick up the pieces (or eviscerate to the trash)

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User is online   Zaxx 


View Postleilei, on 10 January 2019 - 06:52 PM, said:

Even PCem plays Quake2 faster on emulated slow 97 machines+Voodoo than your DF BS video.claim.. I'm done playing "debunk-the-dork", someone else can pick up the pieces (or eviscerate to the trash)

Wow, this discussion turned unpleasant quickly. What is wrong with you people? And what's with the emulation BS? I run Wii games on Dolphin better now than a lot of shitty PC ports, what does that prove? I gave you a lot of stuff to back up my claim about Q2's performance and this is your answer? :D

Anyway I'm done, I don't like it if a discussion turns into insulting the other guy and I don't want to escalate shit either. Been there, done that, regretted it.

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View Postleilei, on 10 January 2019 - 06:52 PM, said:

Huh, what an interesting project. Got a bunch of games I'm curious to try out.

User is offline   AlexeyM 


Why did I care about Redneck to begin with I hear you asking ? Well its a lot of things, but mainly music, textures, the overall environment and a peculiar premise without forgetting teethcrushing realism.
I picked up Redneck back in 1998 from one of the market stalls in my hometown of Ekaterinburg. I was specifically looking for a shooter and made decisions based solely on box art. I ended up getting a decent copy of the original (90s in Russia were dominated by pirated material) with the original soundtrack. The disc also contained other Inteplay demos which was quite neat. Back then I remember the game appealed to me much as it did with the rest of the fans, however it lacked a certain polish, some shaky sprites here and there, awkward controls (who can forget climbing stairs), limited feedback from the gunplay and even those silly invisible keys. The worst part was the first level , I went through it back-to-back only to end up scratching my head as to how on earth am I meant to finish it, given that I didn't understand a word of English. It took me a couple of years to realize that I needed to whack Bubba on the head to end each level - EPIC FAIL !

What I loved about it is that the game had no resemblance to any of the others in those days, hilarious hillbilly styles and themes, a relatively "open" world. A lot of players hated level maps and design, but you have to agree that they were based off real-life locations and logically they appeared sound. Redneck utilized Build engine to its full potential thanks to mostly realistic textures and sprites (imho RRRA is the pinnacle of Build engine) and I didnt just enjoy the game by itself but also that funky original soundtrack ! I am a big fan of Prodigy and other electronic genres, but I never anticipated that I would enjoy cowpunk and psychobilly as much as I did !

TLDR everyone has a title thats close to their heart on a particular platform which stays with you through the years and somehow remains poignant. For PC - for me it will always be RR , hence I am super excited to re-imagine RR using Unreal Engine :)

User is online   Zaxx 


AlexeyM: I think the game like that for me is Outcast: it's a wonderful game from 1999 and even though it has a few issues especially compared to modern standards there was no other title that could match that sense of immersion for me.

And that reminds me:

And when it comes to RR sure, I don't consider it a good game by any means but when it comes to charm it certainly has loads of that. I think that's why we're still talking about it honestly.

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User is offline   Kerr Avon 


The game that I like that most people dislike would be Timeshift;

Timeshift is a first person shooter from 2007, released on the PC, XBox 360, and PS3, that garnered mediocre reviews and not many people seem to have played it, and those who have played it don't seem to look on it too fondly. But I like it (some parts much more than others, though) and I've played through it quite a few times, and will probably do so a few more times in the future.

The in-game story is *very* badly told. In reality, the game went through at least two re-writes before release, with lots of asset-changes (such as the main character, and style of graphics), and in at least one of the earlier versions, the player-character spoke, but in the release version of the game, the character you control is silent, just like Gordon Freeman in Half-Life. And the story is by far the biggest victim of the re-writes, it seems cut to pieces.

Anyway, in the game, the character you control seems to be part of a scientific research team, who are creating a battle-suit for the military (it seems), the suit being about to control time, albeit it only briefly for a few seconds before it requires a twelve or so persiod of recharging. The suit also has a rechargeable shield to protect you from enemies, and a radar that somehow knows if an NPC is a friend or an enemy.

When you start the game, you see the head of the project (I think) steal one of the new suits, and use it to travel back in time. You arrive at the research laboratories just as he is time-jumping, and you climb into another suit and time-jump, a fraction of a second before a bomb, placed by the time-jumping traitor, destroys the laboratories, killing everyone else in the building.

