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  1. Kpad5 not mappable

    15 April 2018 - 05:16 AM

    I noticed that recent EDuke32 builds (such as latest 6834) won't let me use Kpad5 any more. That's my favorite key for "inventory use".

    How come and is there any chance to bring it back to life?
  2. Dreamblaster - A modern wavetable synth

    03 April 2018 - 11:16 PM

    Since quite some time, I am looking for a satisfying way to have true hardware MIDI wavetable synth (without emulation) on my modern PC. Setting up an SC-55 is quite an effort, buying cards like the Roland SCB-55 or Yamaha DB50XG on ebay is hardly affordable due to high demand and low availability. There are some software solutions (e.g. setting up the free S-YXG50 plugin with VST Midi Driver), but I want the real deal.

    So what to do? Serdaco, a company in Belgium, made a solution for retro gamers like me. Back in 2014, they released the Dreamblaster S1, a new wavetable board that you could plug into any soundcard with a wavetable header. After a successor model was made (S2), the X1 and later X2 models introduced a USB MIDI interface with 64 MB flash memory, allowing you to upload alternate soundbanks on demand instead of having to rely on ROM-based solutions. This was what I had been looking for!

    Yesterday, I have ordered the Dreamblaster X3M which is basically an X2 with an enclosure to make external plugging as easy as possible. This is needed for me since my Soundblaster Z does not feature a wavetable header. You basically plug it in via Micro USB (and audio cable, I guess) and Windows will recognize it as a USB MIDI device.

    Here you can listen to Duke Nukem 3D music recorded with the default soundbank that ships with the Dreamblaster X2. In the meantime, an alternate (bigger) soundbank was created (GUD - find some listening samples in this thread) which aims for surpassing the Roland/Yamaha wavetable boards the early Dreamblasters were supposed to more or less imitate and deliver the best synth sound possible. The results with its current version 1.04 are quite impressive.

    My X3M has shipped yesterday, just hours after ordering it. I will keep you guys informed about my experiences with it and what I think of it. I have already been using an SC-55 and the S-YXG50 software synth before (I even owned a DB50XG back in the days, but unfortunately it got lost), so I know what good MIDI synthesis needs to sound like. Stay tuned!
  3. Autoload behavior

    06 March 2018 - 01:51 AM

    Using EDuke32 r6717, I have placed several zipfiles into the autoload folder and noticed that basically only the last one is actually loaded. Another is loaded because is does not contain any code (neither .def nor .con), it's just a soundfile replacement.
    The mods all use internal duke3d.def, but placing an external duke3d.def to load all defs from all mods at once did not change anything.

    To illustrate:
    - duke3d_fix.zip
    - duke3d_maphacks.zip
    - duke3d_psx.zip
    - duke3d_voxels.zip

    - duke3d_psx.zip (soundfile replacement, no code)
    - duke3d_voxels.zip (includes duke3d.def and eduke.con)

    According to the log, all zipfiles are used:
    Using "duke3d.grp" as main game data file.
    Using group file "autoload/duke3d_fix.zip".
    Using group file "autoload/duke3d_maphacks.zip".
    Using group file "autoload/duke3d_psx.zip".
    Using group file "autoload/duke3d_voxels.zip".

    Autoload test folder with all the files (zip, 12.7 MB)

    If I remove duke3d_voxels.zip, duke3d_maphacks.zip and duke3d_psx.zip are used, if I remove the maphacks, it's duke3d_fix.zip and duke3d_psx.zip. As stated, all mods except for the PSX sounds contain at least duke3d.def, but placing an external def should override the internal ones iirc.

    Is this intended or a glitch?
  4. Sound definitions

    22 February 2018 - 11:38 PM

    I am helping Eddy with one of his projects. I noticed that there are quite a few sounds which are not defined in user.con and deleted them, but Eddy isn't sure if that's a good idea. So the question is: Are there any hardcoded sounds in the game that are used without them being defined in con code (e.g. WANSOM4A if you pick up a weapon)? My personal impression was that what isn't defined via code simply is not used. Maybe someone can clearify that. Thanks in advance! ^^
  5. Two-way train glitch

    15 February 2018 - 11:47 PM

    In a map I am currently checking, there is a spaceship in a hangar which you activate with a switch in a nearby control room. It's realized as a two-way train which simply disappears. In the classic renderer, the skybox is hiding the "garage" where it is going, in Polymer it is visible. But that is not the problem I want to address. The real issue is that not all sectors are moving with the ship, causing an ugly rendering glitch in Polymer (classic is much more tolerant and does not show this).

    There were a few sectors on the ship which were probably incorrectly tagged with lotag 3131 instead of 31, but correcting that did not fix the issue. Any helpful advice would be highly appreciated.



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