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Duke3d Sc-55 Music Packs  "Also contains the ROTT SC-55 Music Pack"


Duke3D and ROTT SC-55 Music Packs

Duke3D http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ROMLROEK
ROTT http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GSIT2OPM

The Duke3D SC-55 pack is also included in the latest HRP installer.

Caribean Vacation and Nuclear Winter SC-55 Music Pack (Mediafire)

I still plan on recording the remaining MIDIs from the SW demo, NAM, WWII GI, Blood, Powerslave beta, SW beta, Legend of the Seven Paladins, and the Lee Jackson the rejects. Whomp BETA isn't online anywhere at the moment because I was originally hosting it on my website which seems to have disappeared. So I'll include it again in a future release of the extras pack (SW demo, Blood, etc tracks).

User is offline   Jim Rockford 

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These are awesome, I've been following your releases and supplying Hendricks266 with some of these midis. They're awesome, and Im planning on using them in my mod.

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ROTT SC-55 Music Pack mirror:


Thanks for that, supergoofy.

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View PostMusicallyInspired, on May 7 2009, 09:48 PM, said:

I still plan on recording the remaining MIDIs from the SW demo

I hope you know that there are more MIDIs for SW than just the few ones from the demo, I know the registered version doesn't have them but there should be at least roughly 10 MIDIs around. Please remake them all. I can provide them if you wish.

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First reply here on Duke4. ;)

I do know that there were file names of MIDIs found in the source code. Where did you get the MIDIs? I know that ProAsm included MIDI files with those names with SWP, but they were just copies of the Shareware MIDIs.

BTW, here are all the MIDIs that I have given to MusicallyInspired myself, I think. Hendricks266's MIDIs

User is offline   Hendricks266 

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TekWar, Witchaven, and Witchaven 2 MIDIs

Blood, and Blood Prototype MIDIs

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