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Fissile Materials  "for discussion relating to the Fissile Materials web page"

User is offline   Trooper Dan 

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Duke4.net has been kind enough to give me some space for hosting some web pages.

So here's my site: Fissile Materials

It's not finished yet, but it already has pages for my recent releases, including descriptions, screenshots and downloads. I'll be adding more and making improvements.

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User is offline   TerminX 

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Cool, thanks for finally putting a site up. ;)

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User is offline   MusicallyInspired 

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Nice work. I will sift through this....

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User is offline   Hank 

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I got Siege Breaker! With killer bees! Wow one hell of a true Total Conversion. I'm not through yet, getting killed as usual, trying to find weapons.

The things I don't know could fill libraries.

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