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  1. Which user map (or episode) you would like to see "vanilized"?

    10 November 2017 - 11:12 AM

    As you know there are a plenty of awesome architecture and atmosphere custom single/TC maps with custom .ART out there (most does not involve any changes to .CON files), playable using those only, one or more in particular that you wish to play a version with reassigned default DN3D textures in place of the custom ones?

    What it can appear as a visual downgrade it's in reality a useful to increase their versatility in many ways (mods compatibility just to say the simplest).
  2. The movie you would like thread.

    30 July 2017 - 04:56 PM

    You have in mind a prequel/midquel/sequel/remake/reboot? a Live-Action? a your totally made-up subject/script? or even an idea so experimental that probably does not have enough market to get on screen? And in any case with who and how?

    Here we simple let get out the movies we have in our heads.

    Guidelines and tips

    *Choose which actor (or other showbusiness related personality) hiring in which role. Ignore if dead or alive just indicate who you repute fit for the purpose, his actual age it's a bit more important instead. Multiple proposals are allowed.

    *Explain how you intend to build the general atmosphere and the scenic elements including special effects if there are.

    *If your movie is an animated feature film you can specify If and what animation production studio would you like see working on it.

    *You can modify or expanding the post you have already written progressively once you have new ideas or rethinkings.

    *I don't think there is need to point out this detail, but just avoid to insert yourself as an actor in your own creation. Nobody want a self-inserted mary sue isn't?

    *On other hand you can impersonate the director, the producer or both in case you cannot imagine someone that is more capable of giving shape to your creation If not yourself. Wiseau did that.

    *If you feel particularly creative you can even expose an excerpt of plausible synopsis. however, especially for not original subject, try to not fall into the typical fanfiction cliche or cringe territory (even if it is a countersense a bit because, unless your movie follow a script already written like a tale or an opera, it will be almost unavoidably dictated by your interpretation of the source material on certain aspects. Does not mean that all is fanfictions is terribly written though)
  3. Commander Keen Corner

    28 April 2017 - 05:43 PM

    From now we can discuss of Commander Keen and related stuff in this dedicated thread.

    As we know in the very first 90s before Wolfenstein 3D and DOOM, in an era where much software houses were not very different from a group of indie guys that have their office into a friend garage and the copyright laws were not quite yet defined, Apogee and ID realized their influential EGA/CGA platform in exclusive for PC inspired by Supermario and pop culture references: The adventures of the 8 years old Billy Blaze a kid with an IQ of 314 that fight against any kind of menace towards the universe. Even if objectively the real success arrived in 1991 with the graphic restyling of Keen Dreams/Keen 4, If you say "Commander Keen" to someone that it is the first that generally comes in mind.

    Official chapters developed by Apogee-ID software (GBC created in collab with ACTIVISION but not considered canonic by Tom Hall itself)

    Invasion of the Vorticons saga

    Commander Keen 1: Marooned On Mars
    Posted Image
    Shareware Licensed Download: ftp://ftp.3drealms.com/share/1keen.zip

    Commander Keen 2: The Earth Explodes
    Posted Image

    Commander Keen 3: Keen Must Die!
    Posted Image

    Keen Dreams

    Commander Keen 3,5: Keen Dreams
    Posted Image

    Goodbye Galaxy Saga

    Commander Keen 4: Secret of the Oracle
    Posted Image

    Commander Keen 5: The Armageddon Machine
    Posted Image

    Aliens Ate My Babysitter

    Commander Keen 6: Aliens Ate My Babysitter!
    Posted Image

    Keen GBC

    Commander Keen GBC: Posted Image

    Fan Mods

    Universe Is Toast Saga by Ceilick & various Commander Keen fans

    Based on the originally planned but then dropped ID Software idea for 1992 Christmas which is supposed to have been the last trilogy of entire franchise. Since the great quality, in a partial AscendedFanon trope manner, CK community consider them a natural continuation of the series and use their events as a base to time-placing the plot of most mods.

    Commander Keen 7: The Keys of Krodacia (Requires KEEN 4)
    Posted Image
    Download: http://www.shikadi.n....2009-03-14.zip

    Commander Keen 8: Dead in the Desert (Requires KEEN 6)
    Posted Image
    Download: http://www.shikadi.n....2011-11-23.zip

    Commander Keen 9: Battle of the Brains (Requires KEEN 5)
    Posted Image
    Download: http://www.shikadi.n....2011-11-23.zip

    Useful Links

    Public Commander Keen Forum

    The Commander Keen Forum managed by CK fans as well as the best modders.

    Commander Keen.Com

    "This website is made and maintained by a bunch of Commander Keen fans, who are trying to provide the best information and media for all the Commander Keen episodes. You can start navigating on our site by clicking on one of the links found from the left."


    EVERYTHING you want to know about one of the most iconic CK enemy.

    Commander Genius

    "Commander Genius is a software piece that interprets the Commander Keen Invasion of the Vorticons and Galaxy series. As fans and developers we try to implement new features, improve the gameplay and give players an experience that feels like playing the original game but a bit more refreshing.
    Not just Windows, Linux, and MacOS but other platforms are supported as well!"

    It even works with some mods (consult the table http://www.shikadi.n...ommander_Genius) and it is provided of an High Quality Pack https://sourceforge....26.zip/download that improves visual and acustic experience.
  4. World themed maps pre-20th Anniversary Edition

    19 January 2017 - 04:12 PM

    Even before World Tour episode someone must have at least tried to build a couple of levels that follow a similar concept. How much user maps setted in globally famous sites or takes place overseas you know?
  5. .ART and slot numbers

    13 February 2016 - 01:55 PM

    The tile slots in any new empty .ART is 0 to 225, but how make the numbering proceed further in the next .ART file or one with custom higher tile numbers?

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