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07-May 09
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29 years old
July 4, 1988
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Everett, Washington
Gay porn, Film, gaming, music, writing. Creating art in various forms including writing, animation, and editing.

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  1. In Topic: Alien Armageddon [MOD ANNOUNCEMENT]

    Yesterday, 08:06 PM

    View PostFantinaikos, on 20 April 2018 - 04:10 AM, said:

  2. In Topic: NPC girl sprites

    Yesterday, 08:03 PM

    View Postenderandrew, on 22 April 2018 - 09:38 AM, said:

    Why have an HRP or fancy renderer for an old game at all?

    Some people enjoy taking old games and applying a new coat to them.

    The originals were poorly done and look bad.

    The HRP I get. Upgrading the game to run and play smooth on a modern operating system I get.

    Penthouse Paradise is glorified gameified pornography. I see no point in it when you can literally have that, and done way better elsewhere. Especially when we're talking about the time investment in processing and re-importing all the art.
  3. In Topic: DNF 2001 Build Was Apparently Almost Complete

    Yesterday, 06:41 PM

    View PostZaxx, on 22 April 2018 - 05:39 PM, said:

    Brace yourself for Gearbox's "collection". :D

    I'm braced like an old man taking a nap.
  4. In Topic: HHR video on Youtube question

    Yesterday, 05:14 PM

    Gave it an up vote and a response as well.
  5. In Topic: Half-Life corner

    Yesterday, 01:25 PM

    Integrated the housing area into the main map!
    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Custom textures mixed with original Half-Life textures. Giving a distinct feel to both living areas tells us a bit about both characters. Joe, our character, is a bit more uniform than his room mate, a security guard with the name "Dewey." Dewey's a bit of a scatter brained Vietnam Veteran.

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    More naturalistic lighting in the bathroom now.
    Posted Image

    Also been working on some Xen related elements. A few new textures to mix in with the classics, along with some potential ambient sounds:
    Posted Image


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    I fixed my photobucket links xoxo
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    Your rep is due for an upgrade. Gonna speak with upper management!
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    Thanks buddy, doing my best to keep my sanity.
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    Happy Birthday buddy!
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    How ya been man? New Duke video comng soon, almost done. Duke at home playing Duke, then guests arrive...
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