You start the game in 1939, but this 1939 has been formed by the traitor's earlier arrival and his becoming a dictator, so that the world you now enter is partially controlled by him, and his Nazi-like system of government and his oppression of anyone who opposes him. There's more to the story, but it's so badly told, using literally ten second or so long cut-scenes that feel disjointed and create far more questions that answers, that I'd honestly say that Timeshift easily tells it's story worse than any other FPS I can name offhand. I've completed the game maybe half a dozen times, but I still don't know all that went on in the story, or why it happened, and I have to surmise a lot of the rest.

Other than the story, the only other bad part of the game is the level layouts. Some are OK, some are good, a few are great, but too many are just long and tedious. If the game had been delayed for a few weeks, to concentrate on stream-lining the game's levels, then this game would have been a lot better. Plus, some of the levels feel very linear (most FPSs are linear, but the good ones tend to fool you into not noticing it), which doesn't help.

But almost everything else about the game is mostly very good. The weapons are great, the game mechanics (shooting, running speed, hit-detection, etc) are great, the graphics are good (with an almost-but-not-quite other Earth look, that does seem like an alternate time-line version of our world), and the marvellous suit powers you have. You can't time-jump, for some reason (even though you did at the beginning of the game), instead you can only pause time, or slow down time, or reverse time, but you mostly have the freedom to choose when and where to use these powers, and they are *fantastic* in how well they work. They also look great, when it's raining if you pause time then it looks fantastic with all the raindrops hanging in the air, and if you reverse time then you can see rain going upwards, water flowing up into a drainpipe, people who died a moment before coming back to life as their bodies jerk back to the standing position. If you pause the game and shotgun someone in the face, then when you un-pause the game, then they fly backwards from the force of the shot. Etc.

The feeling of power when you use the time-control powers is great! You can pause the game world, or put the world into slow motion, and even reverse time, though not for more than a few second, and then you have to wait for your time control mechanism to recharge (which takes about twice as long as the pause/slow motion/rewind function lasts).

Combat feels great, and you can choose at any time to use or not use the time powers to help you.

On the minus side, the game has a recharging health (I'm not a fan of that), a weapon carrying limit (I hate that, though at least it's three weapons in this game, not two), and the game's ending makes you want a sequel, which never came since this game was advertised so poorly, and sold so badly.

On the plus side, the game is often a lot of fun, the weapons are great, the alternative timeline is pretty atmospheric, and the time powers are a lot of fun to use. Plus, if you like weather effects (I do), the rain is great in this game, very realistic, and looks fantastic when you pause, slow or reverse time.

User is offline   MusicallyInspired 

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I was so disappointed in Timeshift. I was just expecting something more...substantial. I came to it right off of Portal so my expectations were quite high. But I won't go on that rant again. One interesting bit of trivia though is that in the early demo Jon St. John did a lot of voice work.

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View PostTekedon, on 29 December 2018 - 08:17 AM, said:

I put the classic build games like this:

1. Blood
2. Duke Nukem 3D
3. Shadow warrior
4. Redneck Rampage
5. Rest of the build games

So in fourth place. it's not the worst for me. I enjoy some aspects of it, but other things I hate.

Reminds me on this wallpaper:

User is offline   supergoofy 


Now that I would like to see: a mod/TC game that it will have the 3 heroes

User is offline   mwnn 


Rides Again is definitely worth a play through if only for the silly weapons, funny quotes and toilet humor which is often reflected in the map design.
I quite liked the large, sprawling levels at the time plus the vehicles. I remember the manual was a printed fakenewspaper.
The enemies aren't varied enough for it to be considered a build engine classic - Shadow Warrior suffers from that problem too.
Can still remember quite a few of the levels from Rides Again especially Disgraceland.

Duke3D (+ Life's a Beach) is probably my favorite build game followed by Blood.
I find that the other Build Engine games are a bit hit and miss.
Never played Powerslave; I'll have to try the Saturn version via Retroarch as it's meant to be the best port.

The top tier fps games from around that era would be:
Wolf3D ('92)
Doom 1+2 ('93)
System Shock 1 ('94)
Heretic ('94)
Hexen ('95)
Dark Forces ('95)
Duke3D ('96)
Quake 1 ('96)
Blood ('97)

Lots of other good stuff arrived later: Jedi Knight, Half Life, Thief (1+2), Unreal Gold, Rogue Spear, Nolf 1, Deus Ex, Medal of Honor Allied Assault, etc
Don't know why Halo is highly rated - the best Bungie game by far was Myth 1 + 2.
They don't make em like they used to - that's for sure!

