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What is your DN3D control scheme?  "Share your custom control scheme and give some input on why you use it"

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I thought it would be interesting for anyone willing to share their control schemes, including their keyboard and mouse bindings as well as explaining why they prefer their control scheme over the classic or modernized schemes found with EDuke32. If you still use the classic layout or use the default modern scheme, explain why that works for you the best. Please also mention if you use auto-aim or not.

I have not always used this control scheme. For over a decade, I was primarily a keyboard-only player and used the classic DOS controls. Over time, I realized using both the keyboard and mouse is a huge advantage, but I felt there's a lot of control options that I could do without, so I go with the following:

auto-aim: off
auto-run: on
Crosshair: On, and scaled all the way down so it is as small as it can be. I've found this is more useful for close and long range shots with auto-aim off.
Mouse (anything not shown here is not bound):


Keyboard (anything not shown is not bound):

As you can see, with my control scheme there is zero reason to need to cycle through the inventory. With auto-aim off, I have more precise aiming capability, and having the most important inventory items attached to my jumping and crouching gives me the quickest access to them. I have been using this control scheme for about 2 years now and feel it has improved my skill at controlling the game.

I look forward to reading your replies, but please.. don't be one of those annoying fucks that just says "classic" or "WASD"... EXPLAIN yourself a bit.

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Since the beginning I have used
crosshair on

scroll wheel for weapon select
RMB move forward
LMB fire
MMB jetpack or medkit if there is no jetpack in game
mouselook yes

Q quick kick
E use
A jump
Z crouch
space move backwards
other keys are rarely used and left at defaults
WASD movement is a deal breaker for me

always run yes
auto aim depends on the mod or TC and it's enemy AI, most times on

I generally don't use alt-fire, zoom, strafing, maybe other features. I like a dumbed down simple gameplay. I prefer auto pickup and auto reload.

I do my best to transfer those settings to all shooter games I play.

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I feel like I've waited a long time to be asked this question.

The actual list:

The explanation:

Why I use the settings I do

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I use arrow keys for movement/strafing, with mouse aiming (just checked the sensitivity and it's set at 4.7 in the older releases and 20.3 in the newer where the scale got more precise, 25 for both X and Y axis specific sensitivities), I also use inverted Y-axis on mouse ever since I've played GTA San Andreas some 15+ years ago where this was basically the default setting from the TPP view and I had no idea how to change it I just got completely used to it. I have auto-run always on, crosshair at 50% size, auto-aim always off. As for the key bindings, LMB for fire, RMB for open (although I sometimes change this to jump when I need a perfect strafing jump, as 3 simultaneous inputs from keyboard don't work for me for some reason...), MMB for quick kick and mouse wheel for weapon switching. Spacebar for jumping, Right Ctrl for crouching, I keep the default [] for items selection and the default binding keys for each item. If I were to play Dukematch, I'd tinker with the controls a bit to have easier access to e.g. medkit or jetpack, but in single player I barely use medkit anyway.

I generally play every game with arrows instead of WASD, so if there's more buttons required, I usually bind them for the keys around that area, e.g. /, End, Ins, Del - for example I usually put Ins as reload, in DNF I've had / for pipebombs and \ for tripmines.

Also auto-switch weapons on pickup is always off for me. I use full old-school HUD with the stats displayed in the left corner, it's always nice to keep track of your ammo for different guns...


An original topic !

I use the arrows for "Forward", "Backward" and "Strafe Left/Right". I use Num 1 for "Open", Num 0 for "Crouch". Then Right Ctrl for "Quick Kick" and Right Shift for "Jump".

On the mouse I have 1 for "Shoot", 2 for "Open" and 3 for "Quick Kick".

The reason why I have 2 "Open" keys is for TCs that have alt-fire, in which case it'll be Mouse 2. And I have all the ", ; : !" keys close to my movement fingers for other functions if need be.
And 2 "Quick Kick" buttons because if a mod has a "reload" function then it's Mouse 3.

