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Duke Nukem in Steven Spielberg's "Ready Player One" movie

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I'd guess it was the other way around.

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"they call our generation the missing millions"
Do you, personally, have any qualities besides being part of a certain generation with a mysterious label? No? Nothing at all? Take your time, I'll wait...
"missing not because we went anywhere"
Oh, so it's because you're useless? I'm not sure I can sympathize with good-for-nothing characters. You're off to a bad start buddy.
"there's nowhere left to go"
Something tells me your generation is called this way because you really went somewhere and you only made that allusion earlier because you wanted a "clever" reveal, didn't you?
"nowhere, except..."
And here we go! Brilliant writing. Congrats, somebody gives that guy an Oscar whether he wants it or not! They actually went missing somewhere. Woah, what a trip! You got it? YOU GOT IT?

Rest of the trailer: References. Virtual world. References. Superlatives. References. "Are you ready?" Aaaaand done... nothing more... no idea what the movie is about, if it wasn't for the constant flow of references, and the "hi, I have no name but I'm part of my generation", there would be nothing in the trailer (hell, even the title is a reference).

This thing is giving me flashbacks of how Duke Nukem was shoehorned into Bulletstorm. "Hey, do you like Tomb Raider? Then you're going to love Shadow Warrior, because Lara Croft makes a cameo in there! Oh, you prefer Commander Keen? Check out Doom, I'm sure you'll cheer with joy the moment he'll show up on the screen! You know what would be really great? A book in which you'd have both Commander Keen and Lara Croft showing up! I'm sure the story will really stand out on its own merit, because if I learned anything from FoodFight!, it's that references are a reliable substitute to actual content. Can't write a joke, find a funny thing to write on a t-shirt, or come up with anything interesting to tell in your story? Make references! Bazinga! Did I do that? Duh!"

No, sorry. I'm not Pavlov's dog, I don't feel any ounce of sympathy for piggybacking (it's a gimmick that relies solely on the reputation of other creative works that passed the test of time - which is not the case of the movie making the reference), and I despise the patronizing tone of it all; the "holy grail of pop culture"? Holy shit, kill me already. This is an abomination of a circle jerk in which not even bystanders are safe from catching an STD. I never defended a sequel to any franchise I enjoy because I know a name and a face is not enough to get a good product; this thing is no exception. Should I feel nostalgic for the DeLorean, I can just go watch Back To The Future...

(I never thought I'd react that badly to a movie trailer - I felt the urge to log in and write an entire rant for fuck's sake! That's how bad it looks to me.)
(Now if you'll excuse me, I'll have a long, cold shower)

I'll wear my badge, a vinyl sticker with big block letters adherent to my chest, tells to all your friends: "I am a visitor here, I am not permanent" (The Postal Service -- DC Sleeps alone tonight)
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"They float... they float, Georgie, and when you’re down here with me, you’ll float, too." (Stephen King's It)

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I'm going to reserve judgement until more details come out.

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