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Eduke32 Logo animated!  "...for your vids!"


Wow, a motion design topic! o_O

View Postdpax, on 10 January 2014 - 09:07 PM, said:

At last, I've finished my animated intro... this IS the final version, take it or not.

There's some nice animation, but the visual style leaves much to be desired and renders the logo totally unsuitable for old-school "8-bit" projects. I think one should make it look simple and clean to fit all possible projects. KISS! xD Also, personally I appreciate Cage's approach, especially the Polymer thing.

Just a proposal. Is "32" really vital for the project seeing that everything is moving to 64-bit platforms and DOS EDuke is pretty much the history? The logo was redone from scratch, tell me if it better that the original one.


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User is offline   neoacix 


This is a nice logo approach and your right, a logo should be clean and simple, but...

Eduke had this 2 blue colors as long as I know it and I doubt that it would be a good idea to change it into gray and blue.
Same goes for the font type.

That's why I prefer Cages logo, it's not a big change and looks just nice.
And because he uses the colors and fonts of the orignial logo, it also has a lot of similarities, which is good for recognition.

About 8, 32 and 64 bit...
Eduke32 is the name, even the 64 bit version is called Eduke32 and the domain of the website is eduke32.com also.
So yeah, the "32" is kind of "vital" I think.

User is offline   Jim Rockford 

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There was lots of JPG compression so this edit is unusable, but I think this looks nice.
I also think that the 32 could stand shedding. It's no longer a necessary component of the name in my opinion.


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User is offline   Commando Nukem 

  • Judge Mental


I really like that.

I can't agree about the name, though. The 32 should stay for legacy reasons. It may not be completely accurate now that things are being ported to 64, but we're not quite done with 32 yet, for one, and for two, we're "Eduke32" is a little bit more recognizable to the internet at large. Changing it seems like a bad idea.

User is offline   Micky C 

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Eduke32 somehow sticks in the head better than eduke, even though we spread out to other architectures ago. Anyone remember this? http://forums.duke4.net/public/style_emoticons/default/wink.gif http://forums.duke4....ducing-eduke16/

User is offline   TerminX 

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I've pretty much already decided I like Cage's logo the best and will likely be going with some variation on that. The logos posted on this last page here are OK, but not right for this project.

About the "32" in "EDuke32", yes, it's legacy, and no, it's not changing. If the name ever did change, it would be to something completely different I think, maybe reflecting my desire for EDuke32 to be more of an indie game development platform than just a game source port.

User is offline   ReaperMan 


Well good thing i am basing my model off of cages logo.

User is offline   neoacix 


Hehe, thought the same.

But your model, does this mean you build another 3D-animation?
Well, I'm curious. :o

User is offline   ReaperMan 


Well before you posted yours i was going to do an animation kind of like that.... but now i have to think of something new.

Edit: Also you used blender right? I sure hope you used the gear mesh add-on.

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User is offline   neoacix 


Nope, I used Cinema4D this time, but I've used Blender for some things before.

And hey, now I'm even more curious. ^^

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