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Duke 3D: The Personal Project.  "Adding content and improvements, keeping the original game."

User is offline   Firefly_Trooper 

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Good evening everyone !

For several months already, I had the desire to realize my childhood dream. Be able to add in the original game, new textures and especially, new monsters.

Thanks to the precious help of Mark, Trooper Dan, Hendricks and Fox and this despite my insistence and some of my questions a little "simple" I was able to solve most of my coding problems myself. Others are to be corrected and added.

The purpose of this project is for the pleasure of playing Duke Nukem 3D: improve the game without undoing it, make it certainly more fun to play and most importantly, have the possibility of creating maps with new content. This topic will be the real subject for my project and its improvement.

I will soon post a video "demo" based on "ZOO.MAP" and establish lists of improvements and corrections to the CON files. I will start with the list of what has been changed and corrected.


include GAME.CON
include DEFS.CON
include USER.CON
include DEF FILES


// List of improvements, contributions and changes for the game (first part)


- "state badguystomphit" code that allows some monsters to overwrite the player who has been shrunk.

- code "deadsprite" the simple corpses of monster can now be destroyed (only by explosions) + size (sizeat 40 40) defines.

- Added "spawn BURNING" (a flame) for the "expander" weapon when an enemy explodes.

- Added additional quotes of "Total Meltdown (PSX)" and "Caribbean" for code "state standard_jibs"

- Added additional quotes of "Caribbean" and unused sound "pissin01.voc" for code "state jib_sounds"

- Addition of the quote "I'm not crying over this" for the supermarket loudspeaker that is destroyed.

- Added the "Scorpion Tank" which has been improved and completed.

- Organtic Code fixed and improved.

- In the code "state femcode" the woman dancer of the Caribbean version has been added.

- Corrections of objects that are supposed to be destroyed (bugs and bad coding).
2. FETUSJIB 1347
3. SPOTLITE 1020
4. FLOATING ROBOT 11 + the sound "buzzer.voc" of the beta version has been added.
8. ANTENNA 607

and others...

- Corrections of "SPACESHUTTLE" and "SATELLITE" objects they are now floating in space.

- Added LIZTROOPJUSTSIT "useractor enemy" codes that did not exist for the PSX, Carribean and Nuclear Winter versions.

- Octabrain fixed!
1. Added "BLOODPOOL spawn" missing in "hitstate" code for RPG and RADIUSEXPLOSION.
2. Fixed the "OCTABRAINSTAYPUT" animation that was not working. Changed to "useractor enemystayput" with addition of "STOPSOUND OCTA_RECOG" and "EVENT_LOADACTOR" to set the size (sizeat 40 40).
3. Addition of the missing "SQUISHED" sound in "actor OCTABRAIN" for RADIUSEXPLOSION.

- Drone fixed!
Just adding the sound "DRON_DYING" (snakdy.voc) that was missing.

- Newbeast fixed!
1. Added value "clipdist 32" missing in all code.
2. Improvements to the "useractor enemy and stayput" of NEWBEAST, NEWBEASTJUMP and NEWBEASTSTAYPUT. Best presentation, adding size (sizeat 40 40) and the sound of recognition "NEWBEAST_RECOG" which was lost (its added for NEWBEASTJUMP and NEWBEAST).
3. "EVENT_RECOGSOUND" with "set RETURN -1" for recognition sound.
4. "EVENT_LOADACTOR" for the size (sizeat 40 40).

- All Boss fixed!
1. All mini-boss are operational. The mini queen can now be blue in color (spritepal 3), but not necessarily in red (spritepal 21).
2. All "stayput" mini-boss are operational. Some small changes are to be made, like the removal of the "globalsound" sound of recognition only for BOSS2, BOSS3 and BOSS4. The intention of "mini-bossstayput" can be used for a surprise effect (like any "stayput" enemy).
3. Boss can now be overwritten by a sector. The end sequence has also been removed.
4. Added "RPG" sound that had not been set for BOSS3.
5. The carcass of a boss generates a little more guts when it is destroyed (view the size, it makes sense).
6. All bosses will produce a different sound for falls and killing. The sound used is "THUD" and has been replaced by the version "v0.99 Beta" who was a little more "sound heavy"
7. The "normal" boss with "stayput" code animation will not be used, because considered useless.



