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  1. In Topic: 20190407-7543

    13 April 2019 - 07:52 AM

    This one applies to r7574, but I've thought that maybe this thread can turn into a general thread for reporting bugs related to the recent changes with the clipping.

    Either way, as of r7574, you can easily make Duke climb to this room in E1L1 (behind the cinema screen), without even breaking the window at all:
  2. In Topic: [RELEASE] Pyratel (User map)

    04 April 2019 - 12:30 PM

    Thanks for trying out the map and for your feedback, ck3D.

    I should say that I've updated my website, hosted by Duke4.net, so it has a copy of the map as originally released. Also took the chance to do other changes, like updating the "Links" page (in particular so it doesn't contain broken links).

    See "Downloads" here, for Pyratel, the two older maps and other contents: http://ny.duke4.net/

    - Asking again if anybody has found the aforementioned easter egg (which differs from the one that LeoD found)? I can say that there's a bit of a hint in the map, although the renderer you're using may have an impact. To make it a bit more "fair", I should remind that this map is designed with the classic renderer in mind (and in particular, DOS versions 1.3d and 1.5) first and foremost.
    - btw, not only I eventually excluded any occurrence of the Steroids item (due to warps), but even earlier, I decided to not have any laser tripbomb. Reason is that when used, they may be invisible in sectors with sloped floors/ceilings.
    - For documentation, I should probably write here a list of issues that I've found now, and which may be corrected, at least partially. Certain examples come from the posts of LeoD and ck3D. Not sure when/if I get to them, but then again, at least some of them shouldn't be difficult / time consuming to handle, and even trivial.

    The list of issues itself:

    View Postck3D, on 01 April 2019 - 05:56 PM, said:

    I really enjoyed the scale of the map, a lot of people are going to tell you it's generally overscaled but I find that this type of environment works very well with the physics in the game. Duke runs super fast and can jump about everywhere, a freedom of movement only restricted by more confined, 'realistic' indoor locations; especially whilst fighting and requiring space to strafe around or jump to avoid rockets. Some of your rooms looked three stories tall, but I very much enjoyed the breath of fresh air it provided.

    That's interesting to read. As previously stated by me, I've generally felt that large space with not more than a few details simply don't make it well for me. But I can see your point, and gameplay is not less important. I guess that eventually it's about figuring out the right balance.


    I haven't played a user map with gameplay this reminiscent of the original levels in a while, I really enjoyed the flow and difficulty with a general scarcity of ammo for the basic weapons. The Devastator provided that early on caught me off guard at first but then I realized how open the level was and thus how fun it was to use projectile weapons in such settings. A feeling only enhanced when I found the freezer then the shrinker just a little bit later. Out of habit though, I didn't use the Devastator until the very end; had I known I would be provided with so much ammo for it throughout the map (leading me to expect an overwhelming final fight that never quite came), I would have abused it as much as I did abuse the shrinker. I didn't find the RPG either (secret place is my guess, although a completely RPG-free map would actually be refreshing), but all those weapons probably work super well with the large corridors and open streets.

    The layout was slick, I liked how interconnected everything was, although that reoccuring portion of the map with the collapsed floors in between evelators with the hurtrail texture drove me a bit crazy; those holes could just barely accomodate the player, making getting the hell out of the harmful sector (from sloped ground too) rather tedious. How cramped a few of the hotel rooms were I thought didn't go to well with the size and scale of everything else in the map; I got squished by one of those bathroom doors once, maybe doors shouldn't be set to auto-close in such settings (because then it will occasionally be on you).

    Thanks for the feedback; As mentioned in the above list of issues, maybe I can reduce the amount of ammunition in the penthouse, possibly making this depending on the difficulty.

    Also, on the elevator, I think that I may concur. Again as mentioned in the same list, there used to be separate sectors connected to the elevator shaft with the inner sides of the doors, making it somewhat easier to get out of it. Due to the sectors being thin enough to potentially lead to warps, though, I got rid of them. Maybe I can bring them back, but make them larger.


