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  1. In Topic: Commander Keen Corner

    09 February 2019 - 02:29 AM

    There's now an official Switch port of Keen Dreams:

    It has new remastered music and sound effects. Interestingly, the button originally used to toggle the PC Speaker sound effects was re-purposed for the AdLib effects. The AdLib one was re-purposed for the remastered effects.

    According to Nintendo's game page, Lone Wolf Technology LLC is the developer and publisher of this port: https://www.nintendo...n-dreams-switch

    Other details can be found in this PCKF thread: https://pckf.com/viewtopic.php?t=4827
  2. In Topic: Shadow Warrior 1.0-1.2 EXEs Accurately Recreated, Source Code Re-released

    08 February 2019 - 04:57 AM

    I've uploaded the archive's contents to GitLab, including a copy of the original 7Z file itself (remove "tags" from the URL in order to browse the code in the...browser): https://gitlab.com/N...d-addendum/tags

    Additionally, since I'm well-aware of "tl;dr", see the preceding post's very end for (quite incomplete) bot AI support in a modified SW 1.1.
  3. In Topic: Shadow Warrior 1.0-1.2 EXEs Accurately Recreated, Source Code Re-released

    07 February 2019 - 12:22 PM

    Going to mention the following for the record:
    - This release was made public on February 6 2019, at least in all Eastern/Central/Western European and North/Central/South American time-zones that I'm aware of.
    - The reason it says "20190129" in the archive name, is that this is the day when README.TXT was updated for the last time and the released 7Z file was actually created.
    - Since I was asked about this (outside of these forums), the reason that I went for a 7Z file, rather than uploading the sources to a website like GitHub, Bitbucket or GitLab, is that it preserves timestamps. Admittedly, though, FILESLST.TXT should already cover the more important timestamps (at least before changes applied by me to most files).

    Of course, I knew there was something I kinda forgot to say previously. As we can't edit posts after some limited time:

    To continue from that post, again, I didn't think that gamesrc-ver-recreation could indirectly lead to anything like this release. It was really Hendricks who pushed me to do this, and as previously said, others had their roles as well.

    I think this is actually a kind of a victory. If not for me, then for Devolver Digital, for anybody else who had a part in this release, and of course, for all of you.

    Did I already say or hint that I had problems with the "credits" part? Whatever I previously said still applies...

    In addition to the aforementioned SW (1997) developer Frank Maddin, thanks should be sent to Jim Norwood, not just for being directly involved in the development of this game like Frank, but also for previously granting his consent related to some earlier work I did with regards to Bio Menace (that's for another topic, and it was already posted, either way).

    Additional special thanks are sent to: Alex Dawson, Ben Moir, Corentin Dallay, Fox, Green, 75, Jonathan Strander, Jordon Moss, Alon Amir, Replica, Turrican, Jaks, Juras, Skydro, Sjoerd van den Berg, Peter Veenstra, Ulf Wohlers, Tommy Frössman, Dean Beeler, Sebastian Strohhäcker, Ralf Grillenberger, P4R4D0X and VileRancour.

    View Postleilei, on 06 February 2019 - 09:43 PM, said:

    Nice, the bots are in there!

    Indeed, SW 1.1 still has partially functional code (and possibly also 1.0). I'm quite sure it can even be toggled on with bits of hex editing, but now we have the exact sources, don't we? ;)

    Here's a patch that I've applied on top of SW 1.1's GAME.C as released yesterday (note that the diff does not show carriage-returns; The attached 7Z file includes the correct diff):

    diff -ur sw-src-and-build-addendum-20190129/source/SWV11/GAME.C sw-src-and-build-addendum-20190129-test/source/SWV11/GAME.C
    --- sw-src-and-build-addendum-20190129/source/SWV11/GAME.C	2019-01-28 22:32:26.055704100 +0200
    +++ sw-src-and-build-addendum-20190129-test/source/SWV11/GAME.C	2019-02-07 21:31:03.456137800 +0200
    @@ -3369,7 +3369,7 @@
    -        #ifndef SW_SHAREWARE
    +//        #ifndef SW_SHAREWARE
     		if (memcmp(argv[cnt], "-bots", 5) == 0)
                 if (strlen(argv[cnt]) > 5)
    @@ -3381,7 +3381,7 @@
    -        #endif
    +//        #endif
     		if (memcmp(argv[cnt], "-coop", 5) == 0)
                 if (strlen(argv[cnt]) > 5)

    I've attached a 7Z file with an EXE compatible with shareware v1.1's data that I've built with this (and an SW.MAP generated by the linker as a bonus).

