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  1. Legend Of Iconoclast cutscenes project

    20 May 2018 - 07:04 AM

    As a practical solution to add a lore without occupy too much bytes on the hard disk of who downloads it, Dwayne Anderson has chosen to write external text files for his Legend Of Iconoclast remake, but it means that you have to close the game at the begin/end of certain levels and manually open a txt to know how the story goes. A process that breaks the pacing for some, but he certainly did not write all this without anyone reading it.

    So why not expose the plot in ingame FMV that shown what is written into the text files? The whole thing may be more fluent to read in little chunks.

    There is the first attempt, each screen is setted to have a lapse time of 30 seconds. You need a videoplayer that can execute .smk or edit a Blood .ini file if you want to see it ingame.

    Attached File  LOI Cutscene prototype.zip (751.47K)
    Number of downloads: 12

    -- POLL --

    Should I continue with this project?

    *Continue, I'd also like to see the text dubbed (someone to make voice acting required. including a good Logan's impression).

    *Continue, but use a background music only.

    *Continue but I don't care to hear anything, the cutscenes can stay silent.

    *No need and it takes more space, I still keep to exit the game and read the files.
  2. Recent snapshots and OpenGL mode

    14 May 2018 - 06:32 AM

    I've did not updateted snapshots for a while, I noticed that the last snapshot that works for me is 6650, from 6664 it does not start because:

    Your OpenGL implementation doesn't support the required extensions for persistent stream buffers

    Pretty clear that some changes for Opengl were made, and indeed the changelog from 6664 say that.

    I don't say to completely revert the changes, you can reimplement the possibility to play again on certain systems without go Software Mode? Perhaps with a specific instruction in the Eduke32 code that is activated under these circumstances from the next snapshot?
  3. Bloody Hands for BloodGDX + Weapon Mod Compatibility

    29 April 2018 - 10:02 AM

    The Bloody Hands Addon it's a hud mod created by Dude27th using a leather jacket from "spriting carnival thread" resources and a modified hat from "High Noon Drifter" on zdoom that helps to better identify the character of Caleb and is more faithful to his third person sprite. This is a my rearrangement which makes it more compatible with other mods, it is also included a patch for Weapon Mod.

    Attached File  Bloody Hand BloodGDX.zip (1.44MB)
    Number of downloads: 37

    Download 2: https://ufile.io/d9n40

  4. Which user map (or episode) you would like to see "vanilized"?

    10 November 2017 - 11:12 AM

    As you know there are a plenty of awesome architecture and atmosphere custom single/TC maps with custom .ART out there (most does not involve any changes to .CON files), playable using those only, one or more in particular that you wish to play a version with reassigned default DN3D textures in place of the custom ones?

    What it can appear as a visual downgrade it's in reality a useful to increase their versatility in many ways (mods compatibility just to say the simplest).
  5. The movie you would like thread.

    30 July 2017 - 04:56 PM

    You have in mind a prequel/midquel/sequel/remake/reboot? a Live-Action? a your totally made-up subject/script? or even an idea so experimental that probably does not have enough market to get on screen? And in any case with who and how?

    Here we simple let get out the movies we have in our heads.

    Guidelines and tips

    *Choose which actor (or other showbusiness related personality) hiring in which role. Ignore if dead or alive just indicate who you repute fit for the purpose, his actual age it's a bit more important instead. Multiple proposals are allowed.

    *Explain how you intend to build the general atmosphere and the scenic elements including special effects if there are.

    *If your movie is an animated feature film you can specify If and what animation production studio would you like see working on it.

    *You can modify or expanding the post you have already written progressively once you have new ideas or rethinkings.

    *I don't think there is need to point out this detail, but just avoid to insert yourself as an actor in your own creation. Nobody want a self-inserted mary sue isn't?

    *On other hand you can impersonate the director, the producer or both in case you cannot imagine someone that is more capable of giving shape to your creation If not yourself. Wiseau did that.

    *If you feel particularly creative you can even expose an excerpt of plausible synopsis. however, especially for not original subject, try to not fall into the typical fanfiction cliche or cringe territory (even if it is a countersense a bit because, unless your movie follow a script already written like a tale or an opera, it will be almost unavoidably dictated by your interpretation of the source material on certain aspects. Does not mean that all is fanfictions is terribly written though)

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