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  1. Sloped underwater surfaces

    18 January 2018 - 11:59 PM

    I am currently working on fixing a map for the compilation pack and face a problem I have trouble solving on my own.

    There is an underwater area with two floor structures that have sloped surfaces: some kind of crack in the floor and a rock. In both cases, the author forgot to place SE7 sprites on these sectors (and the surface), preventing you from emerging as long as you remain within those sectors. I know I am supposed to place the transporter sprites as close to the lower edges of those sloped surfaces as possible (as described here), but whatever I do, as long as I am submerged floating over these sectors, I am unable to emerge from the water there. It works for even surfaces just fine, I have already been able to successfully fix some other areas like that (you can see some of them in the third screenshot), but these elude me.

    Maybe someone with more sophisticated mapping experience can provide some insights.

    In the attachment you find Mapster32 screenshots of the two problematic areas. Note that I placed one SE7 sprite successfully in the middle (on the top) of the underwater rock and it worked.
  2. Aligning weapon to edge of screen

    17 January 2018 - 07:45 AM

    For a mod, I would need to align a hud weapon (in this case, a replacement for the Mighty Boot, tiles 2521/2522) to the edge of the right screen. This is supposed to be done because the weapon graphics are cut and I want to make them widescreen-friendly. Any fast coding solution for this would be appreciated.
  3. Tracking down WGR2 showstopper in EDuke32

    15 January 2018 - 05:23 AM

    I have finally been able to find out when a certain map in WGRealms2: Siege Breaker stopped working.

    The map causing problems is the third in the second episode, WGX5 ("Getting Back to Nature"):
    You are in the final arena room where you have to defeat two floating mini Cyberdemons, six shotgun Barons and a Cyberdemon boss. Once all of them are dead, the door to the exit teleporter chamber is supposed to open. However, neither the door nor the teleporter tube open once you have defeated all enemies and received the "A door has activated" message. It's a showstopper and has been confirmed by several people, also some who tried to play the mod quite recently.

    The bug is shown in this Youtube video (after 16:45).

    I have tested this passage with various EDuke32 builds and found that the last working build was 20121113-3158. Any build after that (starting with 20121114-3161) turned out to get you stuck. The two activator/masterswitch sprites in WGX5 which are not triggering any more are #922 and #984 (both have a lotag of 53244).

    Test setup:
    - Download this WGR2 test setup compilation (zip, 55 MB), based on the version from the EDuke32 Addon Compilation (with .grp/.dat files decompressed since old EDuke32 builds did not support the grpinfo feature)
    - Unzip wgrealms2 folder into your EDuke32 dir
    - Launch game with "wgrealms2" as custom game content directory set via launcher
    - Select WGX5TEST.map via user menu (contains WGX5.map with edited starting point that puts you right into the final arena chamber)
    - Use cheats to beat mobs fast (recommended: dnkroy, dnstuff)
    - After all monsters are dead: Check whether "A door has activated" message appears and the grey door behind the dead cyberdemon opens. The teleporter needs to open with a slight delay, too.

    It would be great to have this mod working again with recent EDuke32 builds, so my question directed at the EDuke32 coding team would be whether it's possible to do anything about it. Thanks in advance!
  4. What happened to dukeworld.duke4.net?

    27 July 2017 - 05:05 AM

    Does anybody else get this when trying to open dukeworld.duke4.net? --> See attachment
  5. Portable Java and BloodGDX

    29 June 2017 - 01:54 AM

    Until recently, I have avoided this ingenious port with great regret because I absolutely hate to install Java runtimes on my computer. However, there seems to be a way to use it with portable binaries:

    1) Get jPortable and jPortableLauncher. Extract both files to a folder, e.g. "BloodGDX". Make sure you leave the original folder structures intact (CommonFiles\Java and JavaPortableLauncher)!
    2) Place bloodgfx.jar and all required Blood game files into the extraction folder ("BloodGDX" in our example).
    3) Enter the JavaPortableLauncher folder, launch LavaPortableLauncher.exe, select bloodgdx.jar and go!

    Just to make sure to have the correct folder structure - your BloodGDX folder should contain these dirs and files:


    [SUBDIR] CommonFiles
    [SUBDIR] JavaPortableLauncher
    [FILE] bloodgdx.jar

    Maybe this helps other people out there who have a similar attitude towards Java installations. Enjoy! ^^



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