My control scheme may look weird, but the main reason is that I just hate the Z,Q,S,D thing for moving, I find the arrows to be much more practical. And since the keys around the arrows have gaps, it's much easier to know what key you're gonna hit without looking, especially as they're all clustered together. I even got the default "Quick Turn" and "Inventory" keys very close to my movement fingers !

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I use typical wasd, nothing fancy. But I'll add one tip: it is very useful in dukematch to bind medkit to a mouse axis. Basically makes it apply instantly.

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Never abandoned the DOS control scheme I grew up using, so arrows for directions, numbers for weapons, Ctrl/Alt/Space to strafe/shoot/use etc. I don't turn off auto aim, but I find myself using mouse aiming a lot, besides that though I'm keyboard only. I just never had a valid reason to change those habits that always worked (a potential one could have been playing Dukematch, but I never did on PC). I don't think the thought of a different control scheme even entered my mind altogether before eDuke32 came along and I had to manually set it back to classic for a bit. I also don't play modern games and so whatever the stereotypical FPS control scheme is to many generations I'm completely clueless about.

I also barely ever quick save. Could never abandon the reassurance of manually going through the menu. Crosshair on, also some hud, either classic or just the numbers but I need the indication. I also map and play in windowed mode (but use a big monitor and so it never feels like windowed mode).

Never even realized one could turn off automatic weapon switch on pick up till now too. It's a terrible mechanic, but I kind of like it.

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View Postck3D, on 30 March 2022 - 05:34 AM, said:

Never even realized one could turn off automatic weapon switch on pick up till now too. It's a terrible mechanic, but I kind of like it.

*In the middle of a massive shoot-out with large number of enemies and running around some area*
"Whelp, great, just what I needed to shoot these aliens!"


Due the broken keyboard i currently have i am forced to use an really weird control scheme. Note that i am using an older laptop. Here's my control scheme anyway:


Move_Forward = "Up" "Kpad8"
Move_Backward = "" "Kpad2"
Turn_Left = "" "Kpad4"
Turn_Right = "" "KPad6"
Strafe = "" "RAlt"
Fire = "Enter" "RCtrl"
Open = "Space" ""
Run = "" ""
AutoRun = "LShift" ""
Jump = "" "/"
Crouch = "N" ""
Look_Up = "" "Kpad9"
Look_Down = "S" "Kpad3"
Look_Left = "" "Kpad0"
Look_Right = "" "Kpad."
Strafe_Left = "Left" ""
Strafe_Right = "Right" ""
Aim_Up = "V" ""
Aim_Down = "" ""
Weapon_1 = "BakSpc" ""
Weapon_2 = "" ""
Weapon_3 = "" ""
Weapon_4 = "H" ""
Weapon_5 = "RAlt" ""
Weapon_6 = "6" ""
Weapon_7 = "7" ""
Weapon_8 = "8" ""
Weapon_9 = "9" ""
Weapon_10 = "0" ""
Inventory = "X" ""
Inventory_Left = "[" ""
Inventory_Right = "]" ""
Holo_Duke = "" ""
Jetpack = "" ""
NightVision = "" ""
MedKit = "" ""
TurnAround = "" ""
SendMessage = "" ""
Map = "Tab" ""
Shrink_Screen = "" "Kpad-"
Enlarge_Screen = "" "Kpad+"
Center_View = "" ""
Holster_Weapon = "" ""
Show_Opponents_Weapon = "" ""
Map_Follow_Mode = "" ""
See_Coop_View = "" ""
Mouse_Aiming = "" ""
Toggle_Crosshair = "Y" ""
Steroids = "" ""
Quick_Kick = "" ""
Next_Weapon = "P" ""
Previous_Weapon = ";" ""

I am really aware that when you see control scheme like this you would be probably get very confused, but actually some command choices that seem to don't make sense at first, actually do. Thanks to my key swaper\key tweaker application software i managed to replace some working button to type characters\commands from those broken buttons which can't do it anymore. For example, what Duke3D's SETUP.EXE detects as "Right Alt" is actually "Numeric Slash /" in reality, which again i use for command of weapon 5 (RPG) since most numbers of my keyboard don't work anyway. Yeah complicated and confusing, i know.

