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  1. In Topic: GNU/Linux

    16 April 2018 - 09:11 AM

    So I'm finally considering an OS upgrade for the current PC for real, if not just a whole hardware upgrade.
    Personally, I've been running Ubuntu 14.04 for ~4 years by now, occasionally adding this or that PPA for a few specific packages. I've also run earlier versions beforehand (this PC is from mid-2011).

    This might be a good chance to see what have others gone with.

    Note that I am really not interested in anything like a flame-war!

    I simply want to see if anybody has some personal feedback. Eventually I'll make my choice, of course.

    Out of the few choices I'm considering:
    - Ubuntu 18.04 is being released very soon, so that's a natural choice. (I do realize I'll finally have to abandon the Unity shell for an alternative, be it GNOME 3 or anything else.)
    - Fedora 28 is further expected to be released a little bit later.
    - Similarly Linux Mint 19.
    - Debian Testing or Unstable.

    I do realize I might have enough to learn: From a different desktop environment, to an alternative to APT with DEB (DNF with RPM, Flatpak, Snappy?) and more. Hopefully this shouldn't be an issue for me.

    In terms of support from vendors like Valve (for Steam), it looks like Ubuntu is the most sane choice, although luckily enough I can almost always get away from contacting support directly.

    P.S. I do consider getting a new rig, too (I might actually have to do this), but it might be better to not get into this now (at least not yet).

    Thanks in advance for any feedback!
  2. In Topic: [RELEASE] Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown TC - v1.0

    24 March 2018 - 01:09 PM

    So, I've completed the Plug -N- Pray episode via this TC, 2 nights earlier.

    While not familiar with the original PSX port, I've still heard/read enough to know you've spent the time to make this close to the original, while also making usage of advantages of EDuke32's capabilities for PC environments.

    Random comments (which obviously apply to the original PSX port, too):
    - That end of Faces of Death has surely, well, *not* been that nice, heh.
    - Occasionally I've felt there there were many enforcers (relatively), albeit I've probably been biased due to their apparent "strengths", also applying to the original DOS versions (emphasis on weapons, not hit points - it's more difficult to get away from their attacks, at least for me).
    - There were surely some ideas for that episode.

    Many have waited for this, and it's great to finally have the chance to try it out!
  3. In Topic: Ion Maiden

    06 March 2018 - 02:44 PM

    It's about one night since I've completed the IM preview under the "Ultra Viscera" difficulty in "Bombardier Trial" mode; I've also taken care of the secrets, although there's this one secret (in the first hub) that I haven't exactly found on my own.

    The above play-through has possibly been a bit unusual, in the sense that I've had technical difficulties while attempting to record a video of it (mostly the fault of me not doing this often).

    If you're curious to see, there's a segmented play-through of the 2nd hub atm, including all secrets: http://youtu.be/SzGho1r1GCw

    To add further comments from my preceding post on the topic:
    - I did see these bombs in at least one screenshot, but it was surely a surprise to realize their role as bowling bombs!
    - It actually took a little while to get how are they used. I think that originally, I didn't even take advantage of them so often, or at least not the expected way.
    - In case I had any doubt, "Bombardier Trial" surely taught me how to use them!
    - There's something to say about the music, say the end-game music. There are cases it feels similar to something from a different game - and I'm not talking about a Build-based game at all. Might just be the style and/or the fact these are XM module tracks.
    - I've had these few occasional stutters, mostly while games are being saved, but not only. I do suspect it's due to the usage of an HDD drive, rather than an SSD. (The PC in question is soon to be 7 years old.)

    I shall mention that I've gotten an Early Access copy of the game!

    To finish, do I recommend this preview? You can probably guess, heh.
  4. In Topic: Ion Maiden

    02 March 2018 - 03:01 PM

    So, I've gotten to try this out. First, by completing under "Wanton Carnage" difficulty; And currently, by replaying under "Ultra Viscera" difficulty in "Bombardier Trial" mode, while trying to find the remaining secrets.

    I kinda figured out how is this going to be, from a few snippets (e.g., screenshots) shown during the last ~2.5 years.

    Nevertheless, after playing this, I must say to all of the involved developers:

    *Very* great job!!

    You see, this is a game based on the Build engine, and you may clearly feel it (assuming you're sufficiently familiar with another Build-based game).
    The thing is, the art is highly detailed, and so are the maps, which are also, clearly, far from being small.
    And then there's all the rest: Examples are the music, the sound effects and the gameplay-related features (e.g., the bowling balls; If you haven't used enough of these, good chances are "Bombardier Trial" mode will make you learn how to).

    To anybody still considering, I say: Check it out! (Assuming your hardware can run it in an acceptable manner, of course.)

    POST EDIT - Here's a short video of mine for reference (I surely had at least a few difficulties with the "Ultra Viscera" + "Bombardier Trial" combo in the beginning):

  5. In Topic: Youtube video uploading

    07 February 2018 - 11:37 AM

    I dunno if this will assist in any way, but I'll write about what I've done recently before uploading a video to YT (not that it's been common for me so far). For reference, it's about Bio Menace graphics here.

    Quoting from VOGONS (https://www.vogons.o...=644640#p644640):


    Bumping here, mainly to show what has worked for me last night for Youtube (and also a simpler command that could've *probably* be used).

    Note that I've run avconv in Ubuntu 14.04. This assumes 320x200 input pixels with an aspect ratio of 4:3. Further note that the input sample rate was 49716Hz, and the framerate was ~70.086304 (although the "-r" argument is probably redundant, see below).

    Following is the command used for generating the output for YouTube. While its output was 1600x1200 (with a frame-rate a bit above 70fps), YouTube seems to cap this to a maximum of 1080p60, at least for me. It does pillar-box the output as expected, though.

    avconv -i bm1patch_000.avi -sws_flags neighbor -vcodec libx264 -preset slow -crf 18 -acodec copy -pix_fmt yuv420p -s 1600x1200 -r 70.086304 bm1patch_000_conv.mkv

    Note that the above command is what I got after making a few experiments, beginning from a few commands I prepared beforehand for Twitch (viewtopic.php?t=37064) and also checking at least one other command for reference (http://ingomar.wesp..../2011/04/dosbox ... pture.html).

    There are good chances you don't need most of the arguments at all. In particular, no frame-rate is specified. Here's a simple form (currently untested with YouTube):

    avconv -i bm1patch_000.avi -sws_flags neighbor -vcodec libx264 -acodec copy -s 1600x1200 bm1patch_000_conv_test.mkv



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