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Adventures in Stable Duke-Fusion  "Let AI do the art"

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Rather than cluttering up the ERSGAN thread in general gaming, I figured I would document my attempt at re-imagining the babe posters (and anything else that fits) with Stable Diffusion.

Frankly, I am surprised the rapid pace that AI art is advancing now. As long as you have a decent graphics card and a decent amount of memory, it's easy to get into.

Software needed:

  • Automatic1111 WebUI
  • The correct version of python (3.10.6 as of now)
  • At least 1 ai model, one might be downloaded when you first install, but you can get others as civit.ai, Deliberate is a popular choice
  • (optional, but helps with some finite control) controlnet and its associated models, installable within the webui, models here

So far I have done the two Tonight posters as seen in the ERSGAN thread

Now my next challenge is Sister Act III, and this was a fun one.

Initially I had trouble getting img2img to pick up on the poses, it's also a pain in the ass to get the correct clothing and hair on two models, thankfully both problems can be solved with minimal extra work.

This is where controlnet(pose) and inpainting comes in.

First, controlnet has a pose model which will detect the pose based on the models position and give a fairly consistent output, I could not get the left model to be as close as I like, but I think it's fine with the 'story being told'
Attached Image: tmpn10qx8jf.png
Funny thing about pose is you can get quite a wide variety of styles, but with the same pose, its kinda cool. And frankly I don't know what style to settle on, realistic-ish or cartoony? There is so much variety
Attached Image: 00151-1365475421.pngAttached Image: 00006-1190816479.png

For the moment I have done the realistic-ish since it goes with my previous two

Attached Image: sa3v4.png

There are some differences that I was able to use inpainting to blot out undesired aspects and re-roll something new by editing the prompt slightly.

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Realism makes the most sense I think, since the art style used to draw them is identical to the way "real" women are presented in-game. Most importantly being the two girls themselves, looking pretty much identical to the poster when you run into them in XXX-Stacy.


Uncanny faces

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