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  1. In Topic: Restoration of a few games' EXEs versions

    22 May 2019 - 10:28 AM

    I think that it's a good time for a new post :)

    Turning out to be quite lengthy (of course), I've decided to hide most of the details under spoiler tags, and keep a short/medium summary on the top.

    I should probably begin by saying that the bonus/duke3d directory was collapsed into duke3d. You should see why soon. A few build scripts were also changed again.

    Before getting to actual updates in the gamesrc-ver-recreation repository itself, I'll first link to the following threads, in case you aren't aware of at least one of the covered topics:

    https://forums.duke4...de-re-released/ - Thanks to Devolver Digital, last February had a re-release of Shadow Warrior sources, this time confirmed to match versions 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2 in behaviors (some work will still be required for saved games compatibility); Additionally, thanks to Ken Silverman, the sources for the ENGINE.C/ENGINE.OBJ file as used in SW 1.1 and 1.2 are also covered, along with a renamed CACHE1D.C file from 1995 named CACHE1D.TXT.

    https://forums.duke4...es-and-sources/ - Again thanks to Ken, this covers historical Build Engine revisions, mostly in the forms of object and header files. There's also a 95 revision of ENGINE.C which covers the abandoned groudraw feature.

    It is now the time to list some additions to gamesrc-ver-recreation. As usual, I cannot guarantee that I'll do more than what's listed here in the future.

    A summary is following:

    - The repository has a new "kenbuild" directory. Among other things (a portion of which to be mentioned soon), you can use it to recreate the version of Ken-Build's GAME.EXE as originally released by Ken on June 2000, using Watcom C 11.0. Note that this should *not* be confused with minor edits done by him on Nov 2002.
    - Using the ENGINE.C code which is matching SW 1.1/1.2, SW 1.0's revision could be recreated. Turns out it differs from 1.1/1.2 just by a few constants in drawmapview, clippoly and fillpolygon (unless I've missed something).
    - Nuke.YKT came in and used the above SW 1.1-1.2 revision of ENGINE.C in order to recreate Duke3D 1.5's. In fact, originally he wanted to do something similar for Redneck Rampage, but eventually it turned out to pave the way for the Duke.
    - A bit later, I came in and took the Ken-Build 2000 revision of A.ASM, in order to recreate the one common to Duke3D 1.5 and SW 1.0-1.2. Unlike the 2000 revision which should better be built with WASM, the older revision requires MASM 5.10.
    - As for CACHE1D.C, both Nuke.YKT and me confirmed that the Duke3D 1.5 revision isn't that different from the 2000 one. The former is also the same revision as in SW 1.0-1.2.
    - No change was required for MMULTI.C: It's the same as in the Ken-Build release, and also in a source archive of Ken's 2DRAW engine.
    - Later, I got to take care of Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition 1.4. This covers the game code and Build Engine code altogether, with a few bits of very important help from Nuke.YKT. I think that most of the changes were in the Build Engine. 1.4 and 1.5 don't differ as much, and the GPLed release's "source" dir is closer to 1.4 than 1.5.
    - Finally, following the Shadow Warrior sources re-release, I faithfully recreated almost all of the Apogee Sound System revision used in SW 1.0-1.2 i.e., version 1.09 of AUDIO_WF.LIB. Only actual code difference after compiling, is that the recreated FX_SetupCard code has a bit different register read, although the behaviors should be equivalent.

    More details for the interested:

  2. In Topic: [RELEASE] Historical Build Engine Object Files and Sources

    21 May 2019 - 11:17 AM

    Thanks for the feedbacks of yours! Hopefully even just one of the files may prove to be useful in a new situation I haven't been involved with.

    On an interesting note (a coincidence?), as found out by cardèvero from the Duke4.net Discord server:

    Ken has recently updated his builgrid.zip and buildsec.zip archives: http://advsys.net/ken/build.htm

    Other than updates to the README.TXT files, two .BAS files were added to buildsec.zip, and another one was moved to it from builgrid.zip:

    Ken Silverman said:

    05/08/2019: Bonus! I have included 3 versions of my original QuickBasic
    prototype of the sector-based engine. It is interesting to compare the
    progression of features with a file compare utility:
    12/20/1993 SECTOR.BAS : Discovered this early version just recently!
    01/04/1994 BUILD.BAS : Originally included with BUILGRID.ZIP.
    02/06/1994 BUILD_2.BAS : Originally called BUILD.BAS; found in another dir.

