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  1. Command and Conquer Corner

    03 April 2018 - 01:38 AM

    So we don't have any love on here for strategy games, let alone Command and Conquer, it seems... Hurm...

    Here's a really great documentary on the series as a whole.

    Are they any good source ports or patches for Red Alert 2/Yuri's Revenge to get it working right on modern OS? My brother and I used to play RA2 and YR all the time. I miss those days a lot. We also had a lot of fun with Generals. We played the shit out of that for at least three or four years. Command and Conquer 3 and the rest never really quite hit the spot like RA2 and Generals, though.
  2. Duke Nukem Cataclysm Prototype

    01 March 2018 - 07:13 PM

    IMPORTANT : ALL CONTENT IS RELEASED AS-IS and is BORDERLINE in terms of functionality.

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Moddb page with alpha release and some development/source files. http://www.moddb.com...clysm-prototype

    Installation: Extract dnc.7z into your main half-life directory (STEAM) and then restart steam and you should have "Duke Nukem Cataclysm Alpha" in your games library. Keep in mind that the two maps are multiplayer only, so you'll need a second player to test the maps out online. Well, you can run around them on your own, but it's always more fun to actually have someone to shoot at. Check your console and make sure that "sv_lan" is "0" when you create the server, then "restart" the server and have your pals join. In-game voice chat is broken, thanks to incompatibilities with Spirit of Half-Life and STEAM.

    There are two files uploaded on the moddb page:
    #1 The alpha multiplayer demonstration from 2014, which is barely stable and features two work in progress maps. "Office Spaces" and "Hollywood Holocaust." I'll be going into more detail on this later.

    #2 A raw resource pack featuring raw models, maps, and video files of the development of the mod.

    I felt it was better to at least release what was there, then have it sit and collect dust for eternity. You can come down on it if you like. It's really not in a state that can be critiqued, imho, but at least it's out there now, and in that sense I can put it behind me. Major kudos to Bloodshot, and everyone else who put in their hard work on this project.

    Larger development gallery:

    Development/Thanks to
    Bloodshot - Level design, Models, Skins, MVP.
    D3d Rocks - Music.
    MusicallyInspired - Music.
    StrikerMan - Sound design, debugging code, QA.
    HulkNukem - Mapping, QA.
    Tea Monster - Modeling for the heavy pig(lost to time... ), QA.
    Cage - Textures, Skins, QA.

    You guys are the unsung heroes and truly talented people.

    The maps featured in the mod:
    "Hollywood Holocaust" was built by Bloodshot, we worked on revisions over several weeks. The goal was to expand the original map in some ways and increase the elements of interactivity. Though to be totally honest imagination outstripped the engines capabilities, and not having a stable code base was always a big issue. As much nostalgia as I will always have for GoldSRC it has only become more and more apparent that it has a lot of niggling issues that hold it back these days. There are a few pretty big set-pieces that show off what was intended with the map. A bridge (nothing connected to it at this point) that was designed to split in half and fall to the Earth, and a Cinema sign designed to do much the same. We were very keen to take the philosophies of BUILD engine games in terms of environmental destruction and translate them into Half-Life. Though I think we pulled it off, the truth is that GoldSRC proved to be just too much of a crutch at times.

    "Office Spaces" Bloodshot's brain child. Unfortunately it was still early in development when he halted work. Bloodshot might want to chime in and go into more detail as to what the idea was here, but this level came as an outcropping of some of the stuff we were discussing with the bathroom area of the remake of Hollywood Holocaust, as well as a long discussion about the destructive details found in games like FEAR, and wanting to create a death match map that would evoke that same kind of destructive mayhem. Right now that amounts to lot's of breakable glass, and various wooden plank walls. The idea was to have vents and several floors where things would begin to fall apart, and you'd have secret passages opening up and changing the flow of the map over time.

    Were there other maps? Yes I had the beginning of the game roughly set up, inside Duke's apartment, and using parts of Bloodshot's Hollywood Holocaust. There was also the beginnings of another multiplayer map entitled "Sublevel Slaughter" which was a military base mixed with alien hive. Overlapping figure-eights. It would have been a nice slug-fest I think, but it was less further along. There were also bits and pieces for testing, scripting events. HulkNukem had also been building a western themed map which was looking fan-fucking-tastic, but unfortunately we never got it integrated into the mod ever.

    I'm sure there are questions coming regarding the why's and what's and who's with regards to the mods sudden halt and silence back then. I can't, or would rather not, get into details of what went down, except to say that years after the fact I was corrected as to certain things and that, had I known then what I know now, the project would have continued. Which only frustrates me all the more. I have no intention of continuing this project now. Yet, the files sit and do nothing. I find that incredibly depressing. I wouldn't want to wrangle Half-Life again for such a larger project.

    There is another mod that was recently released for Half-Life entitled "Half-Nuked" which is more of a character port of Duke into the Half-Life world. It's very well done. If the developer of that mod wants, he is certainly free to take the pickings from this mod and add them into his own. At least then, something would be done with the resources and assets. Anyone working on a mod for Eduke32 can borrow stuff too. You guys should check that one out :

    I must further note that, although I tried to scrub out most of the "pre-used" assets from the source files, there are models taken from other mods. Some from Counter-Strike 1.6/Condition Zero, some from Opposing Force, and some from the greater Half-Life community form various model stockpiles. Most of these, it was our intent, to replace with completely original content as we got further into development. So be aware of that. We were using the Condition Zero models as a stylistic base to keep the poly-counts and textures all consistent looking. The Desert Eagle is a retooling from Counter-Strike for example, and the Shotgun uses pieces of texture from Hellspike's Mossberg Cruiser for Counter-Strike Condition Zero https://gamebanana.com/skins/19675

    If anyone has questions on where the mod was heading after this multiplayer alpha or what features may have been planned, go ahead and ask.

    With all that being said i'll be closing this post out with Chris Bulman's theme for the mod:
  3. Shootrage

    04 August 2017 - 03:14 PM

    I just finished downloading the alpha demo of this off their site. This is one of the few times i've seen one of these FPS games pulling off "genuine retro" in the gameplay department. It's basically a Doom clone with a smidge of ROTT.

    I swear to God that voice actor sounds like Not Important from Hatred.

  4. The 3D hands?

    11 March 2017 - 09:55 PM

    Does anyone still have the 3D hands used for all the weapon models in the HRP? I know someone had posted a 3DS Max file with the textures with just the base hands.
  5. Who owns Dangerous Dave?

    17 December 2016 - 10:21 PM

    Seriously. Who the fuck owns this ip? Where would I find that out? I've Googled it, but alas I find zero results that really make it clear. Some games were developed by this group here, and others by another group, and there was (I think?) A recent remake of the original by Romero for mobile... But who actually owns the character and such? Is that with Romero?


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