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Spookymod  "a little mod I made today"

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Spookymod by Dan "DeeperThought" Gaskill with sprites by sebabdukeboss20

Add the contents of spookymod.zip to a working folder that contains eduke32.exe and vanilla Duke Nukem 3D. It may also work with some other mods but no promises.

What it does:

-Enemies wear Jack O' Lantern heads. While wearing the heads, enemies have extra health and damage. Destroy the Jack O' Lantern and it drops candy. Some sprites that are not enemies wear them too.
-Three types of candy can temporarily boost visibility, health and damage
-The world is darker and visibility gradually decreases over time, that's why you need the visibility candy
-Sloped surfaces are haunted

This mod was made in one day on October 30, 2020 -- maybe it will be updated, maybe not!


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"sloped surfaces are haunted"

I'm already scared at what kind of Build jank and/or black magic is about to be unleashed.


Nice but also meh, I thought it was a sorta of announcement of the continuation of the Norwak's Halloween Themed Episode, which only the Dracula's Castle map has been done. Well, I suppose that it will look good combined with this.

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