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Mouse aiming in ERampage?

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I recently found the fantastic ERampage conversion of Redneck Rampage to the eDuke32 port, but I'm having trouble using the mouse. I've tried a variety of settings, but no matter what I do, the mouse never does anything more than point my view up to the sky (or maybe the ground; it happens so fast that I can't really tell). I can't look around, aim, etc.

I don't have any trouble using the mouse in regular eDuke32; has anyone else encountered this issue with ERampage and/or know how to fix it?

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It works fine for me. I'm using the plain no-frills mouse that came with my Dell computer. I was able to adjust settings to what I wanted.

Just released is a new way to run RR. https://forums.duke4...180-redneckgdx/

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It's possible you have a high DPI mouse, which does have issues with DirectInput. One way to verify is fire up Quake 3 arena and see if the mouse wonders in game. I know how to fix it in code, but short of recompiling whatever revision ERampage is using, I don't have any advice for you unfortunately :(.

The issue I'm describing(which I don't for certain is your issue), is caused by the following. Games would center the mouse in a window, and query the mouse position every frame to see if the player moved it. However with some high dpi mice, directinput returns coordinates that are one unit off from center, so you get mouse drifting, or in your case, locked view at the sky.

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