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Tile offset tool  "Fuzzy Pumper Offset Tool"

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Are you working with higher resolution art and wanted something, just anything to do the offsets with?
Have I got "Just desperately anything for you:

This is a rather hacky tool that's been put together with qb64 (the best programming language in the world!!), so don't expect 60fps interactivity if the tiles get larger.
Motivation was mainly to get a quick tool for Cage to work with for Ion Maiden's enemies & art, and he wanted me to release this so here you go!

(includes some Duke3D tiles for demonstration purposes only, found in shareware)

What it does is that it lets you specify a range of tiles, i.e. 4 turning animations & walking.
Then with arrow keys you can cycle between tile frames and numpad lets you offset each frame individually.
i.e. up/down would cycle walking animations and left/right would rotate the sprite.
When you're done, press W to write it to a rather eduke32 friendly offset.txt file that can be loaded in to eduke32 with minimal effort (as tilefromtexture).

Numpad 4/6/8/2 -- Move around, numpad 5 will reset offset to 0,0 on current tile.
Arrows -- Move around the tile array that you have configured
Numpad +/- -- Change brightness of the background if it's too dark
Mouse & click -- Another method of moving tiles around, expect smooth interactivity FPS here!
F2 -- Save offsets (offset TXT)
F3 -- Load offsets (offset TXT)

Don't expect any support for this one, but I think it gets the job done.
No known major issues but I haven't tested this for more than what I did when making this. Cage seems to be happy with it.

Visual guidance:

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Version bump, I did an update for Cage ages ago which includes support for multiple conf files, giving you the ability to load different tiles and conf files while in editor.

Updated the post above.

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