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Redneck Rampage is certainly not my favorite. It's visually impressive for the time, but the gameplay is really under cooked. Also I think the graphics play into why the game can be a bit of a wanderes gambit. You end up with a little too much "noise" in the environment, making it difficult ot ascertain what is interactive and what isn't. As was mentioned the keys don't stick out, switches can very easily blend into the background, cracks are hidden a little too well sometimes... It's a shame. I think the game needed another month or two to really polish. Get the bullet spongey combat worked out, improve the visibility of switches and keys, and tweak some of the level layouts to flow better.


IMO Redneck Rampage is not a good game and I have posted my reasons before in a few topics as of lately, such as this one: https://forums.duke4...post__p__300595

Of course when looking back, it seems I might have been a bit too harsh but the reason I'm being harsh is because I just think the game didn't deserve the popularity and the positive user reviews it has received all over the years, at least in last decade compared to the initial reception from critics which I heard was mostly negative. To me, it seems like a very mediocre game that had SOME good ideas and potential but ended up with a lot of flaws that drag the game down and negatively affect the final score, such as the bad and confusing level design, enemy variety being low (also enemies themselves not being memorable at all, seriously can anyone compare these shitty ugly enemies with the iconic Doom and Duke3D monsters?), the crappy toilet humor everywhere, keys being too small, weapons being uninteresting and lackluster and so on. The game doesn't even deserve to be mentioned along with the Big Three Build games (soon to finally become The Big Four with Ion Maiden once it gets released). I will give credit that this game maybe wasn't as bad as other BUILD games such as TekWar and Witchaven but it surely cannot be compared to any of the 3 Big BUILD games, not even Shadow Warrior (being the weakest of the Big 3, in my opinion) which had its own issues such as the level design not being as great as the level design from Duke3D and Blood. Maybe RR could compare favorably to other BUILD games like NAM and WW2GI (although these 2 are pretty much standalone Duke3D TCs, sold commercially, though since RR is directly based off Duke3D, it makes sense for this comparison) which were also a bit bad in their own way but that's pretty much it.

However all these BUILD games released in late 90s suffered at launch from being outdated when compared to Quake which came out in mid 1996. So I don't exactly know how RR would have done if the game was held up a couple more months to fix its issues and released later around time Quake 2 would come out. Then I imagine it would be received even worse, much like how NAM and WW2GI were (though they were released in 1998, respectively 1999). At same time if RR would have been released a few months earlier, I imagine it would be even buggier and be received worse too.

Now when talking about the addon Route 66 and sequel Rides Again, well I have heard both sides about Route 66. That is either better than original game or worse than original game. To me it seemed like the level design improved considering it was made by Sunstorm who also made Duke It Out In DC, Duke Caribbean, Cryptic Passage and Wanton Destruction. Now when you compare with Rides Again, that's gonna be interesting because I am not sure which one is better than the other. They are both better than main game, that's for sure. But when you compare which of these two had better level design, it's a matter of tastes. I preferred Route 66 only because it was entirely made by Sunstorm, compared to the main level designers who designed both RR and RA. However the additions introduced by RA were rather interesting, because it makes the game a LOT better than what was originally but it still retains many of its issues and it still doesn't compare favorably with the Big 3 BUILD games, no matter what. What would have been interesting is if RA was the game they released first, then I wonder how RR would have been perceived overall. Slightly better maybe. Either that or the situation above with the game coming out earlier/later. Of course this discussion should apply to the rest BUILD games too. I remember not too long ago talking about what if 3DR would have finished and released a somewhat older build of DN3D, something that resembled more LameDuke, let's say a version they had in mid 1995. How would then Duke3D be perceived? Especially since at that time Duke didn't have one liners and other late additions that made it stand out more compared to the Doom clones at the time. Instead it was more like a true Duke Nukem 2 sequel than anything else. OK fine I will save that for a different topic for another time. :P

Bottom line: I don't think Redneck Rampage is a good game and there's nothing that can change my mind as it is my honest opinion. You are better off playing Duke3D, Blood and SW instead. However if you are curious and want to check the game out (as well as R66 and RA), I guess playing through the game once doesn't hurt. Just be prepared to endure a lot of things at first, such as getting used to the game mechanics.

