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June 4, 1990
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  1. How about porting Duke 3D to my new engine?

    19 August 2018 - 02:29 PM

    Hello guys. As some of you might know, I'm working on a retro-3D game engine inspired by old Doom, Build and Unreal engines. The engine is sector-based like Build, but envisioned to have a slew of exciting features like multiple reflections, stacked walls, dynamic ligthing, all done in software to keep the authentic look and potentially free the GPU for other important tasks.

    Some recent screenshots for introduction:
    Attached File  CAPT0035.PNG (231.47K)
    Number of downloads: 434 Attached File  CAPT0006.PNG (178.04K)
    Number of downloads: 439

    At this point, the engine can flawlessly import Build engine artwork and maps. But the results are totally static and unplayable, you can just fly around the levels the way similar to Mapster32 and enjoy the new effects, and nothing interactive beside basic editing functions made for testing. The idea is to recreate (reverse-engineer) Duke3D original gameplay inside my tech. It won't be a strict replication of original physics and object behavior, but one should be able to play all original levels normally. So far I'm having certain questions to Duke3D community. First of all, can (and how can) this be done and published as a commercial product? The rights on the engine itself should remain on my side. Also can I find any investors so I could do the necessary work? I'm noob at things like crowdfunding etc.
  2. [Release] 20 Sector Challenge Community Build Project

    26 December 2017 - 10:50 AM

    This map was created by following AMC Web Forums members (in order of appearance): Nexus, Lezing (me), James, Eddy Zykov, William Gee, Mikko Sandt, Mike Norvak, MRCK, Micky C. Our goal was to build a map using a rule of 20 sectors per turn, adding small bits to a map and giving it to another mapper.

    The project was started by Nexus back in 2010, but eventually has stalled for some years. Later we attempted to complete the map without the 20-sector rule, and now I've done my best to polish the map into more or less finished state. Big thanks to Forge, Mikko Sandt and Micky C for testing the map and pointing out some flaws.

    This is a fairly long and massive nonlinear level with some puzzles and unique effects in addition to a plenty of enemies.

    Just a screenshot for introduction:
  3. Changes of classic render transparency handling behavior

    08 February 2016 - 11:58 AM

    I've just noticed that my transparency trick used in mods like ExtCLUT and LNGA is not compatible with current EDuke32 builds. The matter of the problem is that I'm using a custom look-up pal replacing all colors to the transparent color, which then becomes visible and can be set up to produce some extra color conversions (because the transparent color was checked by the engine prior to applying the palette when drawing something). Now using this palette makes any sprite not to be visible at all. Can we get the old behavior back? Also, is there a hope for rotatespritea to work with the 8-bit renderer as well (with the alpha parameter denoting custom translucency table ID)?

    I found that this has begun to occur in r5347. HUD graphics screens for comparison:


    Posted Image

    r5347 and onwards:

    Posted Image
  4. EVENT_DISPLAYROOMS and showview command

    24 September 2010 - 08:16 PM

    Hi, I wanna describe a weird glitch I get when the showview command draws to TILE_TILT buffer rather than the screen itself.
    Calling showview at EVENT_DISPLAYROOMS is a useful trick; it allows me to enhance 3D look in my mod by showing many scenes onto each other (instead of single one) and rotate them later like a regular frame (if player's rotscrnang value is non-zero). But even though showview renders them in a correct aspect ratio, the aspect of the rotated frame appears wrong; it's stretched vertically and its center is displaced. Secondly, showview's behavior is resolution-dependent, whilst the TILE_TILT has a constant resolution of 640x480. As a result, there may be bands of HoM or the frame may overlap itself. I gave a look to the source code and realized that the glitch can't fixed by a CON hack; the showview command has to be adapted to the tilted screen. Is there a chance to have this in upcoming EDuke32 versions?

    P. S. In Polymost mode it works better, but my mod is incompatible with it (see http://lzg.duke4.net/lngaror8a.png for example).
  5. LNGA mod & Qwnz0r Qwn3d TC

    22 October 2009 - 11:43 AM


    Not long ago I made this video to show what I'm currently working at. It is Lezing's New Generation Art, an EDuke32 enhancement featuring tons of improvements. The especial thing here is the advanced elaboration of software rendering mode. There are realistic lens flares, new animated crosshair, soft actor shadows, CON-coded multi-pass rendering with dynamic skyboxes and unlimited ROR support, made using WoW (wall-over-wall) technique. This one is capable to render room-over-room without any bugs (in the abstract). The development is in initial phase now, I think I should release my Last Pissed Time series before.

    Thread on AMC: http://www.amcwebfor...hp?topic=8223.0

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Update: visit http://lzg.duke4.net/lnga.htm for more info, latest videos and a playable snapshot!


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