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  1. Outlast

    10 August 2018 - 06:36 PM

    Wow, what a great looking and intense game.
  2. [RELEASE] bonus map for Decay

    11 July 2018 - 05:14 AM

    Unzip this map into the main Decay folder. Choose usermap and then Bonusmap from the menu.

    You thought you were going to have a nice dinner and a movie with your date tonight. But...while standing in line for tickets
    at the Cinema, a masked man storms the ticket counter for a robbery. Wanting to impress your date you foolishly decide to
    confront the robber and be the hero. It didn't go too well. During the scuffle you hear distant gun shots and screaming.It
    distracted you long enough for the robber to whack you on the head with something.Hours later you wake up in a pile of garbage in an unfamiliar back alley with a splitting headache. You pick up a nearby metal pipe that was probably used to knock you out. You want to find your way back to the Cinema to find what happened to your date.
    Again you are hearing gunshots and sirens and proceed with caution.

    I didn't get any replies when I asked here for beta testers so it has minimal testing that was done by my old buddy TeaMonster. Any issues with the map I can now shift the blame to him. Hee Hee. A known bug is one friend/enemy, a sniper bot, is a sprite instead of a model. He was never finished or used in the original release of Decay. I threw a couple in just for fun. I call them friend and enemy because they are not too careful about what they are shooting at. Its best to take them out
    before they shoot you accidently. If they end up being too annoying I'll remove them.

    The map is in 3 basic sections and is a keycard hunt to get from one area to the next.

    Here is a link to the original Decay Project if you need to download and install it first.
  3. [RELEASE] new maps for HHR mod

    09 June 2018 - 08:02 AM

    This download contains 5 maps for the previously released HHR mod. All you need to do is unzip the file into your main HHR project folder and let it overwrite any previous map files.

    E1L1test.map is the original HHR map with only slight changes made to be compatible after a few long overdue fixes to the latest Eduke32. Conveyor belt speed was put back to normal. Also, if you had trouble with doors sometimes not opening right away that Eduke32 fix has been taken care of too. So instead of using only the supplied version of eduke32 you should use the latest version now.

    HHRserious.map is the same Hollywood Holocaust map but without all the static NPCs and most jokes/humor have been removed. A number of players hated them and I knew it wouldn't take too much effort to get rid of it. The map seems duller without them but thats just my opinion as the mapper. ;)

    E1L2 is the finished version of the Red Light District remake I started a few months ago but lost ambition for at the time. It was only about 5-6 hours of work I had put into it back then. It still has the limitation of using existing assets from HH only so there is repetition of some textures and models that would have been better with new ones. But I wanted this to be a mapping only add-on.I think it will still be fun to play (or at least look at). Once again, I did not put in a bunch of new NPCs or humor. I had Teamonster do a quick beta test run for anything obvious but again, due to time contraints it may be lacking a bit in enemy/ammo balance or a have a clipping glitch.

    Next is an unfinished E4L5 Pigsty map. Earlier, I gave myself a limit and I ran out of time and need to move on to another project.

    And last is the clipshape map. I noticed a couple of models were not blocking so I fixed that in this map.
  4. getting pushed to page bottom

    02 June 2018 - 04:39 AM

    Turned on my computer, went to duke4. Every time I click to go to a thread I get scrolled all the way to the bottom of the page of that thread. Nothing changed here that I know of since I shut down last night. Is someone tweaking the site this morning?

    edit: After I clicked to post my message I was automatically taken to the page bottom again.
  5. bug with crane alignment in game

    30 May 2018 - 08:52 AM

    This started in the quick questions thread because I thought the problem was something I did or missed. But going back to an older revision of Eduke32 cleared the problem. So once again I may have to bisect revisions to track it down. :wallbash:



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