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  1. In Topic: Duke Plus

    Yesterday, 02:35 PM

    Since its almost impossible to hear the voices and they play not very often I'll pass for now on remaking the voice. This was my first take and it sound good. I would have tried more variations for a final voice but this was my general direction I wanted to go.

    The first voice is the original and the second is my version. The supertrooper is saying "You are nothing"
  2. In Topic: Duke Plus

    Yesterday, 12:56 PM

    Yep. Thats it. As he hacks away at me I can hear the occasional voice instead of grunt or growl. But because they blur together so fast its hard to distinguish them. Its hard to tell for sure but it sounds like the next growl plays before the voice finishes. One of the drawbacks I guess to having such a fast repetitive melee attack.

    I also noticed shells on the ground from the pistol keep rotating. Its also annoying that many times you can't move away or use mouse look while getting slashed. I know this isn't a bug report post but since I noticed them I mentioned it.
  3. In Topic: Duke Plus

    Yesterday, 12:43 PM

    I'm glad I hit refresh before posting. I found the state trooperego section but I can't figure what happens in the game to increment the Strooper's ego up one notch which chooses different voice lines. If you haven't noticed any Strooper using the lines maybe the trooperego code was not utilized? My uneducated guess was as the strooper shoots and hits the player it boosts his ego and will play a voice

    I suppose I could spawn a strooper in a map, go into god mode and let him shoot at me and listen for any voices.
  4. In Topic: Duke Plus

    Yesterday, 12:29 PM

    Thanks. I'll look at the code and see if there is any hint as to the voice usage or non usage.
  5. In Topic: Duke Plus

    Yesterday, 12:01 PM

    What I'm looking for is specific places where the supertrooper speaks his different lines in the game. Or does he speak those lines randomly no matter where you find him? If it is in specific places I need to know what they are so I can adjust levels or speaking style to best match the situation.


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  1. Photo 07 Feb 2015 - 05:41
    Here's a gif just for you :) http://i.imgur.com/MHhBdNN.gif
  2. Photo 30 Dec 2012 - 04:38
    Love the texture work you are doing.
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