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Duke Nukem 3D:Blood And Ice  "This ain't your 'Beta Bryan' mod!"

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If anyone's here from the 'What are you working on for duke' Thread, this is Duke Nukem 3D:Blood And Ice.
a combination of Lameduke, The 1995 builds (I guess), Cage's mod, and my own ideas.
Coming soon! Maybe! Assuming gearbox doesn't nuke me, because i'm kinda questioning the legality of this!

Many years ago, a race known as the humans came to earth. They were here because they wanted something. but the native species, The Triocladiar, (Yes, i totally took that name from misfittechstudios, HAHA.) didn't know what. The leader of the humans, Lord Huma, said that he wanted the planet itself. The Emperor of earth, Battlelord Marinos, made a deal with Lord Huma, Saying that if he wants earth, he's gonna have to swap planets with the Triocladiar. and he did.
This action angered the Opposing Parties, the most infamous one was The Blood Family, A Party dedicated to removing the battlelord from power. In response to the deal, The Blood Family formed an army, THE BLOOD ARMY! They set fire to the capital of earth, Asgard. (A reference to asgard's fire, by crusader. good fuckin song.) and killed every civilian in sight.
The people loyal to the battlelord came together to form The Ice Army, beginning the bitter rivalry of Blood And Ice.
Within a few days, The Blood Army was crushed, and the former president of the blood family, Suran Korando, was executed.
From that day, forward. The Blood And Ice Armies were sworn enemies.

APRIL 24, 1998.

Duke Nukem, 29 Years Old, Lebanese War Veteran, Former Biologist (not a female biologist, you dirty bastard), Alien Killer, and so on. had a lot of failed jobs.

"Damn, this year has been hard on me."
Duke mused on his recent defeat of the Rigelatins, with his back hurting, his voice raspy even in his thoughts, and his stomach empty. (but not for long, because apparently the rigelatins make great food.)
After looking around the spaceship for a bit, Duke decided that it was time for him to go home. however, another spaceship caught his eye.
"Hmm, i wonder, there are probably some chicks in there!" Duke said, Excited, not knowing the dark truth.
Duke used the warp factor to teleport onto the ship. it was abandoned. "Hey, anyone in here?"
After going a bit deeper into the ship, he found a Fat Alien with no legs, but a disk that probably lets it hover.
Unfortunately, the alien was already dead. someone must've killed it, but who?
Upon opening another door, Duke heard Animal-Like growls and robotic noises.
He knew he was in for a bad time...


Duke Nukem - You know his deal by now.
Battlelord Atticus - The current battlelord. (boss of episode 1, because he mistook duke for a bad guy.)
Overlord - Leader of The Blood Army's Moon Assault Force. Boss of Episode 2.


Marinos Alarcon II - The Leader of The Ice Army. Older son of atticus.
Ozavier Alarcon - The Leader of The Blood Army, Illegitimate son of atticus, the younger brother. He's currently hiding a dark secret from his father, that won't be revealed until the end of episode 4,

Now, the enemies are mostly the same as the original, but here are the ones that have new sprites.







I'll post screenshots of various stuff later in this thread.
I hope you enjoy the videos in the meantime.

(credit goes to gearbox, 3d realms, cage, and people who posted on the community stockpile, jimmy, hendricks266, terminx, fred, lunick, etc.)
this project is going to be, uhh, great?

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Update - 2/18/20 (If anyone's actually following this thread.)

1 - New map added, basically a junkyard. not sure if this'll make it to the final version.

Attached Image: capt0001.png

Attached Image: duke0006.png

2 - God has abandoned me. i have added the dick gib (posted by terminx in the old bryaning thread.) replaces assault trooper head

Attached Image: PENIS1.png
Attached Image: PENIS2.png
Attached Image: PENIS3.png
Attached Image: PENIS4.png

I'm so sorry.

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Instead of making it replace the assault trooper's head, the dick jib should be a new and separate jib.


View PostTrooper Dan, on 18 February 2020 - 04:28 PM, said:

Instead of making it replace the assault trooper's head, the dick jib should be a new and separate jib.

While i do like the sound of that, i'm not going to do that for a few reasons.
1. i don't want to fuck about with the code too much.
2. The original liztroop head doesn't fit in with the new sprites, and i don't think a gib sprite for the firefly troop's head even exists.
but thanks for the advice.

User is online   Danukem 

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You could make a passable firefly head jib animation by cutting the head sprites from a few angles of the full body sprites, then rotating/skewing them and adding a little blood. It's not that hard, I'm no artist by I've done that plenty of times for my mods.


