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  1. In Topic: Ion Fury

    Today, 12:58 PM

    That mugshot in the fullscreen statusbar is really growing on me. Does anyone feel like making a mod for Duke3D to put Duke's mugshot instead of the health icon?

    Anyway, I am three levels in now (I am slow, I know) and I am thrilled about all the details and references you guys put in there. And some of the secrets are really hard to find. For one I pushed a trashcan up some stairs and it really took me a while. However, usually it's worth doing crazy stuff like that.
  2. In Topic: [RELEASE] EDuke32 Addon Compilation

    Yesterday, 11:18 PM

    Good point. I guess the whole thing should tap into an online repository and get the files from there. If there's a program that can pull it off, I'd prefer that over an offline installer.
  3. In Topic: [RELEASE] EDuke32 Addon Compilation

    Yesterday, 10:52 PM

    Is there any good and easy-to-use freeware installer you guys can recommend?

    I guess it should at least support Win 7-10 (dunno if XP still needs to be considered, but if it works, I don't mind), allow installation choices and delete existing installations (basically delete the "addons" folder).

    Installer choices should probably be:
    - Full
    - Recommended (this will be subjective)
    - Custom (pick what you want)

    Besides that you will still be able to download the zip for manual installation since it's not exactly rocket science.
  4. In Topic: Ion Fury

    Yesterday, 10:45 PM

    Let's hope the game sells well so DavoX doesn't depend on selling meats in cyberpunk cities any more.
  5. In Topic: Ion Fury

    Yesterday, 07:13 AM

    Well if you look at the EDuke32 synthesis builds right now, it's raining new versions lately.



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