- Added sounds and textures of the "v0.99 Beta" version for a useful exploitation of the contents.
- Added monsters, sounds and textures of "Total Meltdown (PSX), Out In D.C., Caribbean, World Tour, Nuclear Winter, Xtreme and The Gate.
- Recovery of unused sounds, such as "KICKHEAD.VOC" to fill gaps and for a particular use.
- Added some custom textures (add-ons jackets).
- Added destructible objects with fixed bugs.


Additional content (add-ons) official and unofficial

- Added 6 new monsters of the PSX version, as well as a new boss and variants.
1. Liztroop (PSX / Dark Blue)
2. Pigcop (PSX / Dark Blue)
3. Pig-In-A-Dress
4. Zombie Pigcop
5. Magnum PIG
6. Underwater Drone
7. CyberKeef (boss)

- Added 6 new monsters of the Caribbean version, including variants.
1. Liztroop (with white smocking).
2. Pigcop (with colorful Hawaiian shirt).
3. Octabrain (with sunglasses and red flower necklace).
4. Assault Commander (with dive gear and colorful buoy).
5. Dragon (Inflatable Sea Monster) a Pigcop in a Dragon-headed buoy.
6. Seagull (a seagull).
7. BOSS2 (with a green loincloth and sunglass) (to improve).

- Addition of 2 unpublished monsters of Xtreme
1. King Cobra (to improve)
2. Captain Gorilla (to improve)

- Added 9 new monsters of the Nuclear Winter version, with another boss and other variants.
1. Liztroop (with a Christmas cap)
2. Pigcop (dressed in red with a Christmas cap).
3. Lizman (with reindeer antlers on his head).
4. Groan (blue elf with a shotgun).
5. Grunt (green elf with a UZI).
6. Flying Frosty (an "assault commander" snowman version).
7. Snowman (real snowman).
8. Frosted Battle Mobile (FBM) (a tank driven by a "snowman").
9. Santa Claws (the real Santa Claus as final boss).


// List of improvements, contributions and changes for the game (second part).

Total Meltdown (PSX)

- All the monsters of the PSX version, have their own "SQUISHED" sound which differs slightly from the PC version.

- The Liztroop of the PSX version has become a new and fun variant.
1. The sound of pain is unique. He shouts cries different from the PC version.
2. The sound "LIZARD_BEG" used for the action "TROOPSUFFERING" has been replaced by that of the "v0.99 Beta" version.

- The "freezethrower" "expander" and "shrinker" weapons now work for the Pig-In-A-Dress and Zombie Pigcop.

- Creation of new sounds "ROAM" non-existent for the Zombie Pigcop and the boss CyberKeef. The Zombie Pigcop only had one.

- Improvement of the green tentacle (# tile 3687)
1. It can be destroyed.
2. It leaves a greenish puddle once killed.
3. It emits the sound "SLIM_DYING" but from the PSX version. This sound was different.
4. It generates greenish debris when it is killed.
5. It can hurt Duke nearby.


This is already a nice overview of the changes. I will be doing other lists soon. And most importantly, the video.

See you soon !

User is offline   jet_nick 

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it seems very interesting, I'm very interested in the additions of total meltdown, since I wanted to insert the episode in the complete game without removing the episode The birth

per mille balene

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User is offline   Firefly_Trooper 

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View Postjet_nick, on 15 October 2018 - 10:54 PM, said:

it seems very interesting, I'm very interested in the additions of total meltdown, since I wanted to insert the episode in the complete game without removing the episode The birth

Thank you, it's encouraging. I do not have this well. Want to add my content to one of your projects?

User is offline   Firefly_Trooper 

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The map demo named ZOO2, based on the original ZOO.MAP is almost finished.

Three other fixes added.

- the color palettes are now recognized by "RESPAWN" to reveal monsters with the chosen color.

- Duke can recover from life by eating.

- Quotes from Duke "JIBBED_ACTOR, GETWEAPON and PAIN_LONGTERM" improved and works better with gamevar code.

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