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Duke Nukem : Mission Istanbul (Released)


This is actually my old mod that i never released on Duke4.net
but unfinished alpha was temporary available on Scent 88 forums.

Originally was supposed to be joke mod, but after polishing stuff bit up,
i was thinking to release it. Note due the very original nature of mod itself
maps usually vary from poor to mediocre quality. Nothing too special, but i
was thinking some players who don't care much about map quality would like to
blaze thru Serious Sam type of action with overloads of both human and alien
enemies with good action music being played in background.


Mission Istanbul will take Duke to action of 16 levels. Duke will visit Istanbul (Turkey),
Prishtina (Kosovo) and slums and metro stations of Varna (Bulgaria) fighting TKA (Turkish Kommunist Agency) military formations while
blasting off the remaining aliens in the way. There is one new weapon Turkish Blaster (secret weapon of TKA), while standard Duke's guns
were a bit altered. There is also new human enemies, all new bosses (all oversized humans) barely giving any break for Duke.


Story is divided in two episodes - Episode 1 "Mission Istanbul" and Episode 2 "Ultimate payback"



Duke is sent to some weird part of Istanbul to investigate new alien invasion. Duke fights aliens thru this level and find some weapons.

Level 2 - TKA INFESTED Garage

Duke appears in an garage where he fight more aliens and find more weapon. As soon he exits outside, Duke realizes that this region of Istanbul is invaded by some red soldiers, called TKA forces. TKA (Turkish Kommunist Agency) is some kind of Turkish Secret Service and they want to secure Istanbul themseleves and therefor they are attacking everyone and everything. First of all after they eliminated some aliens, they try to kill Nukem as well. However Duke manages to overcome them and enter small TKA bunker where he receives a message from TKA Officer, Mehmed Ibrahim who gives orders to other soldiers to eliminate new witness called Duke Nukem who already murdered about 15 of their agent troops.

Level 3 - Welcome to Istanbul

Duke now appears at center of Istanbul where he fights more agents and visits the Fountain in Istanbul. After getting the keycard Duke enters their secret TKA Base, where now Mehmed Ibrahim confronts him in person, but Duke kills him off and continues deepers in TKA Base.

Level 4 - Secret TKA Base

Duke enters TKA secret base and fights more TKA guys. Once he enter in agents' bedroom he finds their new weapon prototype - Turkish blaster. And not only he finds keycard for exit but also secret DATA Memory card which contains most important secrets of Turkish Kommunist Agency. Duke eits to the yard with helicopter and confront more TKA Army. After he eliminates them he receives the message from General Graves who is happy that he finally found Duke. He expalins DUke that he already knows everything about Duke and his situation with TKA. General Graves analyzes the secret Memory DATA Card Duke stolen from TKA Base and finds out news that TKA are planning to take some weaponary from Kosovo and warns him to grab helicopter and go over there before TKA came there. But Graves also warns him to watch out because Kosovo Military forces will not show any mercy either. Duke enters the helicopter.

Level 5 - KOSOVO

Duke arrives in Kosovo capital city, Prishtina and jumps offthe building on fountain. He confronts Kosovo Military force, defeats them and enters Arsenal Storage of weapon, where General Graves congrats him on doing well job, but also tell him that aliens are planning to invade this area as well. Duke then hears some weird voice speaking message like "Good job with aliens but we have bigger problems. An intruder, Duke Nukem who is agent of EDF is plotting of taking our weaponary. I want that f**ker dead! Buahahaha" Duke enters the lift, and go to higher floor, where he kills some aliens and receives another message from Graves. General Graves explains him that "weaponary" mentioned in TKA Memory card was actually a power generator controlled by one man, This generator have a power to suck out all electrical enery all around the world. The man who possess this generator is Kosovo leader, Kosta Beciraj! Duke must confront him and end this mess. After Duke received the message he went to Kosta's main office, where Kosta tricks him with excuse they shall make the deal, but suddenly Kosta puts Nukem in cage and later moves him to an prison near an alien base.

Level 6 - Prishtina central jail

Duke gotta escape from jail but return of officer Mehmed Ibrahim will surprise him.

Level 7 - Kosta Beciraj

Nukem appears at surface of Kosovo jail and fights Kosta Beciraj himself. This is last level in Episode 1

In Episode 2, Ultimate Payback, Duke is enjoying his vacation on the beach. But then he is suddenly interupted by one call. The guy who called Nukem, ruined his vacation and threatened to him is Buyrum Aziz. Buyrum Aziz is powerful man from Middle East Mafia and he had deal with TKA. However as Duke defeated most of TKA army and officer Mehmed Ibrahim in Episode 1, Aziz is enraged on him, as Buyrum Aziz had 2 billion dollar worth deal with TKA, which failed once Mehmed Ibrahim is dead. Buyrum Aziz then unites with rest of TKA Army, to kill Duke. However, no matter how many TKA soldiers Aziz sent, Duke always overcome there. Later Duke appears at Crashmed Metro, and finds out there is building of Aziz Enterprises. So Buyrum Aziz also possess his own company. Later Duke enters the Aziz Enterprises buidling.


You can either extract contents of mission-istanbul.zip directly to your eduke32 directory and then click on mission-istanbul.bat or you can extract contents WITHIN mission-istanbul FOLDER and run eduke32 with that game folder. This mod is tested on latest eduke32 snapshot.

Download link: https://ufile.io/y6tbame0

User is offline   Mark 


I downloaded it and will try it tomorrow morning.

User is offline   Aleks 


Judging by the description, this reminds me of some 1998 total conversion, which I somehow dig. Downloaded and will play it some day. Would be cool if you'd supply some screenshots in this thread as well, so people get some better idea as what to expect.


View PostAleks, on 01 July 2021 - 11:40 PM, said:

Judging by the description, this reminds me of some 1998 total conversion, which I somehow dig. Downloaded and will play it some day. Would be cool if you'd supply some screenshots in this thread as well, so people get some better idea as what to expect.

Alrights, screenshots are coming. Thank you for your support.


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