    Also your aesthetics are something else. Some super uncommon texture picks, and a (harmless) scarcity of trimming in general, and shading as far as the outdoor area is concerned. I actually appreciated the bare bones look of the level and in many aspects did it remind me of the very amateur, stripped down look and feel of many user maps from 1996, which consequently I'm feeling some nostalgia for right now. Technically the map could use some more combing for detail, but it really doesn't need it as its relative lack in visual sophistication of it only makes it super functional. Sometimes I'd rather jump around in rooms with fifteen-feet-tall ceilings and maybe one crate, than in a box cluttered with stuff.

    Now, that's again interesting. Generally, I wanted it to feel somewhat similar to official Duke3D maps, albeit with my touches, and apart from certain few(?) cases of checking out original maps for stuff like texture choices, basically do things on my own.

    As written in the list of issues, originally there were no lightstreets in the outdoor area, so it maybe made somewhat more sense to have the mostly uniform shading. I'm not sure what to do atm, since making things yellow-colored won't look that great, yet it does make some sense for the lights which are colored in this way.


    Congrats on releasing your map. I had a lot of fun with it and will check out your older ones sometimes.

    Also how you're feeling right now after getting it out of the way is normal. I've been mapping for this game for 20 years but also always had other side interests, hobbies and occupations. I think every map I've ever released in the past ten years has supposedly been my 'last', partly because I was just so over obsessing the same little piece for hundreds of hours every time. So I can relate - sometimes I just get the bug back though.

    Thanks for playing the map! As previously stated, one of these older maps ("What the...") doesn't have that much details. And then the race map is intended to be a multiplayer map, although you may still explore it on your own, and it has at least one unusual secret hidden, in a way.
  3. In Topic: [RELEASE] Pyratel (User map)

    01 April 2019 - 01:02 PM

    It is probably a good chance to mention some notes regarding compatibility with Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition, as well as Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour.
    - First of all, as hinted beforehand, this was made to be compatible with DOS versions 1.3d and 1.5 first. I've actually checked the map with the above two ports only tonight.
    - While mostly compatible with the Megaton Edition, there are two hidden switches, for which the game will *crash* if you press on any of them. This includes a switch opening the way to a technically counted secret. I think that it's due to both of them having the hitag of -1 set, so they don't emit any sound effect on press.
    - The above is not an issue in World Tour as of writing this. However, one secret area is technically revealed by true 3d rendering (but not the exact way to it), and another one is made clear with ambient occlusion. There are other instances in which any of these may have unintended consequences on the look and feel, including a misaligned exit sign's labels.

    In fact, the last point kinda applies to the HRP as well, at least with regards to the way different textures are aligned with each other (but obviously also more than that).

    View PostLeoD, on 01 April 2019 - 12:16 PM, said:

    All fixed. The latter might be due to widescreen vs. the game's original aspect ratio, at least partially. Quite a common issue.

    Nice, and interesting to see the possible cause for the latter (which makes sense).



  4. In Topic: What are you working on for Duke right now?

    01 April 2019 - 12:24 PM

    View Postoasiz, on 01 April 2019 - 09:34 AM, said:

    Casual discussion about RR ROR with me and methy lead to Nuke.YKT to come in and drop the microphone by telling that SE40 actually existed already in 1.5 duke, meaning that DOS 1.5 Duke can actually do ROR.

    It is surely interesting to discover something which was actually around for all of these years.


    And no, it doesn't work in 1.3 at least.. maybe 1.4 ?

    I confirm that it doesn't work in 1.4, either.

    On a relevant note, a few of you may recall that I took the public Enhanced Duke 2.0/2.1 sources, and modified them to cover sources which are 100% equivalent in behaviors to Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition v1.5.

    Not that long later, though, Nuke.YKT suggested me to check the "extras" dir from the GPLed Duke3D sources of 2003. These include that same se40.c file which I think that at least a few should remember.

    As it turned out, "extras" contains *exactly* the code for v1.5! And, even GAME.C itself has a few SE40-related routines. So while se40.c itself might not be present in the 1.5 EXE at all, there's still some (partially) working code, which is surely something.
  5. In Topic: [RELEASE] Pyratel (User map)

    01 April 2019 - 10:52 AM

    Hey there, and thanks for checking the map out!