Oh and since I haven't seen mentioned elsewhere, I found out some time ago that the game actually has a few fan made addons, available right here: http://www.r-t-c-m.c...redneck-addons/
The one that seems most interesting to me is "Nukem's Redneck Invasion" because I like crossovers and it sounds interesting to play through 28 of the Duke3D levels converted into RR. I will give it a shot this summer (after I finish with the upcoming busy weeks) and see if it makes the game a bit more interesting to revisit familiar places from a different perspective. :P

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short answer: no

long answer: nope

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If you are like me you'll like it for the slice of mindless entertainment most game are. I'm not the guy who plays the game over and over looking for every single little nuance it has to offer. I don't milk every last drop out of a game. I don't care about speedrun contests. I couldn't tell you the name of any original mappers or what brand of toothpaste they recently switched to. I don't discuss them online in intricate detail. I'm not even 100 percent sure if I played all maps for DN. I know I haven't for Blood, SW or RR. What I have played in RR I enjoyed. I'm casual player that is easily amused and not overly critical. Sure, I notice some shortcommings but so what?

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View PostRunningDuke, on 13 May 2019 - 09:02 AM, said:

The one that seems most interesting to me is "Nukem's Redneck Invasion" because I like crossovers and it sounds interesting to play through 28 of the Duke3D levels converted into RR.

But then you'll end up replaying Duke3D with RR's gameplay mechanics?

(I think the opposite would be more interesting personally - play through RR levels as Duke)


View PostPhredreeke, on 13 May 2019 - 11:52 AM, said:

But then you'll end up replaying Duke3D with RR's gameplay mechanics?

(I think the opposite would be more interesting personally - play through RR levels as Duke)

Yes, to me it would be enough to make RR flow better and feel like a better experience overall by playing through conversions of certain Duke3D levels, as opposed to playing through the original RR boring level design. I agree that the opposite is better, I mean I even remember playing a RR styled map for Duke3D (it was called Redneck Duke if I'm not mistaken) and a couple of old Duke3D TCs using RR textures and obviously in these cases they played a lot better than RR plays overall (though once again I will say that it is still an interesting experiment to play those converted Duke3D levels in RR). So yeah I would like to see RR levels converted into Duke3D since it's very possible to do that with a bit of tweaking in regards to finding the correct textures (if the plan was to have the original Duke textures, otherwise use existing RR art) and correct enemy and item placement. Most of these RR enemies, items and weapons have their Duke3D equivalent, so it doesn't sound too difficult and I would like to see the first level or episode converted into Duke3D. I know both Blood and SW had their first level remade into Duke3D a few years ago on Megaton Edition Steam Workshop.

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OK, I take that back what I said earlier about that shitty crossover mod being an interesting idea because it isn't. I mean even though I find crossovers interesting in general (only those that make sense, though) and it seemed like a cool idea on paper, that Duke3D with RR crossover mod was a TERRIBLE idea. That mod was one of the WORST experiences I've ever had in gaming.

So yeah last month I decided to finally give that Redneck Invasion mod a go because I was bored and wanted to play some crappy games/mods (in DOSBox 0.74, 4th skill trying to get all kills and secrets, saving very often on multiple slots) and oh boy, it was SO FUCKING BAD in nearly every category. Yes I'm going to do a huge rant right now (even if I'm a month late, you can't imagine how much that mod frustrated me but now I'm going to post about it because it deserves to be posted here). I'm disappointed I haven't posted it last month when I had it more fresh in my mind but I will say anyway based on what I remember. WARNING: HUGE RANT AHEAD!

The mod contains 28 levels directly ripped from Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition, with some minor edits occasionally (how was this mod allowed onto the archives, I have no idea). Only the first 7 levels of each episode are included (For example Episode 2 goes from Spaceport to Lunar Reactor), due to RR's idiotic limitation of 7 levels per episode being allowed. So that also means the mod is made with 2 batch files, first loading the first 2 episodes of Duke3D, second loading the other 2 episodes into the game. Once again this was a workaround due to RR's moronic limitation of 2 episodes shown in menu (which is weird since that RR Alpha Demo had 4 episodes displayed in menu, what made them cut into 2 episodes in final game, I have no idea).

