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I'm totally new, asking for help

User is offline   GregNukem3D 

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Hey there Duke community,

So I am a new user here and have decent knowledge of how to get around on a computer and how to make things happen, but no experience modding games like this.

I would like to make a version of Duke Nukem 3D where I would design or edit some unique qualities including the appearance of Duke, the monsters, the maps, things Duke says and other sounds.

I was looking for how to get started and am not finding everything in one place and feel like I find a gem here and there but am missing too much to do anything.

I can't even find a link to download the editors and the link to download Duke Nukem 3D on http://eduke32.com/ lead me to a site no longer hosting the download.

I would just really appreciate if someone could help me out, and I do think I could get the hang of this if I am pointed in the right direction by a empathetic duke fan.

Thank you ! - Greg

User is offline   Micky C 

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Hi Greg, welcome to the forum :)

There's a host of information on modding the game on the official eduke wiki: http://wiki.eduke32.com/wiki/Main_Page, and more specifically on the level-editing side of modding, the Infosuite is a great guide with clear explanations and plenty of images: http://infosuite.duke4.net/

In terms of buying the game, the only way to get a new copy of it is to buy the World Tour version on steam, which is relatively expensive as far as old games go. However the owner of this website might still have a few spare copies of the version from GOG.com, which just includes the base game without any new content or features. Although this should suit your purpose if you're going to mod with eduke32. Let us know what you plan to do.

Eduke32 is updated fairly regularly, as can be seen on this page: http://dukeworld.duk...ke32/synthesis/ The latest version is always at the top of the list, which includes a level editor. For art editing, there are a variety of programs available, none of them are perfect unfortunately. However there are other ways of getting art into the game, such as with the DEF language (found on the wiki), which is probably the easiest way to do it if you're not familiar with the dos-era art workflow.

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User is offline   Tea Monster 

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You can do an amazing amount with the Build Engine, and some of the enhancements that EDuke32 has brought to the table.

If you give us some idea of what area you'd like to start in, we can point you to where to get tutorials and information.

Welcome to Duke4.net!

User is offline   DavoX 

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Welcome man! B)

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