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Doom 3 BFG Issues  "Something with OpenGL"

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Anyone need a good reason to keep working on their Duke 3D mods? Well here is one.

Doom 3 BFG doesn't work, and Steam takes no blame for it and can't get enough of that age old link zig-zag and loop stuff.

No Steam, YOU are the one who is selling it, therefore YOU must take responsibility. But in a world where narcissism and professional dweeb mean the same thing, I guess buying over $100 of games and expecting them to work is incorrect.

It really is a shame. I bought over 40 games because they were on sale. Cosmo worked. And please don't just tell me "oh it's a simple resolution problem". I already played with that. Doom 3 doesn't work, period.

Is it a big deal? No, but this is another reason for why all the negative stereotypes exist, and further more, why I really haven't had much interest in other games. Because in my experience Steam is not that reliable. Was it bad enough that a forum moderator tried to steal my work after trashing me for a semester? The best part about that was - weapon of choice - copyright infringement. Somehow my work, that he hated, was still his....yeah, is that who you guys at Steam are? Is Valve really a bunce of sociopathic, narcissistic dweebs after all? Steam definitely needs to improve. Such a shame I was going to buy a few more games, but after this performance, Steam reminded me of who and what they are.

I attached the crash report. So people can take a look at it. It has something to do with OpenGL. I have no clue what any of that means.

Oh, and before people start to rip on my laptop, here are the specifications, so no one can say it's on my end:

CPU - Intel Core i7-9750H CPU at 2.60 GHz
RAM - 16 GB
GPU 0 - Intel UHD Graphics 630
GPU 1 - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 with Max-Q Design

It's a $2,200 lap top what more do I need to have something WORK!!!

Hopefully, someone can help with this, and maybe Steam could improve (doubt they ever will).

Until then, back to my mod.

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You might want to rag on the game developer, not the platform. Was it Playstation's fault that No Man's Sky kept crashing over and over at launch on the PS4? No, it was Hello Games' fault. I suppose you could give some blame to Sony for pressuring them to release when they weren't ready because they were funding them, but Steam has no such relationship with id Software for Doom 3 BFG. It has nothing to do with Steam.

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Yeah, nothing to do with Steam, it's an Id/ Bethesda thing. Since it's a OpenGL problem i would tell you to try different driver versions, but the "-1 MB Video Memory" thing in the log, it's like the game is not detecting either of your gpus.

All i can find with Google is the launch the game windowed thing ,+set r_fullscreen 0, that you seem to have tried already.

you could try and see if it runs with Doom BFA Edition, a source port for Doom 3 BFG.

I only own the original Doom 3, so that's as far as i can help you, sorry.

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Interesting information. I do appreciate this. The intent of this topic was to have a fix or suggestion, but it is good to know who to blame.

For Steam's sake, they should implement a "This shall work agreement" and a "rag on button". That blame stuff works both ways, which means there can in fact be some sort of quid pro quo agreement. For instance, the "This shall work agreement" would mandate that BOTH the Distributer, or Platform, in this situation, AND the Developer shall insure that the product works correctly.

The Developer would insure the product works and Steam, as the Distributer, therefore, only then, accepts it. In return the Developer, basically, makes money while Steam sells it and makes profit as well. Of course, the price of video games may go up due to this policy depending on how much each side wishes to take for their efforts, and whether or not Steam has "in house inspection" or "consultants" doing the compatibility reviews. If the Developer fails to insure that the product works correctly, Steam simply does not sell it for the Developer, and therefor, the Developer MUST fix it.

On the opposite end, ALL Distributers should implement this ("This shall work agreement") to insure that the customers, as part of their support, do not buy a defective product erroneously released by the Developer.

I see now that this is neither a Distributer or Developer problem. It is an industry problem. Just think of it as the two of us. I Develop a game and you sell it for me. Unfortunately, I put out a "broken" game, while you just say "not my problem". You take all the blame for my mistake, when it is my fault but can be partially yours for not inspecting it, while we both get rich. How is that legal? Because it is.

Should there be some government policy mandating this? Or should both sides sit down, figure out what works, and do what's best for the customer, without the need for enforcement?

As for the "rag on button", it is basically a customer care center (or customer complaint center) that alerts BOTH the Distributer AND Developer of what the problem is. Once again, both sides figure out what the problem is.