I will also add that this was really creative topic as well. ;)

PS. If you wonder how i am typing this post with broken keyboard like that, my only answer would be On-Screen Keyboard software. B)

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I used to use the numpad as all the keys are laid out more evenly, but that became untenable to move the keyboard halfway across my desk (and impossible on sliding keyboard desk trays). These days I'm a pretty typical WASDer, except I always swap Space and E for jump and use. ScrollDown is next weapon, ScrollUp is prev weapon, RMB is walk, MMB is alt fire or melee. For Duke, Q is the quick kick though.

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Very good responses everyone! It is interesting that so far, everyone's preferences are quite varied from one person to the next. I thought this would get some interesting responses, and I was right! I'm glad I started this topic.

It's also neat to see there are still people playing with the more DOS style controls. That's how I played the game for a long time, but as I got more into gaming and playing deathmatch, I had to make the change so I could stand a chance, and once I made that change it has been hard to revert back to the classic controls.

Ninety-Six, thank you for sharing that about yourself. I hadn't heard of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome before and your post was quite insightful. I am glad you have been able to make accommodations for you to continue to play the games you enjoy.

PS. My original post has a typo. No, I don't have my mouse vertical sensitivity set to 250.00 - it's 25.00!



I think it depends on what the episode/mod is like. Original episodes and many oldschool usermade stuff are actually working very well with arrow keys with auto aim on. Allen Blum's maps in World Tour (particularly the turret heavy Golden Carnage and Mirage Barrage) are arrow key levels with auto aim on as well. However stuff beyond 2000 would be really hard to play with vanilla setting, it's clear most people designed their levels with mouselook and WASD in mind. I didn't try Ion Fury with arrow keys, but I think it would be completely unplayable with it. So in reality I had to learn to be both "right hander" and "left hander". My skills are declined in the last decade though, which is a weird contradiction to this. Probably the reason is I don't play these games too often. I usually play Duke 5 times a year at most.

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I usually stick to a modern layout:

Movement / strafe : WASD
Use: E
Jump: Space
Crouch : Left Ctrl (i never use crouch toggle)
No auto-aim
Always mouse aiming with sensitivity 4.00 - it also depends on OS sensitivity too

VERY rarely i play some map in true old DOS style, with classic controls, software render and low resolution

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View PostMusicallyInspired, on 31 March 2022 - 08:38 AM, said:

I used to use the numpad as all the keys are laid out more evenly, but that became untenable to move the keyboard halfway across my desk (and impossible on sliding keyboard desk trays). These days I'm a pretty typical WASDer, except I always swap Space and E for jump and use. ScrollDown is next weapon, ScrollUp is prev weapon, RMB is walk, MMB is alt fire or melee. For Duke, Q is the quick kick though.

I've always used the numpad, but no need to slide the keyboard across my desk since I'm using the numpad with my right hand and the mouse with my left.

mouselook is Y inverted
mouse 1 fire, mouse 2 altfire
mouse 3 for sprint in games or mods where it depletes

Num 8 forward, 5 back, 4 strafe left, 6 strafe right
0 jump
enter crouch
+ open
num 1 prev weapon, num 3 next weapon
num 2 use inventory
num 7 prev inventory, num 9 next inventory
right arrow quick kick

I also use the row of keys above the numbers for various things depending on the mod or game (.e.g / is usually reload weapon). The numpad is good for because the keys are laid out evenly, but much better if you have a bit of a left handed preference like me.

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I'm an old school player that uses just the keyboard with classic DOS controls. (Num 8, 6, 2, and 4 are my arrow keys.)

