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[RELEASE] TeamDUKE, now adapted for NetDuke32

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UPDATE [April 3 2023]:

Downloads link (look for up-to-date PK3 file): http://www.garjen.co.uk/Download/Duke/

This thread is now covering more recent updates from TeamDUKE's creator, The Curious Kit. It was originally created in order to cover my unofficial TeamDUKE updates. The rest of this post remains as-is.

Page with files for download: https://ny.duke4.net/files.html

Back around 2001, Garjen Software uploaded TeamDUKE to the web. This is an EDuke 2.0 multiplayer mod, supporting Flag-Tag, Team Dukematch, CTF and a Duke-Tag variation.
The thing is, while people have been playing Duke3D online to different extents for many years, playing Duke3D mods hasn't been that commonplace. StrikerDM has been one exception during the last few years.
Today, you can have a look at an unofficial update to TeamDUKE, compatible with NetDuke32 (v1.2.1) and adding usability improvements, while still staying mostly true to the original release.
Additional maps uploaded to Garjen Software's website but not directly accessible from TeamDUKE itself can be selected as well in this update.

Thanks go to the original TeamDUKE team and contributors. This update wouldn't exist without TeamDUKE itself.

Further thanks to people who contributed to NetDuke32 in different manners, and to Build BROS community members for testing!

Note that at this point, I leave updates to this version for other people, in case anyone will want to take over.
One possible example is bringing more changes from TeamDUKE beta version 0.7. I used the 0.62 beta as a base as it seemed to be more stable; 0.7 was originally intended for use by beta testers of EDuke 2.1.

Flag-Tag in Steel Works:

Attached Image: duke0010.png

CTF in Twin Forts (yes, the map uses tile #0):

Attached Image: duke0016.png Attached Image: duke0018.png

Flag-Tag in Polaris Moonbase:

Attached Image: duke0023.png

CTF in BioTech CTF-001:

Attached Image: duke0024.png Attached Image: duke0025.png


This is certainly a very welcome and pleasing blast from the past. I'm the original creator of TeamDUKE, known as "Praetor PredAtor" back in the day. I'm so happy to see the mod is still being enjoyed today.

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Hello and thanks to our special guest, TeamDUKE's creator!

Letting you know that I've uploaded (currently still unofficial) version 0.65. While I modified CON code for this version as well, let's hope that at least one other person familiar with coding will be around for multiplayer CON maintenance and/or development (in general, not necessarily just for TeamDUKE).

Consider this to be the last version for which I provide a GRP file for partial EDuke 2.0 compatibility. There were technical problems on the way, so this is a good chance to let it go.

Finally, TheXna of Build BROS has recently published a video demonstrating TeamDUKE's Flag-Tag and CTF modes (a bit before v0.64's release):




Happy to help out! I hope I can continue to help too, and get used to CON coding again.


So, I got motivated to start developing the mod again.

TeamDUKE 0.8 is here! (I'm using my old Garjen space to host the file)

I expect lots of YouTube videos of the new version, especially as there are new UI elements now!

There have been quite a few updates, but requires NetDuke32 now, pretty much. This is what the update list says:

- You can now select the desired game mode from the New Game menu (ordered so it roughly corresponds with NetDuke32's default options) - selecting a mode that the map doesn't support dumps players in the team selection and configuration rooms.
- UI elements added to indicate the current status of the flags in CTF and Flag-Tag modes.
- Flag sprites are now far more detailed and are no longer affected by sector shading or the floor palette (so they always appear brightly and in the correct colour).
- The scoring sound has been replaced with the "Secret Found" sound from Duke Nukem: Manhatten Project.
- Golden flag (Flag-Tag) has been made smaller to match CTF flags and to solve clipping issues in cramped spaces.
- Flags are now automatically returned if they are dropped in outer space or in specially-designated sectors (see below)
- Night Vision Goggles are now called Infra-Red Goggles, and a few more items show brightly under them (e.g. steam jets).
- Laser Tripbomb beams now appear bright green in all circumstances under Infra-Red Goggles.
- The Stimpack Medkit no longer gives 100% Steroids.
- Ammo for Expander now gives only 10 shots instead of 20.
- Using the Expander underwater now causes a visible explosion to other players.
- You can no longer shoot in the team selection and configuration rooms... only after the match starts can you fire.
- Only player 1 can now manipulate the game switches.
- Graphical update to Chaingun Cannon.

