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Looking for Con. Tutor  "Starting at $50 an hour."

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Looking for someone who wants to tutor me in CON. Resources don't make sense.


If you are able to code for me I can pay per script.

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this thread is full of tips, code and whatnots regarding coding

and on the eduke32 wiki is a plethora of information.

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The second link doesn't help I'm sorry. I need hands-on help I cant read and wait for messages to come in.

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  • Dr. Effector


I would start by reading & modifying the existing duke CON, translate the commands to what you see in eduke32 wiki for example.
There really are no shortcuts, you need to understand what you are doing, how programming works at a lighter level (program flow, etc..) and such.
I'm pretty sure almost everybody who knows CON started off my just modifying existing duke stuff.
You have no hopes of starting to code from scratch until you understand how the game and engine works at least on a basic level since the scripting directly modifies parameters tied to game functions.

A Tutor would make you study the same material.
It's really the same as learning a new language.

User is offline   Mark 


Not exactly what you're looking for but here is a list of con bits I gathered over the years. Some are easy enough to drop in without much fuss.

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