View PostTrooper Dan, on 18 February 2020 - 05:26 PM, said:

You could make a passable firefly head jib animation by cutting the head sprites from a few angles of the full body sprites, then rotating/skewing them and adding a little blood. It's not that hard, I'm no artist by I've done that plenty of times for my mods.

that sounds like a good idea, but i want to keep the dick in place of the head because it's sort of saying that the aliens are dickheads. HAHA.

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Bro you just posted cringe


View PostJimmy, on 19 February 2020 - 01:11 AM, said:

Bro you just posted cringe

Now he will lose subscribers :rolleyes:


View PostFantinaikos, on 19 February 2020 - 01:40 AM, said:

Now he will lose subscribers :rolleyes:

"BRO MY SUBS LIKE DROPPED FROM 18000000000000000 TO LIKE 2! LIKE, WHAT THE *stupid censor noise* IS THIS?"
-DefiaGum (like ricegum, but worse.)


Update 2/20/2020, 9:07 PM.

HUD changed again, Pistol graphic changed.
Attached Image: duke0015.png

the pistol has been modified for support of the smaller huds (because of it's offsets)
Check out duke's motherfuckin noodly ass arm!

Attached Image: pistolz_2524.png

Attached Image: pistolz_2525.png

Attached Image: pistolz_2526.png


If anyone's still following this topic, here's a bit of trivia:
Blood And Ice Is my 4th Attempt to create a mod based on betas.
my other attempts didn't go so well.

The one that has the most work on it is called 'Duke Nukem 3D:The Lost Episodes'
The Problem is, it was made with 0.99. Yeah, judging from that it was kinda doomed from the start.
Blood And Ice originally came around when i tried to place the assets from lost episodes into the full game.
And then i thought "How bout i put some Lameduke forever in there?" and that's where it all began.

So while you're waiting for blood and ice, play around with my previous attempt and see what interesting things you can find.



Special thanks to "Jim" For leaking 0.99, Hendricks for hosting it on his site, And of course, 3D Realms for making the game.

Also, you need dosbox. eduke will not work :rolleyes:

sorry for just throwing this shit out of nowhere. i just couldn't help but show this to you.

note:if you want me to remove the 0.99 grp from the rar for legality reasons i will- wait, why am i saying this? it's like a shareware build, or some shit. but i'm releasing it with more levels like it's a full game, oh what the fuck, this is like what lakisoft did and he got the fuck away with it. he put retail stuff in 0.99, i don't know, i'm just worrying about legal matters way too much.


Hello, i'm here. i'm not dead.
UPDATE:3/9/20, 9:48 PM

1.Freezer sprite changed to laser chainsaw posted in duke4 discord.
Attached Image: catfireframe1.png
Pretty nice, ain't it?

2. Palette changed to original palette, sick of all the bullshit the old one was causing.
original one:
Attached Image: BETA7_COPY.PNG
That one blue part. it just caused so much ugliness.

3. 2 weapon reskins! Molecular Resizer (expander) And Pulverizer Pistols (devastator)
Attached Image: expand_2554.png
Attached Image: pulverpistolfirstperson.png

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"Lebanese War Veteran, Former Biologist"

.... WUT?!?!


View PostReaperMan, on 10 March 2020 - 08:32 PM, said:

"Lebanese War Veteran, Former Biologist"

.... WUT?!?!

D- Don't even worry about it. he wanted to be a biologist growing up. at one point he got tired of that job.


Attached Image: lebanesecivilwar.PNG
Just to clear things up. sorry for making it kinda seem like duke's lebanese.

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View PostHollaback Duke (defiatron), on 09 March 2020 - 05:48 PM, said:



View PostCommando Nukem, on 11 March 2020 - 01:12 PM, said:

It's Trash.


Thread's looking kinda dead, so how about i post the short plot of blood and ice?

The future is here, And you may be the only one fierce enough to face it.
An Alien Army has lowered a giant dome around Los Angeles, Or, As they call it, 'Korandolia' For some reason.
The dome is made of glass with a frame made of solid tungsten. Ain't nobody getting through that! Or so we think.
The Alien Overlords are planning to build a DNA bomb to eradicate all human life, whilst leaving everything in tact. allowing them to come in
and fully take over. We don't know why they're after us, exactly. but we don't want them here.
As The Unstoppable Duke Nukem, It is your job to raid The So Called 'Korandolia' and stop the plan in it's tracks.
This Non-Stop Action/Survival Saga unfolds on a space station orbiting earth, and it's your job to knock out a forcefield surrounding the planet.
With Astounding Futuristic Weapons, You'll then enter A Battleground of Phenomenal Action to eliminate The Evil Overlords before they undo humanity itself!

