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Recent snapshots and OpenGL mode

User is offline   Fantinaikos 

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I've did not updateted snapshots for a while, I noticed that the last snapshot that works for me is 6650, from 6664 it does not start because:

Your OpenGL implementation doesn't support the required extensions for persistent stream buffers

Pretty clear that some changes for Opengl were made, and indeed the changelog from 6664 say that.

I don't say to completely revert the changes, you can reimplement the possibility to play again on certain systems without go Software Mode? Perhaps with a specific instruction in the Eduke32 code that is activated under these circumstances from the next snapshot?

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User is offline   oasiz 

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Out of curiosity, what GPU do you have?
The requirements should be pretty relaxed despite moving away from 1.1 GL spec.

Also posting .log might help here.

User is offline   Hendricks266 

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Can you post your eduke32.log when you experience the problem, as well as your hardware and OS specs?

User is online   Phredreeke 

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When looking into why my upscale pack would crash on his computer, it came up that he had a computer with a GMA 900 or 950. Either way, not supporting OpenGL 2.0

User is offline   oasiz 

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Yeah.. I wouldn't really expect to run much stuff on that :)
ed32 has got a huge amount of performance boosts recently due to dropping strict GL1.1 compatibility.
A lot of hoops were done to make it do tricks like palette emulation, really inefficient ways that don't scale well just for the sake of not breaking compatibility.

To be honest, we're asking ~12 year old tech on a ~21 year old game at this point.
During the netbook era ~10 years ago, I was stuck with GMA9xx series systems when gaming on the go.
Even back when netbooks got out it was already quite slow as GMA3xxx series finally started to implement some basic stuff in hardware proper, not to mention better drivers.
Sure I did manage to complete Max Payne 1/2 on it but then you had games like GTA3 where the FPS tanked due to absence of hardware TnL

I recall even quake having issues with GMA stuff, which is probably the least you can ask from a GPU... to run the game that kind of made GPUs relevant in the first place :P

Around here you can pretty much find 6 year old intel gear in trash that has a GPU that's miles better.

User is offline   Fantinaikos 

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Oh I have another one with much better specifications actually, the problem, over the annoyance of the transfer process, is... Windows 10 :ermm: .

User is offline   oasiz 

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eduke32.log file and specs ? :)

User is offline   Fantinaikos 

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Here is the transcription. But it says nothing of new, almost certainly the cause are the compatibility problems and my already mentioned specs.

EDuke32 r6885
Built May 8 2018 15:51:27, GCC 7.2.0, 32-bit
Using C:/Programmi/Eduke32/ for game data
Checking for updates...
Connecting to http://www.eduke32.com
Current version is 20120522... no updates available
Initializing SDL 2.0.8
Searching for game data...
Using "DUKE3D.GRP" as main game data file.
Compiling: GAME.CON (188196 bytes)
Including: DEFS.CON (35992 bytes)
Including: USER.CON (45482 bytes)
Script compiled in 102ms, 82004 bytes
Initialized 96.0M cache
RTS file "DUKE.RTS" loaded
Initializing OSD...
Switching keyboard layout from 00000410 to 00000409
0 joystick(s) found
Executing "settings.cfg"
"r_vbos" is not a valid command or cvar
Setting video mode 640x480 (32-bpp windowed)
Refresh rate: 60Hz
OpenGL information
Intel Intel 915GM 1.4.0 - Build
Your OpenGL implementation doesn't support the required extensions for persistent stream buffers. Disabling...

Switching keyboard layout from 00000409 to 00000410

Not that the other with Windows 10 is that iper-recent, it is an AMD Turion 64 x2 1.6 ghz 512kb L2 with an ATI xpress 1100.

User is offline   Photonic 

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Yeah that card is from 2005, it supports up to OpenGL 1.4 only.

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