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What was your reaction to wallboobs, the Hive and the turd flinging?

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For me stuff like the glory hole in the toilet were much more disturbing. Since when is Duke a guy that sticks his dick into literally any opening if it's just there? Sure, you don't need to do it, but it just doesn't fit. I was perfectly fine with the way sexual content was conveyed in Duke3D.

The poop throwing was something that Gearbox probably considered being cool, in the meaning of "Uh-huh, you didn't expect we'd go that far with interactivity in this game, did ya?" Well, needless to say, just being able to do stuff in a game you couldn't do anywhere else before doesn't turn it into a mind-blowing experience.

I just would have liked to witness the designer discussions when they implemented this:
"Hey, got this neat piece of shit here. What could Duke do with that?"
"Ummm... flush it down the toilet?"
"C'mon, dude, you can do that at home at any time."
"Well, errr... he can't eat it, right?!"
"He could put it into his ass. Back to the roots style or something."
"That's a bit sick, man. How about throwing it at walls and smear it everywhere?"
"Nailed it."

Wouldn't be surprised if they spent more time with groundbreaking gameplay mechanics like that rather than a story that makes some kinda sense, weapons not being limited to 2-4 pieces, Duke acting the way he should, avoiding crappy level borders etc.

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Duke Nukem : "What do you think I am... Chimpanzee ?"

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View PostNightFright, on 19 December 2018 - 01:09 PM, said:

Since when is Duke a guy that sticks his dick into literally any opening [...] but it just doesn't fit.

Did I sum that up correctly?

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Pretty much. No hole is big enough for Duke's. :lol:

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The wall boobs were just stupid humor, and unto themselves aren't particularly a problem, to me. I don't think they fit the tonal balance that Duke 3D had.

The Hive itself could have been a genuinely creeply experience had they not ruined it with their depicting of the cocooned women. That shit really didn't have a comedic edge to it in Duke3D. It was strictly for atmosphere and horror. Incubator is still way more effective to me than the hive because it's minimalist and evokes a sense of dread. Duke and the Player are basically on the same exact page in terms of motivation and what most players will feel is what Duke is probably feeling. An even stronger need to the kill aliens. The Hive completely torpedos any sense of legitimacy to things going on. Well, to be fair DNF already fucked that up by that point by making everyone some strange Naked Gun-esque parody. The only fucking guy in the game even remotely close to a straight man is General Graves, and even he has at least one line that reeks of pervy stupidity. Like, why? Why did they chose that tone for the game? It's fucking retarded.

Turd flinging, while in the original DNF was probably right along side the rat in the microwave, just some emergent silliness that was put in there as a gag and not given any kind of attention, Gearbox put money into advertising that their game let you throw shit. Again ,why? It's fucking retarded.

Not to mention the Turd flinging is another prime example of how the interactivity in DNF is basically boxed off from the other aspects of the gameplay. Restricted to particular rooms. The reason the interactivity in Duke3D was awesome was because it A. happened while you were just playing the levels, and B. it generally genuinely affected the levels in some way.

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The ton of Duke Nukem Forever better fit the critteria of usual one-liners, thats the point perhaps


Wall boobs: "Ha ha! Those dumbasses in the 3DRealms forum kept raving that they wanted boobs in the game, and now they got them!"
Hive: "George must've played Prey. Or could it be that he originally suggested those ideas to Human Head, and... nah, he just ripped them off."
Turd flinging: "I wonder if NPCs react in disgust to it... No? What a disappointment."

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The WallBoobs: WTF?!?!?!??!?!??!

The Hive: It's too long and yet linear. Also could do without the constant victims.

Turd flinging: That was pointless.

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View PostJimmy 100MPH, on 22 October 2018 - 07:00 PM, said:

Gearbox is ALL ABOUT handling turds.

Well, you can't be a game developer without developing games... ;)

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