Autoaim: On
Autorun: Off
Crosshair: Off

User is offline   jimbob 


call me oldschool but i still use arrows for movement, Rctrl jumps and Rshift ducks. Lmouse for shooting, Rmouse for quick kick, and mouse 4 ( have a few extra buttons on the side ) for interaction. everything else is basically standard.

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For eduke i use this scheme
crosshair on (I for toggle crosshair)
1- 0 or mouse wheel for changing weapons
W for move forward
S for move backward
A for strafe left
D for strafe right
left arrow for turn left
right arrow for turn right
Left CTRL for crouch
Space for jump
E for use
TAB for map
J for jetpack
H for Holoduke
N for night vision goggles
R for steroids
U for mouse aiming
Q for quick kick
two keys on the right side next to "P" letter for inventory left/right :-) (i´m not able to name them)

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Well, some controls may change from a game to another, or even on the same vanilla game to a modded version:

Auto-aim: hit-scan only

Auto-run: on

Crosshair: on, 50% down, i don't like if they are "too much" on the way, i find dots and cross types probably as the best ones.

Mouse; aside the in-game sensitivity, i think is a matter of DPI as well, after a certain amount of inches (moving left or right) your character should be turned about of 180°, then i use DPIs X=700 Y=820.

Sensitivity: 30.20 (simply 5.00 in the olds eduke32)

Horiz Sens - 25.25

Vert Sens - 25.25

Invert aiming: No

Button 0 - Fire

Button 1 - Medkit (for vanilla) (Reload or Alt-Fire/Secondary-Fire for mods), sometimes i've used it for Inventory Right.

Double buttons - (I always thought to bind something to a double button, like a quick pipe bomb, never did it yet)

Button 2 - It was Jetpack or Zoom back then, nowdays i TOTALLY AVOID to use wheel click, i think it deteriorates the scrolling sensor after a while, next you need to change mouse...

First side Button - Prev Weapon

Second side Button - Next Weapon

wheel up - Medkit, only if Button 1 is used already (can be Zoom or melee attack in other games)

Wheel down - Jetpack (Grenades/mines like in Doom 2016 lol)


W - move forward

S - move backward

E - open

LShift - walk (can be the Sprinf/Dash in other games)

A - Srafe Left

D - Strafe right

H - HoloDuke

Tab: Map

R - Reload (separated from the mouse function, can also be melee, change fire mode or even grenades, depending from the game)

CTRL - Crouch

I - toggle crosshair

G - steroids, i don't like to active it by mistake, so G (F can be change fire mode as well)

Q - Quick kick (melee or flashlight, depending from the game)

Spacebar - Jump

LArrow - Inventory left

RArrow - Inventory Right

DArrow - Use Item

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Ah, little off topic : i always use Left Ctrl and Left Alt for jump and attack in every sidescrolling game, since i played DN1 and DN2 twenty years ago

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I can't imagine myself playing Duke without DukePlus, so I always bind R to alt fire and numpad 0 to steroids.
Middle mouse button goes to jetpack, right button goes to medkit. If mouse has other buttons, at least one is binded to alt fire.
No auto aim, no weapons swap on new pickup.
Everything else is stock EDuke32 (i.e. WASD + mouse).

I spent my childhood playing Duke without a mouse, despite having one. Like in the allegory of the Plato's cave, I thought it was the optimal way to play any FPS.

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I personally use the default controls in most cases. It just depends of whether I'm playing the original DOS version or source port. Here are my settings:


Resolution: 320x200
Brightness/Gamma: Lowest (Sometimes I change to the middle selection, aka Brightness Level 4, if the map/mod in question is very dark)
Crosshair: Off (Sometimes I enable it, usually when the mod in question has a custom crosshair)
Autorun: Off (Sometimes I enable Run Mode if the mod in question requires you to move all the time)
Autoaim: On
Status Bar: Classic/Full (shows armor, all weapons, keys, etc)

