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KickAss Duke  "It's out !"


Got the freedom to focus on this mod and i think i completed the last fixes that needed to be done.
I totally scrapped a level for crash issues (still not known) and found a fitting replacement.

Also, i found and tricked out a bug for projectiles with splash damage; i'll do a detailed report in the Eduke Bug section anyway.

Just to say, the KickAss tour episode presents some zones/levels that will eventually reappear in future releases, in form of map that are officially the sequel of those levels as of author intentions; i'm working on a plot for some future episodes, indeed.

At this point i don't want to lie on a date like i did before and when 1.1 is ready will be out.... tomorrow or the next year, lol :D

Stay Tuned


Sorry for double to gonna-be-triple post. I'm here with a good advice:

Release is tomorrow!

I got enough of procrastinating this due to doubts and oher businesses irl; i took two decisions indeed:

- Stamina is going to stay (affecting movement speed) in this release, as i substantially enhanced it and is less a pain to deal with; i was in doubt to remove or limit it in this release, but i will in future for sure
- I told i'd have put intermission screen/text between maps, but i ended preferring to keep this update more "classic", and move this feature in the next big update (it will be rich of "geeky" features... spoilers will come next weeks)

Lock'n Load!


Here we are, finally. The 1.1 KickAss Duke version is out right now!


I apologize for the long delay, but i've been not 100% operative on this; it could be completed in waaay less than a year, but here it is anyway. Also i'm sure it's not totally bug free and i wait your reports then ;).
Here is the list of all the new features:

! "KickAss Tour", a new episode based on a collection of maps from other mappers (up to 37 maps!)
! Six new weapons: Golden Desert Eagle, MP5K SMG, Riotgun, Combat Rifle, Battlelord Minigun and Ooze Launcher !
! Some changes to KickAss Hud and re-introduction of Classic and Eduke Alternative HUD styles (emulated)

- New main menu background tile
- Added HUD style selection option; removed HUD transparency option
! Transparent enemies in some levels are treated as ghosts, with specific hit and death effects
! Removed melee experience system; added "combat practice book", randomly replacing Holoduke
- Fade-in effect when starting a level
- Level names and stats have been "resumed" and moved on top-right corner
- Increased stamina restored with Nukem Cola
- Doubled stamina regeneration
- Less invasive stamina display
- Added some more burn/scorch effects for energy weapons
- Added many one-liners on kill, from other Duke games
- Added slight auto-aim when using some melee skills
! Added slide move (press crouch while running)
- Added sound when picking up ammo
- Bullet casings stay longer on ground
- Added single/dual wield options for pistols (press alt-fire)
- Removed Pistol and M16 ironsight modes
- Increased Sniper Rifle damage; removed semi-auto upgrade
- Decreased caterkillar battery regeneration
- Faster 40mm grenade projectile travel speed
- Faster fire rate and reload for Shotgun
- Faster reload for Shrinker
- Charge-up time on Enforcer laser alt-fire
- Various graphic & sound improvements to some weapons
- Various damage and max ammo re-balancing to some weapons
- (INTERNAL) Code Rearrange and some syntax updates
- (INTERNAL) Sound folder cleaning and optimizing
- Widescreen-friendly sprites for almost all weapons
- Resumed inventory notifications

- Fixed glowing pixels removed on OctaBrain blast, blood sprites and some screens/posters
- Fixed damage for some rocket projectiles
- Fixed jetpack stopping when exiting from water
- Fixed jetpack not working while shrunk
- Fixed stamina not recharging when depleted
- Fixed reload interruption when picking up a weapon
- Fixed weapon selection not allowed while reloading
- Fixed Thermal Grenade explosion damage
- Fixed weapon getting stuck sometimes (better code on pickup/fire/reload etc)
- Fixed amounts on some ammo pickup
- Fixed bad checks on weapons with upgrades
- Fixed KA item drop system (some item would have never spawned, in theory)
- Fixed tripbomb remote trigger (now it works with both fire and reload keys)
- Fixed "terran" turret offset in some frames
- Fixed step sounds when walking on flat sprites/bridges (since ages)
- Fixed some frame animations for flying gibs
- Fixed bed sprite #545 (picnum used for quick testing some effects, and never restored)
- Fixed Protector Drone not being affected by taser shells (only visual effects was working)

The README file has been updated according to the new content, and some old infos have been rearranged or explained in a better way. Don't forget to take a look!

