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TeamDUKE: Unofficial version adapted for NetDuke32

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Page with files for download: https://ny.duke4.net/files.html

Back around 2001, Garjen Software uploaded TeamDUKE to the web. This is an EDuke 2.0 multiplayer mod, supporting Flag-Tag, Team Dukematch, CTF and a Duke-Tag variation.
The thing is, while people have been playing Duke3D online to different extents for many years, playing Duke3D mods hasn't been that commonplace. StrikerDM has been one exception during the last few years.
Today, you can have a look at an unofficial update to TeamDUKE, compatible with NetDuke32 (v1.2.1) and adding usability improvements, while still staying mostly true to the original release.
Additional maps uploaded to Garjen Software's website but not directly accessible from TeamDUKE itself can be selected as well in this update.

Thanks go to the original TeamDUKE team and contributors. This update wouldn't exist without TeamDUKE itself.

Further thanks to people who contributed to NetDuke32 in different manners, and to Build BROS community members for testing!

Note that at this point, I leave updates to this version for other people, in case anyone will want to take over.
One possible example is bringing more changes from TeamDUKE beta version 0.7. I used the 0.62 beta as a base as it seemed to be more stable; 0.7 was originally intended for use by beta testers of EDuke 2.1.

Flag-Tag in Steel Works:

Attached Image: duke0010.png

CTF in Twin Forts (yes, the map uses tile #0):

Attached Image: duke0016.png Attached Image: duke0018.png

Flag-Tag in Polaris Moonbase:

Attached Image: duke0023.png

CTF in BioTech CTF-001:

Attached Image: duke0024.png Attached Image: duke0025.png


This is certainly a very welcome and pleasing blast from the past. I'm the original creator of TeamDUKE, known as "Praetor PredAtor" back in the day. I'm so happy to see the mod is still being enjoyed today.

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Hello and thanks to our special guest, TeamDUKE's creator!

Letting you know that I've uploaded (currently still unofficial) version 0.65. While I modified CON code for this version as well, let's hope that at least one other person familiar with coding will be around for multiplayer CON maintenance and/or development (in general, not necessarily just for TeamDUKE).

Consider this to be the last version for which I provide a GRP file for partial EDuke 2.0 compatibility. There were technical problems on the way, so this is a good chance to let it go.

Finally, TheXna of Build BROS has recently published a video demonstrating TeamDUKE's Flag-Tag and CTF modes (a bit before v0.64's release):




Happy to help out! I hope I can continue to help too, and get used to CON coding again.

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