What do you think?

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Story sounds interesting. I've always had a sort of soft spot for lameduke.


Update 3/19/20

Completed the 'Instruction Manual' for blood and ice.

open with wordpad if you have it

Attached File  blood and ice manual.rtf (550.9K)
Number of downloads: 188

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Oh my god why is this thread so dead?
okay, anyways:another update!

Another new map added. based on early warp factor.

Attached Image: capt0012.png

Used this as a sort of reference
Attached Image: reference map.png
special thanks to lunick for posting this on his tumblr!



Little voice recording session for the main enemy, Suran Korando.
Korando is the leader of the blood army. He holds a special power that enables him to morph into a giant monster. Dubbed "The Cycloid." by The Trioclad Monks.
Here's what he looks like in his normal state. (Badly edited, i know.)
Attached Image: cycloid emperor human form.png

Here's an audio file of his various voice lines.
(warning:contains throat destroying screaming)
Attached File  suran_korando_voice_recording_session.wav (1.84MB)
Number of downloads: 149


If you want to make a map for this project, just send me a PM and i will send you the ART files (palette included) Free of charge! All you need is some evidence that you're not trying to leak the ART Files from me!

Here are some rules:
You can base your maps on lameduke maps.
Don't just use the boring retail duke textures, use some of the lameduke ones!
You can use beta screenshots as reference material for your levels.
You CANNOT make them with like, a billion fucking sectors in one room like those ugly doom maps. make them look like actual duke levels.
You can make them look like a space station, a moonbase, or a city. You can come up with something unique if you want. but it has to stick with the episode's theme.
Don't put slimers in air vents. (if you do that, I will remove them.)
I can make ANY change to your map if i want to. Just remember that. if i don't like something, i'll change it.
Episode 1 = Space and moon (4th level takes place in guard station on top of dome) Episode 2 = Space and moon, Episode 3 = Earth city with some structural damage and alien planet, Episode 4 = Ruined city on earth.
Don't use Mini Battlelords. (Death anim is broken, plus it messes with the story a bit. the battlelord is supposed to be the good guy.)
Add a secret joke room if you want. Like an entire room of michael jackson's face! (his face is in one of the art files)

I'd love to see your creations! (if you're even interested in making something for my project. i bet you're not.)

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Yep, nobody's interested in making maps for the project.

At least i've changed up the story a bit!

The future is here and you may (apparently) be the only one fierce enough to face it.
Fearing an 'imminent' attack from Rigel, The World Government has lowered a gigantic dome around Los Angeles, Which has become a mecca for
Criminals. Evil but ingenious aliens and sinister bloodthirsty warlords have pooled their resources and activated the nuclear plants
and are building the mother of all bombs to obliterate Humanity in one last gesture. er, for some reason. I guess they want to take over?
As the unflappable Duke Nukem you are assigned the job of entering the dome through a secret passage and stopping the plan in its tracks.
Done Duke's way, This means kill first then, well, go home. This non-stop action/survival saga unfolds on a space station orbiting earth
and it's your job to knock out a forcefield surrounding the planet. With astounding futuristic weapons, you'll then enter a battleground of
phenomenal action to fry the foes before they, er, "undo humanity."

Not too different, still based on that weird plot for lameduke(?)


Blood and Ice is basically dead at this point. Moved back to doing stuff for Doom.

It'll probably make a return after I'm done with my Doom project, but for right now, it's dead.

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Duke mappers tend to be tied up in their own projects, and it’s extremely rare for them to jump on board to someone else’s mod such as this.
If you want maps made, you’ll most likely have to do them yourself.

Exceptions to this are Alien Armageddon, which had arguably the best con coder and artist in the community involved, which was enough incentive to bring on some veteran mappers to pump out some quick maps. The other is the AMC TC where individual map can essentially be mini-mods in their own right, where the mapper has enormous flexibility over the map and story (not to mention the mammoth sized tile set). The AMC TC also has the same top-tier artist and an experienced con coder.


To all Beta Bryans reading this thread, looking for some WACKY BETA MOD CONTENT to use:

I will not release this mod, and I will not give you content from this mod.
That is all there is to it.

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What in the hell was the point of all this then chief?

User is online   Phredreeke 


Because someone had lifted a map he had made for their own mod without crediting Slap.

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