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WH32  "Witchaven TC for EDuke32"

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I've posted a few pics around, it's very very early, consider this a proof of concept type release.

Disclaimer, nothing really works yet, no weapons, no enemies, this is just able to load the maps so far.

The package does not contain original game data, it's EDuke32 with CONS, defs and a bat file with the tools to automate the initial data extraction processes.
Download:Attached File  WH32.zip (5.6MB)
Number of downloads: 3
Extract the attached file WH32.zip directly to the gameroot folder of Witchaven.
Run !SETUP_WH32.BAT first to extract and convert Witchaven files to EDuke32 formats.
Run !!PLAY WH32.bat -or- go into the directory created by !SETUP_WH32.BAT and run eduke32.exe

Looking for people interested in Witchaven who may want to help port the needed source over to CON (like enemy AI and such) Even able to make maps for it in Mapster32 which is working fairly decently straight out of the box, BACKMAP is needed to play them in DOS.

Added later...

I've lost all interest in this, the maps aren't worth any effort getting working in EDuke32. Maybe the potential is there for a good game...

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