Kick Their Asses!

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Congrats on the release


Nice new release Richard, the KickAss Tour (for now i tried only the 1st level) looks as an extended and modded E1L1, which (IMO) is a very nice way to start and it is beautiful.
Personally, i can't stand so much the stamina, so i "run" around crouched to "walk" faster :P, but i think also that is not that bad, need to get used to it and is like if you play Duke a second time, need to proceed slowly like when you don't know the level and planning which weapons to choose in this huge arsenal, before to do something.

Aside this, as you expected, there are some issue, ofc is up to you to judge if some are on purpose or not.

When the player wield 2 weapons became impossible to reload the single version, also, when the player shot with the single weapon, switching to the double and back again to the single one, looks like the ammo count is wrong (this is in the video) .
Using the ALT fire with the following gun, for a few of times, expecially if you hit yourself, make the game crash and a code pop up:

In Color Correction: Gamma and Contrast can only be decreased (you can change them manually in the CFG file), Brightness and Visibility are ok like usual.

In Game Setup: i've set Equip Pickups on Never, but Duke insist to Equip the new weapons picked up (he must love new ones xD).

Another minor thing, when i closed Eduke32 the first time, did not save my settings, the next times yes, then, i copied the 2 settings files somewhere safe to be sure now :P.

Keep up the nice work! :)

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awesome work, will give this a play ASAP! B)



- Don't use autorun. :P

- The akimbo thing is working exatcly as i meant:
When you switch from double to single, the magazine counter is split into two parts, referring to the gun put in the pocket and the gun you still use. So i simulated this behaviour: you fire and deplete rounds in the right hand, extract the other and continue firing; in this case the magazine counter become a single number.
You can't reload while you have more rounds than the maximum. For example, pistol in single version has max 12 rounds, and if you have 8+7=15 rounds still in the counter, you can't reload. When you reach a single 11 or 6+5, you can.

- As for the divide by zero, newer eduke versions brutally pop that message up and make impossible to continue the game, while before it was only notified silently in the console and never affected the gameplay. Most likely they happened more times before.
Well, quite a shame that some divide by 0 still happen, coder side, but i thought i eradicated 'em all. Gonna check them again.

- The switch on pickup thing is one of the things i forgot to change. Put on to-do list.

Other bugs you mentioned depend only on Eduke executable. Still not bug free.

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  • Duke Plus Developer


View PostRichardStorm, on 02 August 2019 - 10:51 PM, said:

- As for the divide by zero, newer eduke versions brutally pop that message up and make impossible to continue the game, while before it was only notified silently in the console and never affected the gameplay. Most likely they happened more times before.

Yeah I noticed that too In my mods. It's very easy for it to happen when dividing by distance or in other cases where you don't expect it to actually be zero.

By the way, I will get around to playing KAD again, but I don't have much free time atm.


Oh, i forgot to mention an important thing about the new episode

Some transitions between maps will appear random or incoherent to you, due to two factors: one is that i didn't put the intermission screens that describe what happens in between ( i have a story in mind as i said), but also because i meant to do a central HUB in the first plans, from which you could choose any sub-chapter of KickAss tour.
This selection HUB will be present in the next update, when new levels will be added, along with intermission screens and descriptions, and things will result having more sense than now.

User is online   ViDi 


I like the improvements and the new features, good job. :thumbsup:

I think Ghost Town map (RED3_mod.map) is broken and I can't progress any further without cheating. The blue keycard door is stuck.

Attached thumbnail(s)

  • Attached Image: eduke32 2019-08-23 20-27-49-490.jpg



Well, that is pretty strange:


Those sprites are supposed to be in the gate sector but for some unexplainable reason they are outside, even if I open the map with an old era build.
So when I just changed 1 sector (to prevent item stripping at the beginning) and saved that map, the gate resulted broken without any advice. So I moved those sprites in the right sector and the gate now works properly again.

