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MS-DOS networking in Windows 10

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Has anyone tried an MS-DOS emulator like DOSBOX and was able to do TCP/IP networking successfully within it from a Windows 10 PC (or from another 64-bit Windows version)?

For further clarity, has anyone downloaded DOSBOX (or other DOS emulator) for Windows 10, then downloaded the tools from http://www.brutman.com/mTCP/mTCP.html and used HTGET to downlad webpage contents?

I can download google's homepage (http://www.google.ca) in DOSBOX in linux, but I don't know about Windows 10 since I stopped using Windows many years ago.

If anyone is successful then please let me know that it worked and tell me the following:
1. The software or emulator you used to run real dos (Example: DOSBOX)
2, The version of the above software
3. Filenames of configuration files you made changes to with respect to the program
4. Filenames of windows system files you made changes to to make the networking work (if applicable)
5. Any Windows registry keys or values you needed to change (if applicable)
6. Details of the changes to configuration files (like what names and values did you need to add/remove?)
7. Any batch files or scripts you used to make the startup a breeze.

If I can get this information, I may be able to make an installer based on it so people with newer windows could play duke nukem for DOS network style with my driver. I unfortunately cannot get the info myself because I don't have a 64-bit windows system and I don't have money for one right now.

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