    On the topic of recreating prototype builds' sources, as expected, it'll still be quite difficult and time consuming, especially without corresponding game sources. Even versions 1.1 and 1.2 of Shadow Warrior have a great deal of code line changes; I similarly expect the total amount of differences between versions 1.3d and 1.4 of Duke Nukem 3D to be quite far from little.

    Access to the differing Build engine sources/headers/objects may still assist, though, and very greatly.

    For the ones not aware, these two videos should demonstrate groudraw:

    I've also attached two screenshots from the 1994 snapshot of Ken-Build.
    Attached File  game_000.png (17.91K)
    Number of downloads: 8
    Attached File  game_001.png (11.91K)
    Number of downloads: 9
  3. In Topic: [RELEASE] Historical Build Engine Object Files and Sources

    20 May 2019 - 09:23 AM

    Here it is :)

    For anybody checking this out, I should mention that the source files under SRC_9505 are not perfectly matching the corresponding OBJ files. In practice, only BUILD.OBJ should be re-built from BUILD.C (no pun intended?), and then a functioning EXE can be created.

    The bundled MAKEFILE should let you create the EXE with a compatible version of Watcom C. I'm attaching an example EXE which I've created. You'll need DOS4GW.EXE or compatible to start it.

    Attached File  build95_exe_20190520.7z (110.2K)
    Number of downloads: 2

    I've confirmed that it's compatible with the data from the Shadow Warrior 950210 (February 95) prototype, but expect the editor to crash, especially after applying groudraw.


    By the way, as stated in the README, Ken already released a 1994 revision of Ken-Build, including the editor. This 94 revision of the editor does have an earlier revision of groudraw. I'm not sure if it's less functional than the SRC_9505 one; This might depend on the assets being used.

    As further mentioned in the README, the above-mentioned SW Feb 95 prototype includes a later revision of the editor, in which this functionality appears to be visually closer to SRC_9505's, at least based on a few quick tests. SRC_9505 is still a bit later, though, and now also covers the source code. Note that any of these revisions may still crash.

    Let me re-quote the acknowledgements from the README. Since this can be a weak point for me again, I'll briefly add that:
    1. I simply couldn't do this alone, not at all.
    2. I am thanking anybody who deserves it, even if not directed mentioned in the README. (Sorry for that!)


    Many thanks should be sent to Ken Silverman for approving the release
    of historical Build engine versions, and 3D Realms for going through
    older materials that cover these sources and sending them
    to Richard Gobeille and Evan Ramos, who further inspected them.

    Additional thanks go to Evan for paving the way. Further thanks
    go to Ken for the original open-source release of the Build Engine
    on 2000, and for his original work on this engine.
    Special thanks go to Nuke.YKT and Barry Duncan.

    Finally, thanks to all fans of the Build engine and games made with it.

    As an addition: While applying just to (very) few final 96/97 era EXEs, I can mention that both Nuke.YKT and I already found a small amount of the sources, as well as Build engine sources released on last February (together with additional SW sources), to be very useful. :)
  4. In Topic: World Tour EDuke32 Compatibility Stopgap

    24 April 2019 - 10:41 PM

    View PostLeoD, on 24 April 2019 - 11:47 AM, said:

    Currently I'm experiencing an HRP bug with explosions which does not occur with my outside-Steam Ep.5 autoload package.

    That's interesting, it looks very similar to what I've recently observed - and still observe now - with the last release from hrp.duke4.net, using the 1.5 GRP and Polymost; It's OK in Polymer, so I originally assumed that it was just some Polymost incompatibility; Unless there's some cfg setting which has an impact.

    This is how I was using the HRP (on Ubuntu), btw:

    ./eduke32 -l1 -v1 -g ~/GameArchives/apogee_3dr_games/duke_nukem_3d/hrp/duke3d_hrp.zip
  5. In Topic: 20190407-7543

    13 April 2019 - 07:52 AM

    This one applies to r7574, but I've thought that maybe this thread can turn into a general thread for reporting bugs related to the recent changes with the clipping.

    Either way, as of r7574, you can easily make Duke climb to this room in E1L1 (behind the cinema screen), without even breaking the window at all:


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