OK so here we go:



Bottom line, this stupid crossover mod caused me to hate RR even more (all the flaws present in original RR were present here as well) and I don't recommend it at all unless you want to play with god mode and no clip cheats. Of course I'm talking about the mod. The original game had horrible level design but at least it was somewhat PLAYABLE as long as you knew where you had to go (if you consulted a walkthrough or something).

Anyway speaking of RR for last time, I thought before that it was pretty much a mediocre game but after playing more, I came to the conclusion that the game overall is horrible with too many flaws that overwhelm the few qualities the game has and it doesn't deserve to be mentioned along the Big Three (soon to be Big Four with Ion Fury) BUILD engine games (Duke3D, Blood and SW). I don't understand how the game got so unfairly praised by many reviewers (I also want to take back how I said that game was hated back then but now gets praised, it seems both back then and nowadays, the game was both hated and loved but more people seem to find the game ok, based off the comments I've read on internet) but to me it looks like they were blinded by nostalgia or in case of back then, didn't have anything better to play. Even as a fan of FPS games, RR is really awful. Sure it's not as bad as the worst of the BUILD engine games but to me it's still not worth being included along with the good BUILD engine games and I also think that RR (along with NAM and WW2GI) would have been better off as either some Duke3D TC (of which both NAM and WW2GI actually feel like) or a free standalone game, which RR should have been in first place.

I have found a while ago, this review by Pixelmusement that describes the game pretty well and names most of its flaws, in a nice polite way (video below). So I will link this guy's review, of which I agree and I also highly recommend watching his other reviews, especially Duke3D review. But for now watch this video:

I also can't wait for the day when Civvie 11 will review and trash RR. He has claimed at beginning of his Blood: Fresh Supply review that he HATES RR (good to see more people hating RR), which seems fitting and it would be nice to see how he will rant about the game. ;)

EDIT: I apologize if the post is too long. I had to explain all of that, since I was the one who bring that mod into discussion, not knowing what I was getting myself into.

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RR is decent. You can tell Xatrix was really trying to push the BUILD engine, and it's gorgeous for the time. It's level design, from a gameplay perspective, is jank as fuck for sure. Route 66 and Rides Again improve upon the original exponentially. It's pretty obvious to me that the games were released basically unfinished. The polish that Rides Again received should have been the bare minimum for the first game. My hopes with the source port is the game can be improved upon by fans.

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View PostRunningDuke, on 31 July 2019 - 10:00 AM, said:

Getting drunk in orange and red zones also doesn't help reduce DAMAGE at all (only if it's in green helps)

That's how the original game worked, you had to micromanage to get just the right amount of alcohol and gut. And yeah that mod sounds pretty terrible to say the least.


View PostBlitZ, on 31 July 2019 - 10:42 AM, said:

RR is decent. You can tell Xatrix was really trying to push the BUILD engine, and it's gorgeous for the time. It's level design, from a gameplay perspective, is jank as fuck for sure. Route 66 and Rides Again improve upon the original exponentially. It's pretty obvious to me that the games were released basically unfinished. The polish that Rides Again received should have been the bare minimum for the first game. My hopes with the source port is the game can be improved upon by fans.

I agree that the game's visuals were pretty good for its time and I can see Xatrix tried to do something more unique compared to what was available at that time. It's too bad the gameplay and the level design were so bad that it hurt the game a lot. And I am not a fan of the theme or the humor either, which is why I am sounding a bit harsh. I understand the game was rushed but still, they could have at least worked more on the game and fix a couple more flaws and release around same time when both SW and Blood came out (if I'm not mistaken, Blood and SW both came in May 1997, while RR came in April 1997). However I also agree about both Route 66 and Rides Again being a lot better than main game, especially Rides Again with its new additions which improved the game significantly. I will admit that I somewhat enjoyed RA and if that was the game released instead of original RR, it would have been better received and I would also appreciate it more. It would be almost on par with SW. Almost.

I'm also hoping someone can make a mod that fixes RR's issues with gameplay and level design but I don't see that happening anytime soon. I think that the idea
suggested earlier by Phredreeke with converting RR levels into Duke3D sounds like a much more interesting experiment rather than the opposite that clearly was a bad idea from the start and I would probably enjoy playing through RR levels as Duke fighting against regular Duke enemies, just because Duke3D is a LOT more polished and the gameplay is infinitely better. Yes it doesn't fix the level design issues but at least the gameplay will be much better. It would also feel like an actual Duke TC, since many old Duke TCs used RR textures.

