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The Duke Nukem Post Thread

User is offline   Never Forgotten 

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Hey, has anyone heard of this?

Posted Image

This is apparently a recreation of it, but here's the part of the article that talks about it:


This might be the perfect matchup of famous vaporware: Duke Nukem Forever and the mid-engine Corvette. In 2003, 3D realms was hoping to re-kindle interest in the long-delayed game, and so decided to commission a car for Comic-Con.

They used GM’s old 1990 concept car, the CERV III Corvette mid-engined ‘Research Corvette’, as the basis for their car. As part of an eight-month lease, they were permitted to make “non-permanent” additions and customizations to the car.

3D Realms had a fiberglass Duke Nukem built and mounted on the roof, appearing to be bursting out, and big logo decals were mounted on the hood and doors.

It took the game eight more years to finally get released, but as of yet, there has not been a mid-engine ‘Vette sold to normal humans.

Here's the link to the article: https://jalopnik.com...past-1784209784

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User is online   Zaxx 

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Another day, another Grabbag cover, this time it's a pretty good one from Michael Markie:

But who the fuck is Lee Daniels?

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User is online   Commando Nukem 

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View PostZaxx, on 07 March 2018 - 05:21 AM, said:

Another day, another Grabbag cover, this time it's a pretty good one from Michael Markie:

But who the fuck is Lee Daniels?

Not bad. I'm glad to hear more versions that take cues from the original Duke Nukem 3D version and not the goddamn Megadeth version.

Jack Jackson's cousin, of course.

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User is offline   KaijuTurtle 

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Posted Image

User is offline   HMNuke93 

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Posted Image

User is offline   xMobilemux 

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Anyone have a link to that DN3D sprite/texture folder from Hendricks site?

EDIT: Never mind I found it.

Posted Image

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User is offline   PikaCommando 

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I'd be disappointed if the DN movie isn't as ridiculous as this


User is offline   PsychoGoatee 

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I found this pretty heartwarming, some cool dame is cosplaying as Duke, just saw it via Mega64's twitter:


User is offline   Player Lin 

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Oh shit, she's hot.


I'm the guy at 3DRealms Forum...


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User is online   MrFlibble 

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So I started playing the Nova Covert Ops campaign for StarCraft II, and in the first mission, which takes place inside a facility and is more of a homage to Metal Gear Solid than anything, there are medical stations where you can heal Nova, and when using one of those after having her pretty roughed up, Nova said, I needed that, which I think should count as a pretty legitimate Duke Nukem 3D reference.

It should be noted that this campaign add-on specifically seems to make a lot of various references including the above-mentioned MGS stuff (there's a critter hidden in a cardboard box moving around at the start of the level for example), and the same level further on becomes a side-scrolling shmup, so I think assuming a reference to Duke3D isn't too far fetched in this context.

User is offline   pacman 

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I really wanted to listen to 2BWILD.VOC but no one has uploaded it to youtube surprisingly. Anyone knows if it has copyright? who composed that loop and the other bar music one? The list is:


BONUS.VOC - Huh Huh...You Said Bonus (LJ)
BARMUSIC.VOC - Mortail Wombat (LJ)
2BWILD.VOC - ...Or Not to be Wild (LJ)
WHISTLE.VOC - excerpt from Grabbag (LJ)
GRABBAG.VOC - Grabbag (reprise) (LJ)
MUZAK028.VOC - Grabbag (Muzak Version) (LJ)
MUZAKDIE.VOC - Grabbag (Muzak Death) (LJ)

But no credits that I know. Can we use these on youtube videos if they are monetized? I mean assume the grabag ones are from Lee jackson but not sure about the rest.

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User is online   MusicallyInspired 

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Lee Jackson composed all of them (It's what "LJ" stands for in brackets) on his SC-88 or whatever Sound Canvas compatible device he used back in the day. It's an original made for Duke3D.

Roland SC-55 Music Packs
It's Green (Duke3D BETA Track!) in FLAC, OGG, & MP3 with metadata loop tags
Duke3D, Doom, Descent, Hocus Pocus, and more...
Legacy of Grabbag Metal Medley

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