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3D Realms files lawsuit against Gearbox Software

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I was answering to the previous poster. The IP is their own now.

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View Postmpuone, on 23 February 2014 - 06:43 AM, said:

Gearbox pretty much doesn't care about any IP that's not their own. Their Borderlands games were successes, while Duke Nukem Forever and Aliens: Colonial Marines suffered majorly...

3DRealms also handed them a steaming pile of shit.

A:CM was basically Sega giving money to a heroin addict, thinking they would change someday.

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I wouldn't say Gearbox doesn't care about Duke Nukem, you can love something and not do it proper justice.

In the latest Lawsuit. If 3D realms gave the go to Interceptor for Duke Nukem Mass Destruction they (3D realm) is at fault for pulling a stunt like that, and as much sh*t everyone gives Randy Pitchford. 3D realms were not able to come up with a proper sequel for 10 years, and managed to stir shit twice since. Once asking for more royalties, and now for doing something without permission. They're not helping the IP either.

I don't know how much Interceptor is a victim or part of just doing whatever they want....

Honestly time will tell, it's early, but I just wanted to say 3D realms hasn't been the best for the franchise either.

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