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  1. [RELEASE] Pyratel (User map)

    31 March 2019 - 02:46 PM

    Happy april fools day/night! Sounds like a good and (un)expected time for a map.

    Note for all readers: A specific section in the map, admittedly a hack, might be incompatible with the last version of EDuke32. r7447 should be compatible, along with DOS versions 1.3d and 1.5. PYRATEL.TXT references this as well.

    In addition to the .MAP file itself, in order to play as "intended" (in quotes) with Bobby Prince's "Lord of L.A." track (from E3L8):
    - DOS v1.3d: Unpack PYRATEL3.BAT+PYRATEL3.CON and use PYRATEL3.BAT.
    - EDuke32: Simply have PYRATEL.MID (renamed lordofla.mid file) ready.

    I think that I'll simply quote PYRATEL.TXT:


  2. About organizing files in disks/partitions

    07 December 2018 - 07:36 AM

    Hey there,

    I've gotten a new PC set up last week, and I've thought that this might be a good chance to organize files and folders in some different way.

    Maybe the answer is simply: "Don't bother, it's not trivial and there isn't a *perfect* solution, just be happy with what's working out for you."
    In case not...

    Basically, my new setup consists of a 500GB SSD with system partitions for Windows (10) and Linux (Ubuntu 18.10), as well as installed programs; And a 4TB NTFS-formatted HDD for anything else, shared across the two OSes. Of course, I've disabled fast boot on the Win10 side.

    With my older PC, it's similar, the main difference being a single 1TB HDD is partitioned.

    I also have full backups of this disk's data partitions in image forms, and can directly access their contents from Ubuntu by mounting them (in read-only form)s.

    Question is if anybody has anything to contribute on organizing files and folders.

    1. First of all, I'm not that sure about accessing the images of the old disk's partitions directly. They're naturally (quite) fragmented, so it might be better to expand them into actual folders. Additionally, it's also a good way to let me gradually move stuff from the old backups' locations to newer, more relevant locations.

    2. For reference, other than properly installed games (say in Windows' "Program Files", or somewhere in ~/.local/share/Steam on Ubuntu), I also have this giant "Games" dir. A subdir of it may consist of a single game (quite often a DOS game), contain separate dirs for multiple versions of the same game (e.g., SW shareware versions 1.0-1.2, registered v1.2 and the prototypes released on 2017), related tools and other work (e.g., a source port's sources and/or modding tools), etc.

    3. There may also be a separate dir in the style of "Games", say for differing tools, not necessarily related to gaming. Shared libraries' source codes are covered in this same dir, too.

    4. To give out examples of files and folders to store, as currently organized in the older PC:

    System partitions (previously HDD partitions, now SSD partitions):
    - All properly installed programs, found where you should expect them, say "Program Files" and the differing configuration dirs.
    - Anything intended to be in the shared NTFS partition (described below), but relocated due to lack of space.

    Shared NTFS partition (previously an additional HDD partition, now more-or-less a whole separate HDD):
    - An archive of non-installed games, say backups of installers and additional files from my GOG.com account. GOG.com has its own separate dir, while otherwise the files tend to be organized by dirs per-game and/or per-some-company (e.g., original developer or publisher).
    - A similar archive for more "general" software. Haven't used it much so far, other than something like 2 old FTP backups, I think.
    - The "Games" dir previously described (under point 2), and I guess that also the tools dir (point 3).
    - Shared Documents, Music, Pictures and Videos dirs, accessible from Windows as its library dirs (e.g., what used to be called "My Documents" in Windows XP).

    5. Finally, again, maybe there's just no perfect solution. For instance, it can be difficult to decide if a program falls under a "Games" or "Tools" directory. Additionally, should a specific games' soundtrack be found under "Games" or "Music"? Furthermore, some modding tools may be useful for *two* games. Maybe this means the games should reside in a shared subdir (say "build" for Duke3D and SW, at the least)?

    6. Based on the above, someone may bring out the concept of a "tagged filesystem". Problem is, not only I'm not sure of a good way to have a solution working with Windows and a Linux distribution like Ubuntu altogether, but there are still many uses for directories. For instance, I use a terminal emulator quite often.

    7. Then again, I can probably use symbolic links to simulate tags (at least on the Linux side). Maybe that's a solution for 6.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback!
  3. OK, how much do you *really* remember about Duke3D?

