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  1. In Topic: SIGIL

    Today, 05:04 AM

    They should have done it like in Quake where each episode had its distinct design and designer. But we don't know yet what Romero will do in Sigil. Maybe it's a collection, maybe it's an episode. As far as I am concerned, I'd wish for some kind of continuity between levels this time.
  2. In Topic: SIGIL

    Yesterday, 11:00 PM

    Romero also once said that for Doom II's 25th anniversary, he wanted to make a revised edition with improved versions of the maps. I guess that won't happen since Bethesda won't let him.

    But well, if he creates D2 levelpack in the spirit of "Romero's Master Levels", it'd be almost the same. In the end, large portions of D2 felt like a map collection, too.
  3. In Topic: SIGIL

    Yesterday, 11:11 AM

    If you want something with Doom that feels like WT, check out "The Alfonzone", one of the Cacoward Runner Ups this year. Much better done than WT, though. And more levels (50+).

    I am already glad if Sigil had some kind of coherence, and since it's all done by one person, I am carefully optimistic regarding that.
  4. In Topic: SIGIL

    Yesterday, 01:17 AM

    View PostVGA, on 11 December 2018 - 03:15 PM, said:

    Chocolate Doom can play limit-removing maps?

    AFAIK it can if you set it up to do so, I am not sure if it's the default setting. I usually use GZDoom as my standard port.
  5. In Topic: SIGIL

    11 December 2018 - 08:10 AM

    If the statue is supposed to resemble the sprite, it would HAVE to be painted. Doesn't mean it will be, but I would be surprised if it wasn't. Anyway, the music is actually more important to me than anything else in that package (besides the maps themselves, ofc).



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