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Amazing fotorealistic hires infinite cubemaps  "tutorial"


1. Open google maps and look for the panorama you like. For the best result you need a panorama at some height above the ground and without close objects. Example in the image.
Attached Image: Снимок экрана (13).png

2. In the upper left corner, press the triple dot, then "report a problem".
Attached Image: Снимок экрана (14).jpg

3. right-click on the image, then "open the image in a new tab
Attached Image: Снимок экрана (15).png

4. change the width of the image in the address bar. Use the formula: cubemap sides width * 4. For example: to get the size of each image 2048x2048, replace w400 with w8196. Then save the panorama image
Attached Image: Снимок экрана (16).png

5. Go to https://jaxry.github...ama-to-cubemap/ upload the panorama file, wait a while. Follow the instructions on the page to save each file separately.
Attached Image: Снимок экрана (17).png

6. Copy the resulting files to the eduke32 project and add a description to the def file
Attached Image: Снимок экрана (18).png

skybox {
  tile 4103 pal 0
  front "pz.jpg" nocompress 
  right "px.jpg" nocompress 
  back  "nz.jpg" nocompress
  left  "nx.jpg" nocompress 
  top   "py.jpg" nocompress
  down  "ny.jpg" nocompress

7.Enjoy the awesome result and ultra-violence with copyright.
Attached Image: duke0001.png

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User is offline   Mark 


Does this mean you are starting to work on your old project again? I remember it being very good.

User is offline   Mark 


Something isn't working correctly. I tried it twice and both times it was saving the 200 x 200 thumbnail pics and not the actual larger files. I right clicked on each file and chose save image. I guess that is not the right way.

edit, I just had to left click to save. Not right click to save as.

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User is offline   Mark 


It does a good job but I prefer square cube maps instead of the cylindrical types that webpage creates. I guess it depends on player view in the map. From up high looking out a window the curved skybox is fine. But when a lot of it is seen from ground level its better being square.

edit: Maybe its curved because I don't think my original photo is a equirectangular projection as required.
EDIT: Yes that was it. This time I grabbed a screenshot from google maps and the end result was a square looking skybox.

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View PostMark, on 29 May 2023 - 04:18 AM, said:

Does this mean you are starting to work on your old project again? I remember it being very good.

Once in a while, when there is inspiration.

User is offline   Mark 


If you can't find what you want from Google Maps I found out that HDRI textures used in Blender and other programs will work with the online converter too. Just convert the HDRI to png or jpg first. I did that by using Window's built in screen capture Ctrl/PrtScn keys to grab the HDRI and then load it into my regular graphics program to resave it in another format.


Any equirectangular projection panorama will be fine.

User is offline   dwtietz 


This sounds interesting and I want to try it out, but before doing so I do have a couple of concerns as to how useful I might happen to find it (although it may just be "the cat's ass" for others).

In the vast majority of cases, I prefer not to have any man made objects appear in my skybox tiles, so it might be difficult in most cases to find suitable remote locations with very little in the way of people, cars, buildings, roads, towers, etc., etc. that I'd still need to manually edit out just as I had to the last time I made some skyboxes, and that part was probably the most time consuming part of it for me - That much won't change, and might even be more challenging using Google maps views, but... I do still look forward to giving this a shot to see how it goes.

User is offline   Mark 


There are a ton of nature HDRI photos out there for download.

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