- Bug fixed where the golden flag was dropped too low, causing it to fall through sprite bridges.
- Bug fixed where CONDITIONCEILING and CONDITIONFLOOR effectors were affected by teleporters and conveyor belts, causing them to move off their original sectors.
- Bug fixed where respawning underwater would not set the underwater palette.
- "Red" and "Blue" banners now disappear under Flag-Tag mode.
- New supplied PDF file that explains how each new actor and effector works.
- Quality-of-life changes for the new sector effectors (e.g. CONDITIONCEILING) where their own sprite hitag can be used rather than their parent sector's hitag. Setting the sprite hitag to zero will use the sector hitag instead, preserving backward compatibility.
- New feature on CONDITIONCEILING and CONDITIONFLOOR where setting their sprite lotag to 1 will mean the condition is met if any of the masked bits are set, not necessarily all of them (e.g. a North facing CONDITIONCEILING with Hitag 9, Lotag 1 will lower the ceiling in CTF and Duke-Tag modes)
- New feature: AUTORESET effector. If a flag is dropped in the same sector as this effector, it is instantly returned to the home base, not waiting for the time out period (useful for inescapable pits, for example).
- New feature: DEFAULTWEAPONS effector. The sprite hitag can be used to override which weapons a player starts with. A local version exists on the spawn points where setting the hitag will control the weapons a player gets if they spawn there (overrides DEFAULTWEAPONS).

- Seven new community levels have been added to Episode 1.
- Classic TeamDUKE maps have been moved to Episode 2.
- Flag-Tag-only Lunatic Fringe and Faces of Death maps have been added to Episode 3.

- Updates to "Steel Works:"
* Team DukeMatch mode is now supported.
* Doors to the CTF bases have been shifted back slightly to make them more identifiable.
* Some minor texturing fixes.
* Some minor lighting and machinery details have been added to the back of No Man's Land.

- Updates to "Queen":
* Flag-Tag mode is now supported, with only the central area open.
* Shotguns and RPGS removed from the team selection room; instead, you spawn with them equipped in Duke-Tag mode.
* CTF flags have been moved into the Battlelord rooms at the back of the bases.
* Some Octabrains with unusual sprite palettes have been corrected to palette 0.
* Some additional red and blue recolouring to help indicate which base is which.
* You can now exit through the base's main doors in CTF and Team DukeMatch modes (the step is no longer lowered outside of Duke-Tag mode).

- Updates to "Polaris Moonbase"
* The two lifts in the central chamber now move faster (this was a bug caused by the presence of a GPSPEED effector that was only meant to control the pulsating light).
* Random pressure head sprite that was half stuck to a wall has been removed.
* Map has been made overall brighter.
* There is now an Atomic Health on the end of the pipe in the lava pit (where the golden flag spawns).
* Fewer CONDITIONAUDIO effectors to minimise the absolute cacophony that tortures players whenever a team is ready to make the lava run in Duke-Tag mode.

- Updates to "Doomsday Shrine"
* Entire map has been retextured to make each base's colour more distinguishable (ambient sounds are also different).
* The doors in the bases now make noise and auto-close after a few seconds.
* Map converted to use the "True Room-over-Room" feature so transparent water is possible to use.
* There is now a Devastator next to where the golden flag spawns.
* Freezethrowers, Tripbombs and extra Expander ammo pickups have been added to each base.
* A Scuba Gear and Atomic Health have been added to each base (in different places).
* There is now a small alcove in one of the underwater junctions in each base where players without Scuba Gear can surface for air.
* The scoreboards in the central chamber have swapped places in order to provide clarity as to which base is which.
* Due to graphical glitches associated with True Room-over-Room, the central spinning platform is now a circle rather than star-shaped (also removes the issue where the pickups would move off the platform over time due to arithmetic imprecision, rendering them impossible to acquire.

- Updates to "BioTech CTF-001"
* Flags dropped in the lava pits in the team bases will now auto-return.
* The trim on the bridge door to the blue base has been changed from red to blue.

- Updates to "Theseus"
* Some map errors fixed that could sometimes kill players if they jumped on top of the red scoreboard.
* It is no longer possible to jump into the purple lava outside of the blue base.
* The upper ledges of the red base are now accessible and contain weapon pickups to match those in the blue base.
* The Laser Tripbombs in the blue base have been spread around the upper wall rather than all in one corner where they require a very precise jump to acquire.

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As an addendum, I created a repository with the old versions for EDuke 2.0-2.1 and unofficial builds of mine: https://gitlab.com/t...d-builds/-/tags


I should mention that the new flag art comes from Hellfire and Fox - I was given it without actually knowing where it came from, so I apologise for that. Credit should be given where it's due, and if the makers don't approve, I'll replace it.

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TeamDUKE v0.9 is out now! See the first post for a download link.

Outside of new maps, most changes came from me again, albeit The Curious Kit contributed as well. As I originally planned for preceding releases, this might (again) be the last version to which I contribute (emphasis on the scope of changes).

