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The "Used" Computers thread.  "Own any? They're cheaper and saves you time than building your own"


Well to start off about used computers... I had to junk this shitty ASUS Motherboard of my former PC because I was having a few serious problems w/ it described below.

1: The motherboard made the Windows Update to take a long time to update the Windows Defender, the drivers and shit.
2: Won't update the BIOS whatsoever.
3: It's drivers and utilities are difficult and confusing to install.

This made me want to go back to MSI and so far I'm happy w/ MSI motherboards b/c of their phenomenally useful Live Update utility and easy to upgrade BIOS.

I had to scavenge and sell the i7-6700K CPU and ASUS NVidia GTX 1060 6GB GPU to get cash out of it. I was left without a computer for several days and I was about to purchase an AMD Ryzen 1600 CPU, an MSI Motherboard and an Windows 10 Home OS disc until I went to this place called Device Pitstop. I went in an purchased a "used" desktop PC that I been using for about a month just to tide me over until I buy one that's suitable for gaming from XoticPC for $1500 then I went back to Device Pitstop and came across this PC w/ an i7-6700K that cost $755 that's good for gaming. So I went and bought that one and switched out the 128 GB SanDisk SSD w/ an 500 GB Samsung SSD. That'll save me around $750 and not spending a premium on having XoticPC build a PC for you. I will be keeping my 1st PC I bought from Device Pitstop for backup purposes just in case the current PC I'm using fails or something. It also saves me the strength and hassle on buying parts and building it myself. I won't have to worry about accidentally breaking the motherboard, damaging the CPU socket and so forth.

Here's the following specs of the backup PC I have.

  • i5-6600K CPU w/ a stock Intel cooling fan
  • RX Radeon 480 8GB GPU
  • Scavenged 2x8 sticks = 16GB HyperX DDR4 2133 Mhz RAM
  • MSI H110M PRO-D Motherboard
  • A swapped and scavenged 500 Samsung 850 Evo SSD as the OS drive
  • Scavenged 1 TB WD HDD storage drive.
  • Unknown brand 600W PSU

The problem I have with this PC is when you turn it on. it gets noisy but it'll quiet down in 20 seconds or so. I think it's the CPU fan or I don't know

The specs for the PC I'm currently using right now. I got this for $755 w/ a $5 off coupon.

  • i7-6700K CPU w/ liquid cooling (much quieter than my backup PC)
  • Nvidia GTX 960 2GB GPU
  • 2x8 = 16GB Crucial DDR4 2133 Mhz RAM
  • MSI Z170A PC Mate Motherboard
  • A swapped 500 Samsung 850 Evo SSD as the OS drive
  • 1 TB HDD WD (dunno what the model of the hard drive is) as storage.
  • ATNG Power Co., LTD 600W PSU w/ 80 Plus Bronze

Both of these PCs are made by CyberPowerPC and both PCs has Windows 10 Home. Not spending extra on Windows 10 Pro.

So. Do you guys own any PCs or laptops that are in used condition? In the future I'm thinking about upgrading the graphics card from and 960 2GB to an either Nvidia GTX 1060 or a 1050 ti in my PC I'm currently using.

P.S. Screw ASUS products! I'm sticking w/ MSI for life!

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All my comps are second hand. :)
Official game/internet comp is an old Dell Precision blah blah with Nvidia Quadro 4000 (5Yr)
Work comps are Lenovo P300, loaded, with Nvidia K4000, like super fast for us, but 'used' (2Yr)

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View PostDustFalcon85, on 28 September 2017 - 01:18 PM, said:

stock Intel cooling fan

The problem I have with this PC is when you turn it on. it gets noisy but it'll quiet down in 20 seconds or so. I think it's the CPU fan or I don't know

you have already answered your own problem

Bad luck with your ASUS board - they used to be good at one time. I have an old AMD/AM3 M4A78LT-M asus board. Not the best board in the world, but it's built like a tank. Nice & thick with some real tough caps that put up with a lot of heat. Got along pretty good with most Phenom II & Athlon II chips as well. No problems with operating systems (win 7, Win XP, Debian Linux) or bios updates.

From what I hear, gigabyte and a couple other mobo companies got shitty as well. (or at least went through a shitty phase)

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In my decades of running computers I have never updated bios or motherboard drivers. Long ago when buying my first comp or 2, prices weren't as reasonable as they are now. I was too afraid of flashing and glitching the MB so I never tried. After that, I just never saw a reason to try. BTW, your backup is way better than my comp right now. I have been saying for at least 2 years now I want to upgrade but I never do. Too lazy I guess to install and transfer stuff over.

