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  1. Serious Duke 3D

    27 March 2019 - 02:28 AM

    Has anybody been aware of this?

    It seems someone remade the first four levels of the first Duke3D episode in the Serious Sam engine (SS Fusion 2017 to be precise) - and it looks quite good! Apparently there are some deviations from the original level design and monster lineup, but at the end of the day it seems to be a pretty interesting and authentic recreation. We won't get more than the full shareware episode plus maybe E2L1 as a bonus once this is officially finished.

    Steam Workshop link for Serious Duke 3D
    (Note: Requires Serious Sam Fusion 2017 to be installed)

    To me it seems as if he ripped models and textures from DNF - especially since it can be SERIOUSLY doubted he created all the Duke assets from scratch.
  2. r7359 and -j parameter

    01 March 2019 - 04:17 PM

    It seems with latest build r7359, loading custom dirs via -j parameter doesn't work any more. Previous snapshot r7358 still works fine. Can anybody confirm?
  3. Addon compilation with r7187 or later

    18 December 2018 - 05:27 AM

    I have already forwarded this issue directly to Hendricks via PM, but I'll mention it here as well:

    After someone reported a problem with loading the addon compilation, I tried to load the EAC and actually found that it doesn't load at all any more. Message log stays empty and eventually the EDuke32 launcher stops responding.

    Build: eduke32_win64_20181216-7296
    OS: Win7
    PC: Intel Core i5/750, 8GB RAM
    Graphics card: Geforce GTX 960

    The last build that seems to be working is this one:

    This means that between 7141 and 7187, something was done that breaks the loading process somehow. From an amateur look at the changelogs, I would suspect r7151 to be the culprit since that one seems to be about buffer size reduction for scanning grps. 64 KB instead of 8 MB may not be enough to handle large amounts of groupfiles.
  4. Project Warlock

    30 October 2018 - 06:20 AM

    By pure chance, I found a small article with a preview about a new retro shooter called "Project Warlock" on the website of my gaming magazine. It was released on GOG exlusively on Oct 18 and costs 11 EUR. The game should also pop up on Steam later on if you can wait a bit.

    So far I have played the first 4-5 levels (there are supposed to be around 60) and I can already say it's pretty neat. Feels a bit like the modern brother of Wolf3D with pimped Unity graphics. You return to a hub (called "Workshop") after you are done with one stage of an episode (can be 1-4 rather short levels with 5-15mins gameplay each, at least as far as I could see until now). Here you can upgrade your skills, spells and weapons with stat points you have gathered while levelling up and collecting items/secrets throughout the levels.

    + Graphics with many tweaking options (retro filters, ambient occlusion, reflections. motion blur etc) and excellent lighting effects
    + Consequently executed Wolf3D style (90° angle walls, keys, secrets, no health regen)
    + Large variety: 5 worlds with 60 levels, about 40 weapons, 72 enemy types and 8 spells
    + Fast paced combat, often against larger groups of opponents
    + Motivating levelling system to upgrade weapons (2 upgrades for each, but only one can be chosen), skills and spells (also perks)
    + Really good music and sounds
    + Lower difficulty with infinite lives, higher difficulties with limited lives or even permadeath (RL mode)
    + No DRM

    - No checkpoints or quicksaves - if you die before finishing a level, you have restart that level
    - You can return to the Workshop before a stage is finished, but then you need to do the stage from the beginning afterwards
    - Spells are rather useful for supporting conventional weapon combat
    - Bosses are relatively easy with strong weapons
    - Limited automap (no fullscreen view or overlay)
    - Claustrophobic level design, especially at the beginning of the game

    You really get a lot of game for your money on this one. If you are a fan of Wolf3D or Doom (and who isn't?) and like the general visual style of the game, you should definitely give this a try. The game even has references to other classic shooters like Blood (see attachment) which shows you how much care and detail went into this. It's straight to the point, fast and simple. For an (almost) one-man project of a 19-year old, it's pretty impressive, I'd say. Should this game receive modding support later on with custom levels etc., it may stay on my hard drive for quite a while, that's for sure.

    Also check out this Youtube review to learn more.
  5. Crashes in r6955

    23 July 2018 - 02:42 AM

    Does anybody else get crashes to desktop when trying to use "Save Game" or "Load Game" from the menu?


    Intel Core i5 750
    8 GB RAM
    Win7 Pro SP1
    nvidia GeForce GTX 960



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