    09 July 2018 - 10:26 AM

    Hey there, I'm sure some of you are going to hate me for this evil idea :lol:

    The rules for anybody posting Duke3D-related details in this thread:


    Try to list as much details as you recall, *from memory*, and most important - *without having played the game in-between reading this post and adding your own post* (or at least not really recently).

    Misc. words of mine (e.g., about the idea of posting this):


    It's possible that this thread has been inspired by this weakly related topic on recreating Doom maps from memory: https://www.doomworl...ps-from-memory/

    However, it's more likely I've recently realized I'm unfortunately bad with memorizing (or even knowing??) names of musical tracks :(
    Sorry Bobby and Lee! Hopefully nobody's too disappointed from me just for this, heh.

    So, here's my turn.


    Duke's arsenal of weapons:

    Inventory items:

    Other pickups:

    Ways to get health (other than the usual health pick-ups):


    Enemies (it's very possible I recall a few of these from the Build editor i.e., NAMES.H, better than any official name):

    Music - Really weak at this :( Quoting from episode 1 for most (and generally using filenames, or close to these)

    Duke quotes... Sorry, decided it's a lil. bit too tiresome for me atm, heh.
  4. Is MultiQuote broken?

    20 May 2018 - 07:27 AM

    When I press on the "MultiQuote" button for one or more existing posts, followed by a press on "Use Full Editor", the original posts seem to be quoted with some corruptions.

    The most noticeable is the lack of line separators, but it looks like previously quoted posts (which were quoted by the *original* poster, not me) are missing, too.

    I think it's a relatively recent development (or at least the lack of line separators)?

    Thanks in advance!
  5. Restoration of a few games' EXEs versions

    11 May 2018 - 12:30 AM

    Hey there,

    I think it's a good (albeit belated) time to introduce you to the following, at least if you aren't yet aware of this: https://bitbucket.or...ver-recreation/

    To summarize, the above repository covers modifications of open source games, with attempts to recreate original old EXEs byte-by-byte. Sometimes it's more successful, while other times it's less. A few examples:
    - For most Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny EXEs, with the right tools, you may now faithfully recreate the original EXEs from the 90s, byte-by-byte. There may be this or that EXE for which only the very first few bytes (in the EXE header) differ.
    - For Rise of the Triad, I had less luck, and there are also technical limitations due to the usage of Watcom 10.0b (from the 10.0(x) series), but I believe it's *very* close.

    Now, let's get to the following. Note that I consider this code recreation *partial*, hence you'll find it in a "bonus" subdirectory. In particular:
    - This covers game code only.
    - This does *not* cover engine code, audio library code* or closed-source libraries. Original binary OBJ and LIB files are used for these.

    Basically, I'm talking about the game code (and no other code piece) of Duke Nukem 3D!

    These EXEs are now covered in the "duke3d" directory (bonus/duke3d) within my repository:
    - Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition v1.5, up to differences described below (possibly hidden under "Spoiler" tags).
    - The following EXEs originally built by Matt (recreated byte-by-byte): NAM/NAPALM Full Version 1.0, WW2GI Full Version 1.0 and EDuke 2.00.23 (the original binary EDuke release from the year 2000 mostly known as "EDuke 2.0").

    Note that for any comparison you might be making, there should *not* be any (originally) unofficial patch applied, like the removal of copy protection. Digital releases (e.g., Steam and GOG.COM) may be impacted, too.

    For Duke3D v1.5, use Watcom C 10.0 and *not* any other version; Not even 10.0a or 10.0b.
    For any of Matt's EXEs, use Watcom C 10.6a (and no other version).

    For a little background behind the beginning of all of this, I'll quote myself (with any possible minor diff) from the RGB Classic Games forums (https://www.classicd....php?f=3&t=1410):


    Some more details regarding Duke Nukem 3D, quoting from a recent RGB forums post with a few changes (https://www.classicd...hp?p=8406#p8406):


    * In fact, this isn't entirely accurate. I've modified the Apogee Sound System sources so you can more-or-less recreate v1.1. However, you'll still prefer to use the existing AUDIO_WF.LIB file, if only due to unused gaps between C string literals and more being filled with contents differing from the original. As in the case of the game code, this might be related to the Watcom C v10.0(x) series.


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