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Here's a picture of my new but "used" PC that I've bought recently for $755 and it's the best PC I've owned so far. Glad I bought it! I'll send a pic of my other "Backup" PC later on.

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"Used"? Dude what did you do to your computer?


I've had three computers and one laptop in the past 7 years. The first one was a piece of shit, it originally was the family computer, but it was slow, and had the tendency to shut down... when I finally got my "new" one, the old one had roughly 150-200 megabytes on it... my newer, and current, one SUCK ASS! It's not as bad as my first one, but I can't do much on it other than listen to music... I'm having to use my brother's right now. My laptop is about the same... My third, and sadly deceased, PC I bought on eBay as refurbished for about $180. It's the same one my brother has, only after about two weeks the hard drive crapped out, and I haven't had any money, so I can't go and buy a new one. I have another computer I share with my brother, but it needs some work done before I can use it. :/ Computers just don't like me.

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I've had better luck. I'm going on close to 7 years with this computer which I bought used from some kid heading off to college and wanted a laptop instead. He had this one about 6 months. My previous computer I also had for 7 years and bought new from a discount grocery store. :blink: Never crapped out and was still running great on it's original install of XP when I gave it to my brother. My comp before that was new and pieced together by me and was maybe 5-6 years old with it's original install of win98se. I don't recall what happened to that comp after I upgraded.

I also still have a working Pentium 266 mhz IBM laptop with Win98se. Its got to be at least 15 years I've owned that.

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View PostHendricks266, on 28 September 2017 - 05:27 PM, said:

"Used"? Dude what did you do to your computer?

Dude, I just bought it from Device Pitstop; they sell used and refurbished PCs, Laptops, tablets, phones and so on. All I did was bought the i7 powered PC w/ an NVidia GTX 960 2 GB FTW edition for like $755 bucks. Now I can enjoy Polymer while my other i5 powered PC is being unfriendly w/ Polymer b/c it's got a Radeon RX 480. Updated the BIOS as up-to-date as possible. Replaced the shitty sized 128 GB SSD w/ a 500 GB one so I can play Steam games on there and finally, reformat both of the hard drives and install a fresh copy of Windows 10 Home since both of my computers came w/ a Windows 10 Home product key taped to them.

Device Pitstop is a great place to get used and refurbished products and if you're lucky you could snag a gaming desktop PC w/ great specs for pennies on the dollar and they'll repair/upgrade everything you bring in for a fee. They have a store in Lexington, KY. My hometown. Too bad Lexington doesn't have a Micro Center around here. I'll be thinking about getting a used/refurbished gaming laptop several months from now. Since you live in Illinois Hendricks266. Device Pitstop has a store in Rockford. Check that store out if you get a chance to.

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I'm joking that putting the word Used in quotes in your thread title makes it sound funny.

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Hey, with a good comp now for Polymer you can try out Graveyard, Decay and HHR. ( shameless plug ) ;)


View PostMark., on 28 September 2017 - 06:22 PM, said:

I've had better luck. I'm going on close to 7 years with this computer

That reminded me, my current laptop is about 8 years old, and my garbage PC is 10 years old... got it back in '07.

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I generally prefer pre-owned parts, especially since intel hasn't been doing shit for years. You still can use a high end sandy chip and get a nice gaming system out of it. When the age is put in to perspective, this is like using a Pentium 1 for cutting edge gaming when Pentium 3 was hot, it's that stupid. And these are cheap too.

My general go-to spot is old business computers that have CPUs that can range from lower end i3 sandys to i5 3470 and even stuff like i7 4770s. It's silly how powerful systems can be put to rest simply because they've met their years.
Pop in a new PSU / GPU / SSD and it's a really powerful gaming system.

I'm generally frustrated when I see good systems / parts being thrown to trash so I generally try to build computers from as many recycled parts as I can, along with going through any RMA/returns sections in a shop in case anything is needed.

Next project I want to do is to buy some of those cheap socket 2011, 8core xeons, in a dual socket config and use them on a video editing/capture rig.

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>Enjoying Polymer


Device Pitstop is about to put up an used Alienware Aurora on sale tomorrow. It's got an i7-7700 CPU, Nvidia GTX 1080, 256 GB NVMe M.2 SSD drive, 1 TB HDD and a Intel WiFI 3165 wireless adapter. Gonna sell the one w/ an i5-6600K and a RX 480 and get that Alienware Aurora for cheap. I'll see what it goes from here.

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