This version had NetDuke32's frags list code replaced with a CON re-implementation, similar to NetDuke32's but with adaptations for TeamDUKE. One example is a proper indicator for captured flags. It's also possible to set the displayed names' colors independently of the player sprites' colors.

There were also varying bug fixes and other improvements. Most internal files were moved into separate subdirectories within the PK3 file. This is viable after version 0.8 removed (partial) compatibility with EDuke 2.0.

There are also 32 more maps added. 31 of them came from the Build BROS map pack (December 13 2023 revision), and one more was my contribution (basically a modified subset of a single-player map of mine). Since it's the first time I add contents from another map pack in this manner (as far as I may recall), I've had some concerns, related to the question if it is even ok to include certain maps and/or music:


Change log follows, including compatibility notes that mappers should read to refrain from problems:




A minor update has been released. Version 0.91 is here.

  • New "Underpass" map has been added to Episode 1: "Creator's Return"
  • The UI now shows where the flags are located, using new directional arrows. Fullbright versions of these graphics were also added.
  • Added a new feature, letting players send predefined messages to team members. To use it, hold the "holster weapon" key/button and concurrently press on a key/button selecting a specific weapon (one of the keys 0-9 by default). Note that under 'Use Config Rooms (FFA)', the legacy team switch toggle may override this.
  • As of this version, stock blue and red palookups are used for the player/frag list's team members, as in v0.8. One change from 0.8 is that this is also the case under 'Use Config Rooms (FFA)'.
  • Fixed a bug where a player's flag carrying time wasn't reset if they dropped it from getting shrunk and it was claimed by another player, causing incorrect swear prerequisites.
  • Fixed to make gibs appear red (mostly). This applies to Flag-Tag mode, as well as blue players in team modes with 'Use Config Rooms (FFA)'.

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btw, I dunno how much of the old forums of Garjen Software survived, but here's a thread which looks relevant to me:


I'll quote just the first post, with the archived timestamp being "Apr 19 2006, 08:56 AM":


Could anyone tell me why there is no progress on TeamDUKE now that the Eduke source code has been released? Surely this opens new doors to a new release.
I am suprised that around februari 2006 people again began to show interest in Duke Nukem 3D and it's source codes.

Is TeamDUKE officially dead?

Well, I guess the situation finally changed as of late January 2023!


View PostNY00123, on 08 January 2024 - 02:36 PM, said:

btw, I dunno how much of the old forums of Garjen Software survived, but here's a thread which looks relevant to me:


I'll quote just the first post, with the archived timestamp being "Apr 19 2006, 08:56 AM":

Well, I guess the situation finally changed as of late January 2023!

Unfortunately Garjen's forums got overrun with bots and eventually crashed, so I gave up on them. At that period in time I was in University so couldn't really devote much time to fan projects. But yes, now we know! TeamDUKE was resurrected!

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1. In the meanwhile, at least until sometime during January 15 (depending on the time zone), it is possible to sign up to a tournament, managed by admins of the Build BROS community Discord. For the tournaments of early 2022 and 2023, the StrikerDM mod was used (I wasn't there back in 2022) and the covered games were dukematches. This year, TeamDUKE is used for 2vs2 CTF matches.

As of writing this, 13 players are expected to participate in total, with the maximum being 20.

2. And now, another sub-topic change. With TeamDUKE versions 0.9 and 0.91 being out, I think it's the right time. Version 0.9 removed unused car and car locator actors. There were a car tile and sprite name definitions, but the related CON code was not used at all without a minor CON edit. When the code is used, the car stays in place for about 6-7 seconds before moving to the next locator. It's actually teleporting, albeit interpolation can make it look like the car moves really fast.

Since the car was defined as an enemy actor, monsters should be enabled in order to make it appear in-game. There are chances it was intended for use as a part of moving traffic in a downtown map. Older versions of ctfuser.con reference a non-existing "DOWN TOWN" map.

A small TeamDUKE test map, going through a few incarnations before getting the car, is currently available from the usual Duke4.net-hosted site: https://ny.duke4.net/files.html

Attached Image: simplescreenrecorder-2023-05-18_23.17.39-teamduke-car-test-shot1.png
Attached Image: simplescreenrecorder-2023-05-18_23.17.39-teamduke-car-test-shot2.png

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Updating here that the aforementioned tournament is behind us. Version 0.91 of TeamDUKE is still the last release as of writing this.

I don't know if I'll similarly write about another tournament in the future, in case there's one making use of TeamDUKE in any manner, including non-team games (Flag-Tag). I originally posted about it here in order to try and get a few more players to join; We eventually had 16 (out of a maximum of 20) who signed up. I believe this simplified management, due to 16 being an integer power of 2.

A playlist with videos from the tournament's matches may currently be found here: https://www.youtube....v_846P4McDkycXm

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