Also, the map presented over 30 wall-related heavy corruptions and I solved it (I thought that was the problem, at the beginning).

A patch is planned for early september, basing on some bug reports i had mainly on ModDB, so I'll include this fixed map too.

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User is online   ViDi 


Shooting at angles with Enforcer Laser Minigun alt fire is not accurate.

Map: Anarxitical City
At some places you can hear strange echoing noises.


Yeah, I know that stuff, but they are Eduke-related.
The weird noises occur in sector with echo sector effectors, and the clipping issue when firing from a ledge is still a bug. Dan proposed a trick to solve this on bug section a while ago, but i've not implemented yet, i'd rather wait a fix. Cannot say anything about the echo issue.
// it seems that Eduke recognizes where to put some echo effects by itself, and this causes those kind of "hyper-recursive"noise bugs when there are echo SEs

The wrong angle for the enforcer laser alt-fire it's an error by me instead and i've just fixed it.

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User is online   ViDi 


If Duke stands on a conveyor belt (or another moving surface) and if autorun is enabled he can't perform a kick and he loses stamina. But if I hold down Shift to walk there is no such problem.


 ViDi, on 23 September 2019 - 09:09 AM, said:

If Duke stands on a conveyor belt (or another moving surface) and if autorun is enabled he can't perform a kick and he loses stamina. But if I hold down Shift to walk there is no such problem.

interesting observation, the game recognizes if duke is moving regardless if is intentional or not, and it triggers walk/run animation too, so i'll have to hack something.
The unability to kick is a restriction i put while running, only the scissor kick can be performed (if actually running).

Semi-OT : I also discovered in that place that i can randomly push (my own) radioactive clouds from nuke barrels ... dafuq XD... another fix to do


Hi there everybody!

I've been far from duke in these months because of various reasons; there wase un update ready since Sept-Oct 2019 , but i delayed it because of numerous bug reports i read about Eduke, and because the fix to the alpha channel in release r7619 by pogokeen broke some of my hi-res effects.

I unexpectedly solved this issue by resizing the PNGs to the exact size of placeholder/dummytile; i don't know if this is an intended way to go that r7619 introduced, so i'll write a report anyway in bug section.

Anyway, here now you'll have the 1.11 patch, where fixes based on your reports and some other improvements have been done.


Version Log - 1.11

! Updated Eduke version, solving sprite issues and other bugs
! Target scanner is now a game feature always available, and no more an inventory item

- Halved the ratio at which the player takes burning damage
- Adjusted some sprite sizes in weapon selection display
- Replaced Combat Rifle fire sound
- Lowered the particle volume for the big slime explosion of the Ooze Launcher 2nd fire
- Choosing a single handgun from default akimbo is no longer momentary
- Improved Pig Tank: engine sound, smooth moving and proper cannons fire
- Fixed some bugs in E5L15 "Ghost Town": a broken door and heavy wall corruptions
- Fixed a bug involving inventory and weapons removal (levels like Death Row, or jumping to a level with cheats)
- Fixed a bug involving kicks some "clang" sounds while holding RPG
- Fixed (removed) a useless blue sprite in "Flooded Area", level 4 of KickAss Tour episode
- Fixed firing angle for Enforcer laser minigun alt-fire
- Fixed a few pixels in some laser pistol frames
- Fixed (most likely) weapons get stuck when firing/changing/reloading

Keep in mind that this will the last update for months, if there are no other the fixes to do in the meantime, when i'll release the 2.0 release (or 1.2, dunno ATM) full of additional features involving items and inventory management/usage.

Also rememeber to check KADuke page on moddb : https://www.moddb.co...ds/kickass-duke

Kick Ass!

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According to some changes in Eduke event management, i had to fix the code for replacing items when entering alien levels as they did not replace at all
(put the "alien world checker" in eventloadactor rather than in EVENT_LOADACTOR )

I put the patch directly on moddb ;)

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