Movement: Arrow Keys
Strafe: Alt (Left and Right)
Fire: Ctrl (Left and Right)
Open: Space
Run: Shift (Left and Right)
AutoRun: Caps Lock
Jump: A and /
Crouch: Z
Look Up: Page Up
Look Down: Page Down
Look Left: Insert
Look Right: Delete
Strafe Left: ,
Strafe Right: .
Aim Up: Home
Aim Down: End
Weapon 1-10 - Numbers 1-0
Inventory: Enter
Inventory Left: [
Inventory Right: ]
HoloDuke: H
Jetpack: J
NightVision: N
MedKit: M
TurnAround: Backspace
Send Message: T
Map: Tab
Shrink Screen: -
Enlarge Screen: =
Center View: KPad5
Holster Weapon: Scroll Lock
Show Opponents Weapon: W
Map Follow Mode: F
See Coop View: K
Mouse Aiming: U
Toggle Crosshair: I
Steroids: R
Quick Kick: `
Next Weapon: '
Previous Weapon: ;

Note that I didn't specify Key pads in general, except for Center View which didn't have any other value assigned.
I also don't use half of these keys, I only use the important ones.


Same as vanilla (at least the controls), except for the following:

Resolution: 800x600 (Windowed) (would have used more, like 1024x768, if I could run it in fullscreen mode without colors bug on newer OSes)
Renderer: Software
Brightness/Gamma: Level 4 (the middle option)
Crosshair: On
Autorun: Off (Sometimes I enable it)
Autoaim: On
Level Stats: On
Status Bar: Classic/Full (original scale/size)


Modern controls, set by default, only mentioning the changed ones:

Resolution: 1024x768 (Fullscreen)
Renderer: OpenGL/Polymost mode (sometimes I enable Polymer as well)
Brightness/Gamma: 2.00
Crosshair: On (tiny size)
Autorun: On
Autoaim: On
Level Stats: On (50% size)
Status Bar: Modern (EDuke32 HUD, original scale/size)
Mouselook: Enabled

Movement: WASD keys
Fire: Left Mouse Button
Open: E
Jump: Space
Crouch: Left Ctrl

I think there may be more and I'm forgetting. These are the keys I use in general and applies to other games as well. In general, DOS games up to 1996-1997 or so, I play keyboard only and that only if I'm playing their original DOS versions (and certain classic source ports).
For more modern games/ports, I use modernized controls and settings. This is partially because as a kid I used to be keyboard only and even remember played the first 3 Quake games like that, though later once I started playing Quake 3 with WASD controls (since 2006-2007), I never went back to original controls in any other games until 2015 or so.
Then I decided in general to stick to default settings in most games. There are exceptions where some games/mods ask you to redefine your own keys or to bind a key to some action, in those cases I choose a key that I'm comfortable with.


It really is surprising to see how much variety there is for something like this. It's funny how I couldn't actually think of the controls off the top of my head and instead had to look through all of my CFG files, as they're muscle memory at this point. My brain is wired that way, apparently, as I don't remember passwords either and merely remember the movements required to enter them. It seems there are two schemes that I have set up most. It seems to depend largely on whether the machine has a mouse or not, though this isn't a rule.
If the machine does have a mouse, this scheme is more likely:
Attached Image: DN3KC.png

If the machine does not have a mouse, then this one will be more likely:
Attached Image: DN3KB.png

It may be worth noting that I have large hands. Closed up they're a little wider than a desktop CD drive, opening them up my finger to thumb probably spans upwards of 10". This is a real mixed bag when playing a synthesizer, as while I can knock out big organ chords spanning over an octave with ease, my fingers tend to smash into each other if I have to play something quickly. It also renders any Xbox controller after the original Duke model unusable, along with several keyboards and mice.

There is a third scheme, which was actually in the first CFG I read. It exists only in that one CFG, however, and I have to think it might have been set up for a specific keyboard on a specific machine. I shall include it anyway:
Attached Image: DN3KA.png

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