Anyway BlitZ, do you have any recommendation for good user maps and mods for RR/RA? Maybe I might appreciate the game a little bit more and judge it more fairly because so far I was frustrated with that Invasion mod in late June/early July, while in past 2 years when I played through RR, Route 66 and Rides Again (all 3 for FIRST time in my life, not sure if I will ever play them again in the future) and I didn't find them anything special (like I said both R66 and RA were better than main game, that's for sure). So when I refer to saying that I hate RR, I am mostly referring to the original game, to avoid confusion. Maybe playing some good user maps and mods would make me tolerate the game a bit more, I don't know, just my 2 cents.

View PostPhredreeke, on 31 July 2019 - 10:49 AM, said:

That's how the original game worked, you had to micromanage to get just the right amount of alcohol and gut. And yeah that mod sounds pretty terrible to say the least.

I know that but I kept seeing people claiming (on various reviews or articles about the game) that the more drunk you get, the more damage you absorb, which is completely false. I know how the mechanics work (the meters MUST be in green zone to reduce damage and act like armor) but the problem is that many times I found myself low on health throughout that Invasion mod, that I had to drink to keep myself alive, having for example 30 health and drunk meter in green zone wasn't enough to survive whatever encounter was in the next room, so I had to retreat and drink to get more health at cost of making game temporary unplayable and be forced to wait a few minutes until the meter lowers back into green zone. This wouldn't have been a problem if the levels had plenty of food items because eating would have helped reduce the alcohol meter and you could get both into green zone, which helped reducing 75% of damage and balance the game in your favor without worrying about those overpowered enemies anymore, as long as your health was 50-60 or higher. Sadly this was quite rare in this mod, while in RR/R66/RA it was quite common to end up with both meters on green if you were smart how to use the food items, when to use them and so on.

I also experienced a rare case where even when I had one of meters on green, it didn't help absorbing damage at all, I still took full damage from that attack. This happened when the meter is exactly between yellow and green but still shows green light up. I also noticed a minor glitch where waiting to reduce alcohol meter from red to orange so you have clear view again, despite being in orange zone, you can move normally without any side effect but after some time, you start moving drunk again. I don't know why the meter acts a bit glitchy when in between certain zones.

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I've never played any RR usermaps so I can't help you there. There's not many of them anyway.

User is offline   Phredreeke 


Most are pretty poor from what I can recall. One of the better ones is called Hickmart (which by Duke3D or Blood standards would still be pretty mediocre)

User is offline   Mark 

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If the creators of eRampage still have their website up I think there were some maps there. I remember playing a small map set in a trainyard. I liked the looks but I don't remember the gameplay.

User is offline   Phredreeke 


Yeah, they're available here http://www.jonhunt.com/redneck/

User is offline   MetHy 


There is one usermap for RR:RA that is great: Ancients by Jon Hunt, founder of Totally Redneck, the website that screams 90's design and which is somehow still online, so I guess the guy is still around and fan enough to keep it up.

Honestly it's a re-imagening of E1L6 El Peso, so there is nothing new there, it's known territory, but the execution is great.

Jon Hunt made a few other maps, IIRC I checked them but they weren't as good.

I played a few other maps as well but found nothing great, decent at best. I was disappointed to find out there is no great RA usermap that takes advantage of the possibilities of the game's effects and of the vehicules.

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WoW so much salt over Quake 2 and Redneck Rampage.
About Redneck, oh common it was not a bad game it was an average game and it was a budget game to begin with. It was meant to be "controversial" so they could sell more copies to kids...
Even i got my copy in a gas station early 98, it was never meant to be a breakthrough game.
It was above "nam" but below the main build game (duke, blood, shadow)

About Quake 2, if you played the game in 1997, you can't say the graphics were shit, because they were AWESOME. Until the release of HL, Q2 was my favourite game..

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I don't think RRRA is that far off from Shadow Warrior, though I haven't played either in a while.

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View Postsupergoofy, on 10 February 2019 - 12:26 PM, said:

Now that I would like to see: a mod/TC game that it will have the 3 heroes

And the final boss is Randy Pitchford.

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