    There were at least a few things I've actually wanted to say beforehand, but kinda forgotten, simply wanting to get this out, and quote PYRATEL.TXT for the sake of simplicity. So, here we go...

    - First of all, and this should probably be discussed under spoiler tags: Anybody found this easter egg of sorts? :) Or at least one of these ways to a specific secret area?
    - To LeoD: Thank you for your interest and support! On the less good news, though, I don't think that I'll make another map, especially of a similar scale, in the (near?) future. This was a kind of a one time event for me; I otherwise seem to go into realms like coding again.
    - Admittedly, as I got closer to the end, I really wanted to be done with the work on this. I don't know if anybody has noticed that April 1st has essentially been a deadline that I've set for myself. Admittedly, Ion Maiden has probably had some impact again. But April 1st is also this date which we all like, and tends to occur just once per year...
    - This was basically solo work, with no feedback from anyone else. Just 2 days before the release, I finally gave a few individuals the chance to check out the map. Naturally, though, this was not enough time, and most of them had greater priorities and/or interests. I really can't blame them; I also don't tend to beta-test others' gaming-related works as much.

    Next, I'm going to respond to other queries from you, LeoD:

    View PostLeoD, on 31 March 2019 - 05:19 PM, said:

    Even though you state that it's not compatible with the HRP, you've prepared it more in my favour than many. So I played using HRP/DukePlus/Z-Pack, and everything was just as fine as with any other cleanly designed map not specifically made for this setup.

    Nice, great to see it's working (mostly) well for you.

    A few issues that I've spotted on my own are:
    - The walking Duke statue.
    - The ability to see a camera while using a viewscreen, at least in one instance.


    I ran somewhat low on health while cleaning the outside area.

    I can see the point. What I think that I've noticed more, is having somewhat less ammo. But this might just be the usual, and hopefully there are enough supplies in the map (although locating secret areas greatly assists).


    Some items/parts of the environment seem a little out of proportion, which appears quite common with less experienced mappers.

    Thanks for this feedback, it's important to let me know. I kinda hoped that I was better than simply doing oversized rooms and co. I also think that all swinging doors should have the same size, more-or-less. Going through the map itself, though, I think that I could spot some examples.

    Generally speaking, one thing that wasn't favored by me, is quite large areas with a relatively a small amount of details. I tended to prefer more compact ones. The outside area was a bit of challenge, especially after getting almost all work on the map done, so I tried to add at least a few details, here and there.

    Additionally, as stated in PYRATEL.TXT, there were these few instances in which I was forced to increase the sizes of certain sectors, due to the warping glitch. Examples of these are the broken elevator doors, the curtains in the penthouse and the games' tables (mostly their surroundings/borders). There was also one inverse example - the doors in the underground bathroom, originally made out of sectors, were replaced with sprites.

    There were a few cases in which I kinda thought it made sense to make things look large, at least when (somewhat) compared to certain real life experiences that ones may have. This covers the hotel entrance, as well as the pinball tables.


    There is one thing you could do in favour of HRP users in future maps - place/rotate LIZTROOPONTOILET and his TOILET correctly, since this combination can't be handled by maphacks sufficiently. E.g. a 180° rotated trooper will fart projectiles in your general direction... :D

    Have I really missed this? How weird, haha. What's funny is that it looks a bit off even *without* the HRP, but... I guess that I can leave it as a weird joke of sorts. Thanks again for the report.


    I should have maphacks ready within the next 24h.

    Well, that's been fast, heh.


    Quite a solid first release. Hoping to see more from you.

    Thanks again for the feedback. Interestingly, though, I'm not sure if you got this from PYRATEL.TXT, but technically-wise, I'm not new into using Build/Mapster32 at all. Not that a lot was actually made publicly available.

    You may find a couple of maps here: http://ny.duke4.net/files.html
    NYSRace (well, the original revision) was released on April 2007. January of 2009 had this weird map of "What the...", which visually looks *significantly* worse. I guess that it was way more about having a few tricks/gimmicks than actual map design.


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