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[Release] SWC 20  "New Shadow Warrior add-on, try it out."

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Was anyone looking for a new amateur mod for Shadow Warrior!? .. Well whoOooo WantA sOme WaNg?
Seriously though, I'm tired of thinking about it and build so I'm releasing it, it's probably not very good but give it a try ;)

For use with SWP and newer ports. Place swc20.grp in the Games folder of SWP and select it in the start up menu.

The original 4 level shareware episode is now 4 strictly multiplayer maps.
The main episode consists of 10 new levels and 1 bonus map.

Difficulty levels implemented (#3 - intended/default)

There's some known bugs with SWP, like the midi music randomly not working at the start of a new map + some other freezes, lol.
Hopefully whenever voidSW comes along, things will function more consistently.

This is kind of a beta trial(or final version, who knows), let me know if you find anything game breaking, or what you liked/disliked.

Go to MODDB for the download.
28mb zipped.
(File updated October 30 2016)


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So does it work with DOSbox or do you recommend Redux?

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It will work with JFSW SWP and Redux. Let me know if dosbox will run it...I was fairly sure it just crashes with dosbox but I could be wrong. The HRP and Redux tend to undo my hud changes though.

If it's too dark, turn the brightness up a bit or vice versa. I just tried it on a different computer and it was pretty dark at the lowest setting, yet on my main computer the same setting was fine.

LOL.. I have a .voc file out of place in there.. it'll have to fixed.

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File has been reuploaded tonight (Oct 30 2016)

*Fixed a wrong sound file I had in there.
(When you hear a voice say nintendo melee and then some static, that should be Mortal Kombat music. It's a map wrecker so, please redownload)

+ Added a more in-depth text file.

- I'm working on some "let's play" style videos for it too.

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I've made some walkthrough videos with commentary, not all of them are uploaded yet as of writing this but here's one of them.

You'll find the rest of the walkthroughs on the same youtube channel.

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