This may be a complete failure by design and I may know nothing or something like this cannot happen because of some else's design, but one fact remains, Distributers or Platforms, in this case, Steam, should inspect what a Developer provides. All Steam could say is, "sorry, it don't work. Fix it, or we don't sell it for you to get rich and fat off of it."

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You're not more used to console gaming are you? (I'm not taking a jab at you or being all PCMR, just a question) It's easier to expect that things should "just work" on a console than on PC. If a game didn't work on someone's PS4 or XBox One then that person would have more leniency to blow up about it. PCs are infinitely more complicated because not every system is the same like on a video game console. There are different hardware, drivers, operating systems, etc. And any one of them could be outdated, faulty, old and worn out, or cheaply made. It's not as easy to just guarantee that a game will work nor is it realistic to expect such a thing in all cases. Especially after a certain amount of time when newer hardware, operating systems, and drivers come out that render older games unplayable. A game on Steam would have worked fine back when it was first released, but now not so much anymore. The original Doom 3 is also on Steam and can suffer from this. In fact, some Steam game pages contain disclaimers in red text notifying of such problems with compatibility. For newer games it makes perfect sense that, barring any minor hiccups and release day patches that fix unexpected problems, major glitches and game breaking (or sometimes outright failures to launch) should be unacceptable (like the PC port of Arkham Knight which was pulled for a whole year from Steam after it was released for being so buggy). However, Doom 3 BFG is now 8 years old or so and is based on a game that is now 16 years old underneath.

As for a solution, sorry I can't help you. :(

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View PostMusicallyInspired, on 22 March 2020 - 07:11 PM, said:

(I'm not taking a jab at you or being all PCMR, just a question)

As for a solution, sorry I can't help you. :(

I'm not offended by what you said. You helped me figure out who to blame mostly and got this topic moving.

It's interesting how 3D Wolfenstein, Cosmo, and the evil EditArt still work with only a DOSBox. As you said, a console which is similar to what a DOSBox is (even though it is an emulator). Some sort of unit that is this specific environment for a program, thus insures perpetual compatibility.

Maybe I should get the Doom BFA Edition, PS4, or an X-Box.

Thanks for the help.

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Yes, DOSBox does indeed render DOS games effectively compatible on every system. That's a great observation. Windows-based games are harder to ensure this. Especially the 9x era. XP-era is also starting to have problems now. Maybe we need a WINBox. :lol:

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View PostMusicallyInspired, on 23 March 2020 - 07:48 AM, said:

Yes, DOSBox does indeed render DOS games effectively compatible on every system. That's a great observation. Windows-based games are harder to ensure this. Especially the 9x era. XP-era is also starting to have problems now. Maybe we need a WINBox. :lol:

You would think that something like Steam would already have something like a WINBox. Just imagine how Steam could dominate with something like that, or even a software company like id may want to make something like that.

I'll try this Doom BFA Edition port with the BFG Edition and see if that works.

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Well the Doom BFA Edition didn't work. This mod does not work for me, I'm sure it works for others, but I'm not one of them. I have wasted enough time with Steam and id. I uninstalled Steam and all the other stuff that I wasted my time with.

You see the other problem is people running to the defense of Steam, which is precisely my point - there is a problem with everything.
1) Steam failing to inspect games and coming up with some sort of emulator or requiring the Developer to do that.
2) People making excuses for Steam, we know the Developer is the problem, but nobody does anything to fix it.
3) No one wants to make a WINBox, like you suggested MusicallyInspired.

To those of you who defended Steam, you have in fact provided valuable incites concerning what one of the problems is - excuses for the Distributor. We keep saying Steam has nothing to do with it, but how has that approach solved anything? Perhaps it is time to try something different - make the Distributer / Seller accountable.

Thanks for the help at least guys. All of you have provided something useful to this topic so far. :)

Unfortunately for me, it's time to get back to my mod.

NO, I'm not buying it for PS4 or XBox. Why would I give more money to people who did not do their job? :angry:

We just need someone BIG to say "Steam = Broken Games Max" :rolleyes:
"Broken Games Max, or BGM - the best place to observe plausible deniability. You pay for broken stuff."

Is everything that Steam does wrong? No, but in my personal experience they are unreliable, and they are not held accountable, as we can see.

Just imagine, what would happen if someone would come up with a WINBox, and think of all the people who would want to get their hands on that....

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