    Some notes (including caveats):
    - Don't use DOSBox 0.74 or 0.74-2, the game will probably crash (as is the case with vanilla versions 1.0 and 1.1). Use a more recent SVN build instead.
    - To anybody actually checking this, you'll probably realize why the bot code didn't survive into v1.2.
    - The generated EXE requires DOS4GW.EXE or a compatible loader.
    - Run as follows: "SW -level1 -monst -bots4"
  4. In Topic: Shadow Warrior 1.0-1.2 EXEs Accurately Recreated, Source Code Re-released

    06 February 2019 - 10:57 AM

    Hope you'll have some fun (at the least!) with this release :)

    Now, as some of you might know, I started this aforementioned code repository that I shamelessly titled "gamesrc-ver-recreation" back on 2014. For the ones not familiar with it, you can check out the following thread's first post: https://forums.duke4...-exes-versions/

    This repository was inspired by multiple original versions of Softdisk's Keen Dreams title getting open-sourced on 2014, as well as related interests (e.g., the Chocolate Doom port).

    Still, I don't think I believed that gamesrc-ver-recreation could literally pave the way for another similar release, i.e., Shadow Warrior (1997). Let's not forget the Build engine, too.

    I'm probably bad with the credits as usual...anybody not mentioned here who deserves some credit (even if really tiny), please consider yourself credited as if you were listed!

    Yeah, I know this probably won't work, but it's good to try...

    Either way, I'll first quote from the README (80 columns constraint covered):


    Many thanks go to 3D Realms for digging up old materials found in this
    archive, including the Shadow Warrior source codes, later to be sent to
    Richard Gobeille and Evan Ramos, who further inspected such materials.

    Additional thanks go to Evan for getting the ball rolling, Devolver Digital
    for their permission to release the old Shadow Warrior materials, and
    Ken Silverman for his consent to release the older Build Engine sources.

    Further thanks go to Ken Silverman for open-sourcing the Build Engine on 2000,
    and to anybody involved in open-sourcing Shadow Warrior on 2005.
    This includes Frank Maddin (one of the original Shadow Warrior programmers)
    for digging up the sources and assisting with their release, Jonathon Fowler
    (responsible for the JonoF ports of Build, Duke3D and SW) using his experience
    for technical assistance, Charlie Wiederhold for preparing the
    sources for release and 3D Realms for paving the way.

    Finally, thanks to all fans of 3D Realms, Devolver Digital,
    General Arcade, Shadow Warrior and the Build engine!

    Special thanks go to: Nigel Lowrie, Gennadii Potapov, Frederik Schreiber, Joe Siegler, Samuel Schultz, Barry Duncan, Jarmo Kylmäaho, Leo Pellegrini, Max Ylitalo, Robert Rafii, Geoff Sims, Braden Obrzut, David Gow, Levellass, lemm, Adam Nielsen and Nuke.YKT.

    Finally, thanks to the Duke4.net, PCKF and VOGONS communities, as well as any other related retro-gaming community!
  5. In Topic: About organizing files in disks/partitions

    22 December 2018 - 01:52 PM


    Eventually, of course, I might just resort to my older ways of organizing the files, albeit with a few changes.

    The greatest is starting from separate dirs with contents of the old HDD's files (one dir per partition), gradually being moved out of these dirs as desired (or even deleted if there's anything truly useless).

    Still tried to change things in other ways. A few examples:

    /media/<old-partition-mount>/Games/duke3d -> /mnt/hdd/games/build/duke3d (for most)
    /media/<old-partition-mount>/Games/shadow_warrior -> /mnt/hdd/games/build/sw (for most?)
    /media/<old-partition-mount>/Games/duke3d/eduke32 -> /mnt/hdd/games/build/eduke32

    Of course, the above approach has its own issues. Where should any "duke2" dir be located, for instance?
    Also, what about Ken Silverman's software, Build-engine related or not? Should his work reside in a single dir, except for anything related to the Build engine?

    Conclusion: Maybe I can have all folders in one *single* subfolder; Or simulate folder tagging with symlinks as described in my preceding post; Or do both of these.

    Then again, maybe what you're used to work with might simply be the best for now...


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