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[RELEASE] Super Mario 64 - Snowman's Land  "Another map based on a Super Mario 64 course."


This map is based on Snowman's Land from Super Mario 64; I suppose it's a kind of prequel to Wet-Dry World although the two maps don't have a whole lot in common design-wise.
Basically, by the time Duke arrives, the aliens are in the process of terraforming the area as they see fit, causing stuff to melt and collapse and all sorts of shit to hit the fan; to stop things from getting even worse, Duke basically has to blow up some equipment that the aliens have set up. (By the way, this map has, by far, the most SE13-driven explosion effects out of any map I've made up to this point, although that's not exactly saying much.)
This map uses TROR all over the place (especially some very tight TROR scissoring in and near the igloo); I've encountered problems with the way collision detection interacts with certain types of TROR boundaries, but I'm calling that an engine issue instead of a map issue.

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