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Duke Nukem

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View PostHank, on 14 August 2018 - 11:52 PM, said:

The catch is DNF did come out, and I have obviously no new cover, from this non existing game, to play around with.

How's this?
Posted Image

I like this, it's like Duke made a Black Sabbath album or something. :D

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View PostPsychoGoatee, on 17 August 2018 - 04:06 AM, said:

I like this, it's like Duke made a Black Sabbath album or something. :D

Thanks. I never thought about Black Sabbath. (Yes, their first album cover is similar :o )
The intend was to show a very old Duke walking away from the ghosts of the past, whilst the fans are still hoping for a new game (the new title).

Still, since one actually liked it, I will do a better version, beyond a cheap cut and paste Gimp version. :)

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Dunno where else to put this so here goes. This is a cool video when it comes to comparing Duke 3D to DNF and it also makes a pretty good argument - based on Deus EX - as to how the game should have been handled:


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View PostxMobilemux, on 06 June 2017 - 09:08 PM, said:

This is why I believe the next Duke game getting a Duke Nukem version of Demolition Man would be the perfect idea and perfect Duke game in this day and age of Political Correctness infecting gaming.

The amount of material for jokes and references for Duke would be endless and the nature of the story and theme can effortlessly fit the character of Duke.

Duke can be frozen in cryo sleep, or vanish for a long time(Poking fun at DNFs long development time) and return in an age full of swearing fines, no sex, no guns and all that PC shit we so loathe, Duke is in shock and disgust at what the world has become in his absence(Referencing what our modern world is pushing on us).

Then the aliens invade and the PC people can't fight back because they're too PC and start spewing out bullshit about "tolerance" and all that crap instead of fighting(Referencing today's bullshit about "tolerating" Muslim terror attacks) .

Duke decides "Fuck that" and fights back with everything we know and love about Duke Nukem, kicking the living shit outta the aliens and restoring all the
love of swearing, sex, big guns and all the Politically Incorrect stuff we love back to the way it should be.

Hell they could even work in some sub plot in which the game is actually Duke Nukem's Presidential Campaign, Duke is trying to run for POTUS, but the PC media is calling him all the "ist" buzzwords and what not, then the aliens invade, Duke defeats them, becomes President and "Makes America Groovy Again!!"(Referencing Trump and his ascend to Office).

The amount of possibilities are endless and it would allow for Duke's 80s Action Hero character not to change too much and would be very relevant for the war on culture and even the war on gaming that is happening today.

Plus, given the franchises history on interactive toilets, I'd love to see Duke interacting with those Swearing machines.

The scary part about Demolition Man is how prophetic it was about PC gone amok and people becoming hyper-sensitive to every perceived slight and insult.

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Yeah. It's pretty rampant now.

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